AffiliView Review: Affiliate Profits Made Easier?

AffiliView is a product that claims to make affiliate marketing better, or easier than you might have previously thought.

In an industry that is saturated with affiliate marketing products, this is a bold claim to make.

In essence, AffiliView is more about automating and speeding up the process of producing affiliate recommendations.

But does that make it a must-have product or will it strip you of your unique reviewer identity and force you to become an almost automated affiliate marketer?

Affiliview Review

AffiliView attempts to tackle one of the biggest issues faced by affiliate marketers, and that makes it an interesting product to review.

Let’s take a closer look at my AffiliView review and establish if it will ultimately improve your affiliate marketing earnings.

What Exactly Is AffiliView And
How Does It Work?

Product Name: AffiliView
Product Type: Affiliate marketing
Product Creators: Raymond Dele and Simon Greenhalgh
Product Price: $14.95 (correct at time of review)

The AffiliView website is open and honest about what Raymond and Simon are attempting to achieve with AffiliView.

The goal is to simplify the affiliate marketing process of reviewing products.

AffiliView not only claims to make it quicker for experienced marketers to get their reviews online. It also helps new affiliate marketers to take a considerable chunk out of the time it would take them to create a thorough review.

I should point out here that AffiliaView is designed to specifically work with make money online products.

“The AffiliView team are spot on. There is a bonus war out there. But I’m not sure if AffiliView is the long-term solution to this problem.”

One of the main focal points of AffiliView is the importance of offering bonuses when reviewing products.

Do a Google search for just about any internet marketing/make money online product and it’s highly likely that you will be offered a huge bundle of bonuses for buying the product through an affiliate’s website.

In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong at all with offering bonuses that complement the actual product.

But recently I’ve noticed more and more reviewers are offering big bonus packages for just about any product they are reviewing.

It’s not uncommon these days to see products costing $15 or less on the front end and the reviewer offering 50 or more bonus products.

Although Raymond and Simon’s focus with the standard version of AffiliView is to help you quickly create your review pages, they also give you all you need to compete with other reviewers who are offering huge bonus packages to anyone buying a product from their review.

What’s Included With AffiliView?

The core component of the AffiliView system is a WordPress plugin and it can be installed on unlimited domains that you own.

The AffiliView plugin simply helps you to create a structured product review.

It also allows you to capture leads, add a demo video for the product, and insert a scarcity timer for your bonus package.

In the AffiliView member’s area, you are given access to 80 bonus products to giveaway with your reviews and 20 DFY campaigns for the best-selling products of the year.

Are There Any Upsells/Upgrades?

Needless to say, there are a few upgrades available with AffiliView.

Upgrade #1: AffiliView Club at $27 per month
Every month the AffiliaView team researches 10 new products and makes complete campaigns for each product available to AffiliaView Club members. Includes videos, emails, bonuses, and graphics.

Upgrade #2: AffiliView Traffic at $67
A separate software system that allows AffiliView members to submit their review posts, videos, and images to 24 traffic sources. Fully automated and cost-free.

Upgrade #3: AffiliView Seller at $197
AffiliView Seller is the most expensive of all the upgrades and it allows you to make and sell bonus pages as a service. It also permits you to install the AffiliiView plugin on other people’s websites.

Are The AffiliView Income
Claims Realistic?

AffiliView avoids suggesting directly what you can potentially earn with the program but what it does do is show you what the AffiliView team and other members have earned.

These amounts are very high and are earned over several months.

As most of the products being promoted are from networks like JVZoo, the cost of the products is generally low.

However, as most make money online products from JVZoo and similar affiliate networks almost always contain a series of upgrades/upsells, what starts out as a cheap product can eventually earn the affiliate hundreds of dollars in commissions.

This no doubt contributes to the earning figures being displayed on the AffiliView website, and it leads me to conclude that these figures are realistic.

AffiliView Review:
My Final Thoughts.

I believe that Raymond and Simon have done a good job putting AffiliView together.

It reduces the time it would take to write reviews for make money online products, and it lays down a good structure for offering and delivering your bonuses.

However, reviewing AffiliView has raised one important question in my mind – what’s going to happen when the majority of reviewers are giving away these huge bonus bundles?

As already mentioned, there are already plenty of reviewers doing exactly that and giving away the same 50+ bonuses as the next reviewer.

I can’t help but think it will reach saturation point, and quickly.

Hopefully, the AffiliView team works continuously to provide its customers with a constant flow of fresh bonuses and content to prevent that from happening.

Have you tried AffiliView? If so I’d love to hear about your experience in the comment section below!

Marcus – WFHW

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