Kartel Software Review: A Game-Changer For Affiliates?

Kartel is a brand new all-in-one software-based system that promises to help you earn $1000’s in affiliate commissions from penny per click traffic.

This will no doubt be of interest to struggling affiliates who are yet to make consistent sales online and seasoned affiliates who are looking to diversify their promotions.

But is Kartel as revolutionary and powerful as the website suggests?

Kartel Software Review

A quick search on Google will return nothing but positive reviews for Kartel (plus a whole bunch of bonuses if you buy it).

But reviews of that type are usually biased because the reviewer simply wants you to buy Kartel from them their website.

So if it’s a genuinely honest Kartel software review that you are after, with no pressures to buy or monster bonus packages in sight, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s look at everything that Kartel has to offer and help you to decide if it really is something that can change your online fortunes.

What Exactly Is Kartel
And What Does It Do?

Product Name: Kartel
Product Type: Affiliate marketing software
Product Creators: Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace
Product Price: $12.95 (using $4 discount) plus upsells

When reviewing work from home opportunities I always like to start by assessing the website as it can very often give an insight into how good the product is going to be.

With that in mind, I have to say that my first impressions of the Kartel website are nothing but positive. Clean design, good use of colors and it does a great job of breaking down what Kartel is all about.

However, the best thing for me about the Kartel website is the introduction video.

Yes, it’s tongue-in-cheek, and yes it attempts to lure you in with its promise of easy $1000 commissions.

It basically features Jono Armstrong (co-owner) getting arrested at an airport for suspected drug trafficking.

Needless to say that Jono proves he’s actually a super affiliate who uses the Kartel system to earn his income.

From that point on the arresting officer himself signs up for Kartel and starts bagging those $1000 commissions.

Very entertaining indeed, and a great light-hearted way to encourage the reader to want to know more.

But enough of that… let’s get down to the actual product because that is why both you and I are here!

The Kartel System In a Nutshell

Kartel is a software program that allows you to earn big commission payments from YouTube videos created by other people.

You are basically dropping a video ad on top of existing videos and directing the viewer to a related but much higher valued offer.

To do this you first need to fire up the Kartel software and conduct keyword searches for YouTube videos in your niche.

The system then returns a list of suitable videos that you can target for the next step of the process.

This step is all about creating a landing page that will form the basis of your video ad. This is all done from right inside the Kartel software.

Within your video ad, you include a webinar to the high-ticket alternative, with a link to the product being sold via your affiliate link.

Once everything is set up, the Kartel program shows you how to drive traffic to your promotions by using Google placement ads.

Now, this obviously costs money, but the key point highlighted by Jono is that the traffic is extremely cheap.

Not only that but the Kartel process is built on promoting high-ticket offers of $2000 or more that pay you 50% or greater in commissions.

This obviously means that your return on investment (ROI) will be very high.

Jono also reveals a hack that allows you to get a free $90 voucher for Adwords, so initially, you will not be spending your own money.

So to summarize, Kartel helps you to find keyword-related videos and channels in your niche with a high number of views.

It then helps you to find high-ticket affiliate programs to promote over the top of these videos in the form of a webinar landing page.

These alternative programs are expensive so the webinars are always fine-tuned to convert at a high rate.

Kartel then automates the process of building your video ad/landing page.

All that’s left is for you to send cheap traffic via Google Adwords and collect the commissions.

What Training Is Included With Kartel?

Kartel claims that its system is 90% automated, but there are 5 comprehensive training modules that help you get to grips with the Kartel process.

These include:

Module #1 – Welcome to Kartel.

Module #2 – An overview of the Kartel system.

Module #3 – Setting everything up and accessing the software.

Module #4 – Using the software to locate videos and high ticket products.

Module #5 – Profit training on creating the most powerful campaigns.

Module #6 – Conclusion of the entire Kartel system.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

There are no extra costs for using the Kartel system, but there are a number of upgrades/upsells on offer.

First of all, the entry-level cost of $12.95 is limited to 20 searches and landing pages per month.

From that point, the following upgrades are available:

UPGRADE 1: Kartel PRO at $67

The PRO version of Kartel gives you unlimited searches and landing pages.

UPGRADE 2: Done-For-You Campaigns at $197

This upgrade provides you with DFY bonus pages, video reviews, and email swipes to max out the potential of your campaigns. These have been created by an experienced marketer and are sent to you via email every fortnight and they cover any future product launches.

UPGRADE 3: Steal Our 3.8 Million List at $197

This upgrade allows you to build a huge email list by putting your tracking pixel on vendors’ sales pages and retaining all of the tracking data.

UPGRADE 4: Our $1k Commission System – $197

A DFY solution that enables you to use matching video ads for vendors’ high ticket offers of $1000 and over.

UPGRADE 5: License Rights – $167

The licensing rights upgrade allows you to promote Kartel as your own and retain full profits from the product cost and all upgrades within the program.

Are The Kartel Income
Claims Realistic?

Within Jono’s video on the Kartel website he explains that one of the key areas where affiliates go wrong with paying for Google ad placements for their promotions is they often promote low-value products which ultimately affect the ROI.

That is why Kartel specifically recommends that you promote high ticket products of $1000 or more because it will ensure that your ROI remains high.

Now considering that the Kartel software finds these high ticket products for you, it’s a fair assumption to say that it’s entirely possible to earn $1000 per sale in affiliate commissions.

However, my concerns here are how many products are out there that pay over $1000 in commissions, and how many are in niche markets outside of the make money online industry?

Kartel: My Final Thoughts

Kartel is clearly a high-quality product and Jono has done a great job of putting everything together.

Note: I can’t find any reference of co-creator Brendan’s input other than there being a picture of him on the Kartel website and getting a quick mention in a couple of videos.

The Kartel software itself is a robust piece of kit that does exactly what says it will do.

The training is also of very high quality and Jono in particular has a great on-screen presence when explaining how everything works.

I have no doubts that Kartel will work well for someone with online experience, but I think a newbie might go through a period of trial and error before they are at ease with the system and spending money to make money.

I just wonder if Kartel will have as much potential in say 6 months when it will have 1000’s of users?

Logic tells me that more people bidding for placement on YouTube videos will drive costs up, thus reducing ROI.

It’s a potential ‘saturation point’ situation.

And even though Jono says it will work in any niche, I’m not so sure that you will find affiliate programs paying $1000+ per sale if your niche is say dog grooming or indoor gardening, etc.

With all that said, I’m impressed with Kartel, and with the cheap entry point and a money-back guarantee, I definitely think it’s worth a look if you are sat on the fence.

What are your opinions on Kartel? Good or bad I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Marcus – WFHW

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