Sizzl Review: Not Everything is as it Seems

Sizzl is a product that has recently generated a lot of interest within the make money online industry.

Showcased as a way to earn $124 per day ($45,260 per year) online, Sizzl immediately caught my attention with its uninflated earning claims.

Better still, the Sizzl website suggests that just about anyone can make this work – even if you have no previous experience.

Sizzl Review

Before we dive into this Sizzle review, a quick word on what other reviewers are saying about this product…

Many make money online reviewers these days will offer huge bonus packages if you buy a product from their review.

This is also the case with many of the Sizzl reviews online.

When creating my reviews, I always check other reviews to see if they have picked up on any flaws that I find with a product.

Sadly, they very rarely do.

In my opinion, this ultimately results in a biased review – driven by the reviewer’s desire to earn commission payments.

Here at Work From Home Watchdog, I like to keep it real.

So there will be no bonus package on offer here! If Sizzl is good I will tell you so. If it isn’t, I will tell you why. You can then decide for yourself if you want to buy it.

With that out of the way, does Sizzl live up to the hype or will it ultimately make your Sizzl…fizzle?

Let’s dive in a see what the Sizzl fuss is all about!

What Exactly Is AffiliView
And How Does It Work?

Product Name: Sizzl
Product Type: Affiliate marketing
Product Creators: Bill Hugall and Simple Spencer
Product Price: $12.95 early bird price

The Sizzl website is a great place to start and the first thing we get to see is a 2 minutes video from Sizzl co-creator, Bill Hugall.

In the video, Bill talks mostly about how the Sizzl system has been simplified so that anyone can use it.

He encourages us to check out the testimonials on the homepage and stresses that the current launch price is a 62% discount on the usual price.

Testimonials make up the majority of the Sizzl homepage content, with the same block of positive comments at the top and bottom of the website.

There are a couple of repeated money shots where you get to see Bill’s earnings of $124 in one day.

“The Sizzl website feels slightly unconvincing to me for a couple of reasons.”

Firstly, the bottom half is an exact copy of the top half. I was hoping for fresh content describing more about the product to further whet my appetite.

Secondly, at no point on the Sizzl website does it tell you what you will be doing.

Sure, saying it’s a newbie-proof system that will create results in 24-48 hours is great, but many people will want to know exactly what they will be doing before handing over their money.

Under The Sizzl Hood

In a nutshell, Shizzl is an affiliate marketing funnel system that helps you to make regular sales of make money online products.

Inside the program, Bill and Spencer have put together a series of step-by-step videos that walk you through the Sizzl process.

Step 1 of the process shows you how to set up your promotional blog by using templates that have been fine-tuned by the Sizzl team.

To use these templates you need to have a free Converti account (more on this later).

Step 2 of the process is where you create squeeze pages that lead your website visitors towards purchasing the product.

This again requires you to have a free Converti account to put in place.

Steps 3 and 4 are all about having a list of subscribers and promoting products to them via email.

This step requires you to have a free account at Aweber (more on this later also).

For step 5 the focus is on finding products to promote within your sales funnel. The emphasis here is on make money online products on Warrior Plus.

And step 6 is about paying to send traffic to your promotions.

The process and training videos are laid out well and Bill is clear and concise with his instructions.

Are There Any Upsells/Upgrades With Sizzl?

There are 4 upsells on offer at Sizzl, all of which are entirely optional.

Upsell #1 – Sizzl Pro Upgrade – $37
The Pro Upgrade includes an extra method to use with Sizzl that claims to generate an additional $300 a day when building your list of subscribers.

Upsell #2 – Sizzle 5-Figure Paydays – $37
Sizzl claim this is their ‘secret sauce’ system to generate 4/5 figure paydays.

Upsell #3 – Sizzl $10k Ninja – $197
Sizzl’s top-level training package to get you to $10k per month online. Usually sells for $297

Upsell 4 – Sizzl 100% Funnel Commissions – $47
Full resell rights and 100% commissions for the full Sizzl sales funnel.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

To set the Sizzl process up and get the most from it, there are further expenses that you should be aware of.

The first of these is for steps 1 and 2 of the Sizzl training where you are told to set up a free account at Convertri.

While you can get a free account at Convertri, it is only free for 14 days.

After that, you have to choose one of 3 membership options with the cheapest being an upfront yearly payment of $636 (averages out at $53 per month).

Next, you are asked to get a free Aweber account so that you can build a list of subscribers.

A free account at Aweber lasts for 30 days and then you have to upgrade to one of six membership levels with $19 a month being the cheapest.

Also, there are the extra costs in step 6 of buying Wayne’s paid traffic program, plus funding Google Ads which can be very expensive if you don’t know what you are doing.

Of course, if you already have Convertri and an Aweber account, your ongoing costs will be greatly reduced.

However, if you are the type of newbie that Sizzl is likely to attract, consider that you will need to pay an extra $100+ per month to make Sizzl work.

Who Is Sizzl a Good Fit For?

That’s a tricky question to answer.

Sizzl clearly tries to appeal most to those with very little online experience.

But that might present something of a problem for the average newbie because the unavoidable extra costs are very high.

With that in mind, I think Sizzl is best suited to someone already earning an online income who has the available funds to invest In Sizzl and all the extras.

Sizzl Review: My Final Thoughts.

The most positive points for me about Sizzl are the structure and quality of the training videos.

It should also be said that while the Sizzl process of creating sales funnels is nothing new, it’s powerful and works.

My concerns are more obvious…the extra but necessary costs.

The Sizzl homepage does not mention these at all. In fact, it almost implies that there are no extra costs.

I can’t call Sizzl out to be a scam because parts of the program are good.

But those unexpected and high running costs are enough for me to say that I cannot recommend Sizzl to anyone other than someone with an extra $100+ per month available from the word go.

Have you tried Sizzl? If so, tell me about your experiences below!

Marcus – WFHW

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