Vsource Review: A Genuine Opportunity?

In this Vsource review, we will be taking a look at the latest release by Mark Bishop, Venkata Ramana, and Pradnyesh Niwakar, who between them have released quite a few different products.

Mark is also listed as part-owner of iiStores, VideoJack, Bingy, Instant Profit Silos, Leads Seven, Rapid Niche Profits, to name just a few.

Unfortunately, as with many of the multi-product owners, those past releases have received some fairly mixed reactions.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Vsource compares, and in particular if it delivers on the promise of building a niche website complete with content and ready to profit in just 6 minutes.

I’ve heard many claims like this before so let’s see if Mark and his team have finally hit a home run with Vsource.

Vsource Review


Just like many product launch websites these days, the Vsource website is clean and fresh in appearance.

I’m immediately drawn to the price rise countdown at the top of the screen. But it looks like I’m too late as the clock has already hit zero and $67 is the only option.

The intro video gives a detailed overview of the system and places emphasis on the fact that Vsource is a simple system to use and very newbie-friendly even for those who are new to affiliate marketing.

Something that stood out for me on the website was that even though Vsource claims you can earn a consistent flow of sales once your website is set up, the earning claims images on the website state the sales were not made with Vsource.


It’s honest and refreshing to see, but I’m inclined to think this will confuse visitors.


I’m still going to keep going with an open mind about Vsource and what it has to offer.

Before I go any further, I will just mention the various Vsource package prices. They are:

  • $97 for a 30 site license.
  • $47 for 6 sites.
  • $37 for 3 sites.

It’s also worth noting that you can get a single Vsource installation for just $55 if you move your mouse to exit the Vsource website.


Vsource is a software system that curates videos to build 100% video-based niche websites. This can be done based on any keyword you wish, making it possible to build a very specific niche website around just about any topic.


The videos that are pulled in to create WordPress posts are complete with full descriptions and existing comments.

Vsource also searches YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo video channels looking for ranked videos that have lots of views and comments where the domain in the video link has expired.

Next up, you then go and buy that same expired domain and receive all the traffic that the ranked video is generating.

In essence, the 6 Vsource steps are:

  1. Log into the system.
  2. Search for a product name or keyword.
  3. Check broken links against the video results.
  4. Buy the expired domains.
  5. Add the Vsource video theme and plugin to your new WordPress installation.
  6. Apply a site-wide call to action overlay on the videos you’ve curated.

Sounds simple enough, but is it really possible to build an online business based on other people’s content (curation)?


The sales page claims that it’s pretty easy to get these video sites ranked. However, I’ve searched Google for the examples in the demo video and none of them are currently on page one as suggested in the video.

This could well be an indication that Google doesn’t value or approve of this type of curated website content.

Let’s touch on Vsource pricing once again because it’s important that you understand how things are working here.

The main product is currently $67 dollars, even though a price rise of $97 is indicated.  But you also have to account for the upsells and downsells that follow.

The 1st upsell at $77 promises additional features such as unlimited use of the plugin and permission to install it on additional websites.

The downsell at $67 offers installation on 50 sites, and no installation on additional websites is allowed.

The next upsell offers a 1000 unit reseller pack for $177 or a 30 unit reseller pack for $77. Finally, there’s also another downsell for a 10 unit reseller pack for $37 as well.


There’s no doubt that you can build a nice-looking website using Vsource. I even think the idea of finding high-ranking videos that link to an expired domain is a smart addition.

However, to think that the domain in conjunction with your curated videos will earn you a consistent passive income…I’m not entirely sure.

I won’t say that you can’t make a sale that way…I just don’t think you will make enough to earn a consistent and hands-free income.

Curated video website products have actually been around for years. The new twist Vsource brings is finding the expired domain and buying it so the traffic hits your website.

It’s smart but it has been done before. Expired domains, capitalizing on dead links, scraping the best of the web to try and boost your own results.

Actually, it isn’t that simple.

Even if you do scrape the web you must bring new and original content to the table.

Otherwise, your website could get swallowed up like the millions of other sites out there which have been built using underhand tactics.


I need to start by saying the program itself is not a scam. It will scrape niche-related videos, show expired domains and it will put together a nice-looking website.

But the question that really needs answering is…will the random traffic generated from other people’s videos convert into paying customers for you?

I’m not convinced.

Considering my point made earlier about earning claims not being made using Vsource, not even Vsource themselves can actually prove that it’s possible.


  • Builds nice video-based websites.
  • The idea of looking for broken links in high-ranking domains has possibilities you could build on.


  • No proof anything actually works to make you money.
  • Poor vendor reputations to take into account.
  • The system depends on you finding and buying expired domains (additional costs).
  • There have been numerous video site builders launched in the past years. None of them have produced a business model that stands the test of time.

If you have any questions or comments about Vsource, I’d love to get your feedback in the comments section below!

Marcus – WFHW

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