Profit Accumulator Review

Profit Accumulator Review:
Nothing to Lose
(But How Much to Gain?)

Profit Accumulator is something of a sleeping giant that until recently, I had never heard of.
 The promise is that it will teach you how to make money online, using what I would call, unique methods.
I’m curious – and that’s a good enough reason for me to take a closer look at what Profit Accumulator has to offer.
In doing so, I also want to determine if it would be a good fit for Work From Home Watchdog visitors.

To achieve that, I would have to provide a Profit Accumulator review that proves beyond doubt if it works or not.

The only way to establish these facts would be to test Profit Accumulator myself (as a total newbie).

So that’s exactly what I did.

Because the purpose of this review is to answer 4 important questions:

1)    Is Profit Accumulator legit or is it BS?

And if it is legit…

2)    How much can you earn from it?
3)    How soon can you start earning?
4)    How much time do you need to invest?

I will answer all the above questions (and more) shortly – along with proof to back up my findings.

Before we go any further…

At the time of writing, Profit Accumulator is only available to those living in the UK, Australia, and Brazil.

Who am I, anyway?

Hi, my name is Marcus, and I am the owner and founder of Work From Home Watchdog.
I have been earning an income online for over 10 years – in a variety of ways.

Here at WFHW, I like to help people find ways to make money online with minimal financial risk.

In the offline world, I am a husband, a Dad, a Grandad – oh, and a keen runner!

There’s something else you should know about me:
I am NOT a risk taker!
Not with anything in life but especially when it comes to MONEY!
And that’s a point to remember as I review an opportunity that is likely to test my beliefs.
If you feel the same when looking at the Profit Accumulator website, I invite you to read this review in full to see exactly how things pan out.

What Exactly Is Profit Accumulator?

Established by Sam Stoffel in 2014, Profit Accumulator teaches you how to make money online from matched betting.
If matched betting is new to you, it involves backing all potential outcomes of a sporting event for profit.
It is 100% legal and the money you make from it is completely tax-free.
Over 120,000 people joined Profit Accumulator between 2014 – 2021.
And more than 50,000 joined during the first half of 2021 alone.
This could be down to job losses due to COVID as people searched online for a more pandemic-proof form of income.
But hang on…..
You might be thinking that ‘betting’ involves some form of risk, right?
Sam is keen to stress in his introduction video that:
“Matched betting is NOT gambling.”
“If done correctly, you cannot lose”
I was also intrigued to learn that matched betting has featured in many UK tabloids and on trusted websites.
As seen on
The Guardian Online ran a story in its money section about how profitable matched betting is.
As a result, Journalist Jason Shearer spent a month doing matched betting and earned over £700. (Source)
Trustpilot reviews also suggest that members are happy with life at Profit Accumulator. (Source)
Trustpilot profit accumulator rating

And the ‘meet the members’ section on the Profit Accumulator website is awash with success stories…

A quick search on Google also confirms Profit Accumulator is a legitimate company with a physical address:

Profit Accumulator employs over 50 people around the country (UK).
A large percentage of these make up the support network for members. Help is on hand 7 days a week by email and free phone.
Another avenue of support is through the private Facebook group. With over 30,000 active members, it’s a hive of daily activity.
It also provides daily updates on matched betting opportunities from the Profit Accumulator team.
Profit Accumulator Daily Facebook Posts
It seems to me that Profit Accumulator is a legitimate company with a focus on helping its members.

It’s also clear that people are earning money at Profit Accumulator.

But before we look at the opportunity itself, let’s look at how much it’s going to cost.

How Much Does
Profit Accumulator Cost?

There are 3 levels of membership at Profit Accumulator:

  • Free Trial (no credit card or payment details required).
  • Platinum Membership £24.99 per month.
  • Diamond Membership £39.99 per month.

As we’ve come to expect these days, each membership level scales up the earning potential.

But there’s only one place you should consider starting – the free trial.

There’s a very good reason for this because it’s possible to earn around £40.

Before we take a closer look at how the free trial works, let’s get to grips with the matched betting process.

How Matched Betting Works

Having been through the free trial training, I noticed two words that keep cropping up:


These words refer to the two types of bet that are placed when matched betting.

As Sam explains, they mean:

Profit accumulator matched betting

Let’s put this into context in terms of a matched bet situation.

To do this we will pick a football match from the English Championship:

Football match

If I think Fulham WILL win this match, I would place a back bet on Fulham. In other words, I am betting that the win will happen.

If I think Fulham WILL NOT win this match, I would place a lay bet on Fulham. In other words, I am betting that the win will not happen.

NOTE: If you know nothing about football or sport events in general, do not worry. Matched betting requires zero knowledge of who is most likely to win.

Simply put: If I think a team will win I would place a back bet. If I think they won’t win I would place a lay bet.

You might also be wondering about another possible scenario…what if it’s a draw? (So did I).

A draw would also mean that a team didn’t win, which is the same as a lay bet (because the win didn’t happen).

So, covering every possible outcome in this football match:

  • A back bet placed on Fulham means I think the win will happen.
  • A lay bet placed on Fulham means I think the win will not happen.
  • If the result is a draw, it is covered by the lay bet because that also means the win did not happen.

Smart, right?!

And It should lead you to the following aha moment…

If I place a back bet and a lay bet on Fulham for the above match, one of those two bets would win!

And the same could be said for ANY sporting event where you place a back bet and lay bet.

But the BIG question is:

How can this possibly be profitable?

Surely the bookies are not going to allow people to place back and lay bets on every sporting event and walk away in profit?

No they won’t. But with the help of Profit Accumulator, you CAN.

Getting Started at Profit Accumulator

In this section, we are going to look at the initial steps when placing matched bets at Profit Accumulator.

You can follow along with my demonstration below to see the outcome.

Alternatively, create your free account here to follow Sams’ instructions and get started straight away.
Remember: With the free trial it’s possible to earn around £40 – just for learning the process.
Your initial steps in the matched betting world are to take advantage of signup offers from bookies.

Like me, you might have seen these flash up online and never given them much thought. But if you’re matched betting, they are opportunities to profit.

Here’s an example of one type of offer you might have seen:
Profit Accumulator Coral Free Bet
On the face of it, this seems like a pretty cool offer.
Bet £5 and get free bets to the value of £20.
But somewhere within our minds, we compute this offer as only being valuable IF the bets actually win.
And that is true.
But when you’re matched betting…ALL free bets are there to make a profit from.
To achieve this, you essentially need 3 things:
  • Somewhere to place your back bets (bookies).
  • Somewhere to place your lay bets (betting exchange).
  • The Profit Accumulator Oddsmatcher tool (included in the free trial).
For your first back bet bookie, Profit Accumulator suggests using Coral.
For your first, and future lay bets, Profit Accumulator suggests using a betting exchange called Smarkets.

“When setting up accounts with bookies or betting exchanges, it is advisable to do so via the Profit Accumulator training page. This will ensure that you get the correct free bet offer associated with that bookie/exchange.”

Setting up your accounts with Coral and Smarkets requires you to deposit small payments into each.
This is known as your “bankroll“, and it’s important to understand what this means before we go any further.

Let’s Talk About…Bankroll

Put simply – bankroll is the initial amount of money that you use to get your matched betting journey off the ground.
Its purpose is to allow you to initiate the placing of back bets and lay bets when match betting.
Over time as your profits grow, your bankroll will grow too.
But essentially:
You will never actually spend any of your bankroll and it can be withdrawn at any time.
The BIGGER your bankroll…the better your chances are of making profits, QUICKER.
But that doesn’t mean you have to start with a big bankroll.
Sam suggests in the first training video that you can get started with a bankroll of only £50.
That is definitely enough to cover the free bets in the free trial (and earn you a potential £40).
And as you will see with my own experiences at Profit Accumulator…
I was able to earn a nice profit with a SMALL bankroll.

Placing Your First Qualifying Bet

PLEASE NOTE: What follows is a demonstration using the Profit Accumulator Oddsmatcher Tool to pick qualifying and free bets.

The odds and profit/loss margins mentioned were relative to sporting events taking place at the time of this review.
Any results that you return will be on a different day, so they will be similar but will not be exactly the same as the results below.
To get the ball rolling, Sam suggests putting £5 in your Coral account and £20 in your Smarkets account. This is to cover the first signup offer with Coral.
With both accounts set up and funded, the free training explains step-by-step how to place your first qualifying bet at Coral.
It’s easy to do but very important to follow Sams’ instructions.
You will find it becomes a lot easier every time you do it.
Qualifying bets are necessary because they trigger the release of free bets from bookies.
In this instance, you receive £20 in free bets when you place your first qualifying bet with Coral.
Qualifying bets also make a small qualifying loss (in pence). But as you will see, this is completely normal and is actually insignificant.
To pick the qualifying bet, Sam shows us how to use the Oddsmatcher Tool at Profit Accumulator.
The data it returns is relevant to sporting events that are due to take place.
It contains the current odds associated with specific events and calculates the value for each matched bet.
This is a lot of information to have at your fingertips. But the Oddmatcher Tool automatically drills down and gives you the exact details you need.
First, we choose the ‘Coral Qualifying Bet’ option from the drop down menu:
Profit Accumulator Coral Qualifying Bet

For the first qualifying bet, the training suggests we choose a sporting event with a high % rating in the Oddsmatcher Tool:

Profit Accumulator Qualifying Bet Coral

The top bet in this example is a football match between West Ham and Man City in the English Premier League.

Next, I am instructed to click on the calculator box highlighted in red above.
I have highlighted below the important information it returns:
Profit Accumulator 1st Qualifying Bet Coral

For the football match between West Ham v Man City, I am told to place a £5 back bet on Man City (to win) at odds of 1.50 on Coral.

To cover all eventualities for this match, I must then place a lay bet on Man City (to not win) at odds of 1.52 on Smarkets.

Both these bets can be placed directly from the links to the websites highlighted in red above.

The £5 already paid into Coral will cover the cost of the back bet. And the £20 paid into Smarkets covers the liability (£2.56) for the lay bet.

Liability (highlighted in blue) is only ever paid at the exchange (Smarkets). It is an amount that covers the lay bet losing – but if that happens the bookie bet will win.

When we look at placing the free bets shortly, you will see the important part that liability plays.

Regardless of the final result, this qualifying bet will result in a £0.07p loss at most. This is highlighted by the green box above indicating either outcome.

The Oddsmatcher Tool confirms that:

If the bookie back bet wins, there will be a £0.06p loss.

If the exchange lay bet wins, there will be a £0.07p loss.

When the football match is finished, only one of 2 things will have happened to our matched bets on Man City.

If Man City won, the Coral (bookmaker) back bet will win.

If the result was a draw, or Man City lost, the Smarkets (exchange) lay bet will win.

Either way (as shown on the calculator above), the overall bankroll at this point will be a maximum of £0.07p down.

With the qualifying bet complete, the £20 free bet will be made available inside your Coral account.

(Highlighted in your Coral account by ‘FB’ beside your balance).

It’s time to turn that free bet into profit!

Coral Free Bets

Making Profit From Your First Free Bet

First, we head back to the Oddsmatcher Tool and this time we select ‘Coral Free Bet’:

When using free bets, Sam advises us to choose a sporting event with back odds over 4.0.

This requires us to pay more in liability at the exchange, but it will increase the potential profit. Let’s look at some examples.

Example #1: (small bankroll)

Profit Accumulator Free Bet Low Bank

In this first example above, the Oddsmatcher Tool picks a football match between FC Cincinnati and Nashville SC.

It says to back Nashville SC to win using the £20 free Coral bets at odds of 2.05.

To cover all potential outcomes, I must also place a lay bet at Smarkets at odds of 2.36.

The liability at Smarkets for this bet would be £12.10 as shown above. This would be covered by the £20 that we paid in to open the account.

No matter which one of our bets wins (at Corals or Smarkets) we can see that the profit will be £8.90.

So, deducting the qualifying bet loss (£0.07) would leave an overall profit of £8.83.

Now let’s look at Example #2 with a slightly bigger bankroll (greater profit potential):

Profit Accumulator Free Bet Med Bank

This time I have chosen a football match between Crewe and MK Dons.

The back odds bet at Coral is at odds of 3.50. And the lay odds at Smarkets are 4.10.

This makes the liability payment slightly higher at £37.82. A matched bet like this would be best suited if you had an initial bankroll of £50.

This means there would be bigger profit. In this example, it’s almost 40% bigger at £12.18.

Deduct the qualifying bet loss of £0.07 and the final profit would be £12.11.

Example #3 demonstrates what’s possible with a bigger bankroll of over £100:

Profit Accumulator Free Bet High Bank
In this match between Freiburg and Greuther Furth, the back odds are much higher at 7.50. The lay odds are 8.40.
This would require a liability of £114.55. But the profit would be much higher at £15.45.
Deduct the qualifying bet loss of £0.07 and that’s an overall profit of £15.38.
As demonstrated above, bankroll directly affects the amount of liability you can afford at the exchange (Smarkets).
The bigger your bankroll, the greater your profit potential from each free bet.


All, or part of, your bankroll or profits at bookies and exchanges can be withdrawn to your bank account at ANY time.

The examples mentioned above range in profit from £8.83 with a small bankroll.

At the other end of the scale, £15.38 was possible with a bankroll of over £100.
While this difference might seem insignificant to some, it’s only for 1 free bet.
After 10 free bets, we can see that a significant amount of potential profit could be left on the table.
But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a small bankroll. The profits just take a little bit longer to grow.
I will prove this shortly when I reveal how much I earned in 1 month at Profit Accumulator.
Let’s first take a quick look at the second signup offer available with the free trial.

The Second Signup Offer
Included With The Free Trial

The second signup offer to take advantage of is with Betfred.

This time the reward is £30 in free bets and as with all signup offers, Profit Accumulator walks you through the process step-by-step.

This time we do not need to set up an exchange account because we already set up Smarkets to lay our bets for the first signup offer.

Once the Betfred account is set up, we select ‘Betfred Qualifying Bet’ on the Oddsmatcher Tool to locate a suitable qualifying bet.

Profit Accumulator Betfred Qualifying Bet 1

The qualifying bet for Betfred is £10, but we now know that this doesn’t matter because any qualifying loss will be offset by the potential profit from the free bet.

In this example, the qualifying loss is £0.31 and that’s perfectly acceptable.

This time around, the back bet is placed at Betfred and the lay bet is placed at Smarkets.

Once the qualifying bet is complete, we open up the Oddsmatcher Tool and use the ‘Betfred Free Bet’ option.

A suitable bet would be the one below. The back odds are lower than Sam suggests for placing free bets, but it would be suitable if you have a small bankroll.

The liability is £21.33 and the profit is a minimum of £16.16.

Deducting the qualifying loss (£0.31) would leave an overall profit of £15.85.

At the other end of the scale, if you have a large bankroll of over £100, you can take the higher liability bets with larger profits.

Profit Accumulator Betfred Free Bet Bigger Bankroll 1

With a liability of £142.10, this bet would return a whopping £22.90. Deducting the £0.31 qualifying loss would leave an overall profit of £22.59.

And by now I’m sure you can workout that with a bankroll of around £50, it would potentially return a profit of around £19 – £20 for this free bet.

Free Trial Summary and
What Happens Next?

The free trial at Profit Accumulator does it exactly what it claims to do – show you what to do to make up to £40.

In my examples above, a low bankroll of £20 – £30 returned a total profit of £24.68 (£8.83 + £15.85) from the 2 free bets.

At the other end of the scale, a bigger bankroll of over £100 would return a total profit of £37.97 (£15.38 + £22.59) from the 2 free bets.

Those are impressive results considering it doesn’t cost a penny and would take no more than a couple of hours.

That also works out at between £12 – £19 per hour.

But there are further opportunities to increase profits from the free trial.

Having already signed up to 2 bookies (Coral and Betfred), you will start to receive ‘reload offers’.

Reload Offers

Reload offers are best explained as loyalty rewards offered to existing customers.

Retaining customers is big business for bookies. They want you to keep placing bets with them!

But when you are matched betting, every reload offer they send your way is potential profit waiting to happen.

You can expect a regular flow of reload offers like this into your inbox:

Profit Accumulator Reloads

Reloads typically start out as what are known as ‘bet and get’ offers.

They are very similar to the initial signup offers where you bet a set £ amount (qualifying bet) and then get a free bet in return.

Just as before, these free bets are then turned into profit thanks to Profit Accumulator.

And over time, these reload offers evolve into more advanced offers with even greater potential.

Profit Accumulator suggests that reload offers alone are potentially worth £100’s in profit with each bookie that you sign up to.
With 2 bookie signups complete from the free trial, there’s lots of potential to increase those initial profits even further.

How Much Money Did I Make
at Profit Accumulator?

Before writing this review, I spent some time looking at other Profit Accumulator reviews.
Many of them reported very high earnings.
I don’t for one minute doubt what they earned. But having tried Profit Accumulator myself, I know most of these reviewers would have started with a big bankroll.
And I wanted to be more realistic than that. Because not everyone will have £100, £200 or more, to invest in their bankroll.
(Even though it doesn’t get spent).
So I started out with a bankroll of LESS than £50.
That way, almost anyone reading this review could relate to my starting point and realise the potential of Profit Accumulator.
In 1 month at Profit Accumulator, I made £287.09.
Profit Accumulator My Profits

Before we analyse this further, let me give you some important details about my time at Profit Accumulator.

Previous Experience
I had never placed an online bet before joining Profit Accumulator. I have previously placed a few bets in bookie shops on events like the Grand National. I was very much a newbie to this.

I Upgraded to Platinum
After completing the free trial and a few reload offers, I had earned enough to pay for the Platinum Membership (£24.99).

It was a no-brainer because there are many more signup offers available with the Platinum Membership. I will discuss this shortly.

Signup Offers Completed
In total, I signed up for 11 bookies (9 as a Platinum member) and 2 exchanges.

Time Spent Placing Matched Bets
I spent just over 7 hours doing matched betting.

That includes time spent completing signup offers, using the Oddschecker Tool, placing matched bets, and double checking everything!
On that topic, my first (qualifying) bet took me about 45 minutes!
I can now place bets in less than 5 minutes.

Analysing My Profit
Accumulator Experience

I’m not a genius with numbers but you don’t have to be Einstein to work out that £287.09 is a lot of money for around 7 hours work.
If you deduct the cost of Platinum membership (24.99), that leaves me with £262.10 profit.
Divide that by 7 (hours) and it works out at around £37 per hour.
That makes it REALLY impressive.
As my son is learning to drive, I’m going to book him a block of lessons with my profits. My future profits will go towards buying his first car.
Thank you Profit Accumulator…and thank you bookies!
It doesn’t take long to realise that this is just one big numbers game.
The profitable opportunities are available daily. The Profit Accumulator tools do all the number crunching and determine the profit.
It’s simply a case of following the instructions and placing your matched bets.

Benefits Of The Platinum Membership

As you know from the above, I upgraded to Platinum after completing the 2 sign up offers in the free trial.

I’d made enough profit to cover the cost (24.99), and I could easily see that I could maintain that level of profit every month.

But more importantly, I could see real value in what’s included with Platinum.

The first of those benefits has got be the signup offers.

Profit Accumulator Platinum Signup Offers

With over 100 additional signup offers currently in place, there are plenty of ways to profit from initial free bets alone.

(Potential signup profit noted in green boxes above).

I only managed to complete 9 of these Platinum offers so I still have a long way to go.

But I totalled up the potential profit of the free bets with these extra offers and it came to over £800.

That’s before you even consider potential profits from reload offers.

The second Platinum benefit is the Facebook group/Forum connection.

The are many Profit Accumulator admins who contribute to the forum every day, but there’s a lot of love for one person in particular – Andy Cooper.

Profit Accumulator Andy Cooper

Every day at 11am, Andy shares a powerful post to the Facebook group.

He lists all the best offers from the bookies for that day (opportunities to profit). This saves you from checking your emails/accounts and assessing which offers are best.
All successful members religiously wait for Andys’ post every morning and then pick the offers that suit them.
Here’s a small sample from one of Andys’ daily posts:
Profit Accumulator Daily Posts

Every opportunity in Andys’ posts link to a page on the forum (Platinum only) where the specific offer is explained along with instructions on what to do if you are unsure.

Profit Accumulator Daily Forum Posts

The forum is also home to a couple of important threads for anyone with a specific income target – the ‘how to make £300 and £1000 per month’ posts.

Profit Accumulator Forum

As with Andys’ daily posts, the ‘How to make….’ posts update daily with opportunities and potential profit amounts.

Next up are the various Profit Accumulator calculators.

Profit Accumulator Calculators

The purpose of the calculators is to help you work out potential profit (based on your bet amount) for the various bookie offers.

If you upgrade to Platinum, you will visit these calculators often.

There are over 20 different calculators spanning various matched betting techniques used at Profit Accumulator.

Finally for this section, I have to mention the training centre.

Profit Accumulator Training Centre

With over 50 training modules, the training centre covers everything there is to know about matched betting.

In my experience, the training videos are essential because there’s so much more to matched betting than what you initially think.

If you want to get the most out of Profit Accumulator…the training centre resources are a must!

Beyond The Platinum Membership

At £39.99 per month, Diamond is the highest membership level at Profit Accumulator.

Stepping away from a focus on matched betting with the bookies, the Diamond Membership upgrade is all about casino offers.

Working in a similar way to the Platinum signup offers, there are over 100 casino signup offers available to Diamond members.

Each offer also has potential value associated to them (in £ hourly rate above).

There’s also a whole suite of additional software programs and calculators to help members get the most from the casino offers.

Daily casino offers are also included in Andy Coopers’ daily post so taking advantage of these is as easy as those focused on non-casino offers.

But for this review, I decided against signing up to Diamond. Here’s why:

Even though Profit Accumulator tips the ‘edge’ in your favour when completing casino offers, the inconsistency of them would not be suitable for this review.


With casino offers…It’s more than possible that I could get a random big win.

And that could potentially inflate my earnings to a whole new level.

It would also be misleading if I told you that you can achieve the same earnings because you might not get a random big win!

So the earning potential of the Diamond Membership will not be included in this review.

But I do plan on returning to do a separate Diamond-only review at a later date.

Who Is Profit Accumulator
Right For?

The first thing to point out about matched betting is that it is not something you can do if you are under 18 years old (source).

The one thing that surprised me about the Profit Accumulator community is that there’s a diverse range of people taking advantage of matched betting.

I’ve seen retired individuals topping up their retirement funds. Busy stay at home parents covering essential bills. Fathers’ of the bride paying for weddings. And one guy who purchased matching new cars for him and his wife thanks to matched betting.

Success stories like these roll frequently in the Profit Accumulator Facebook group and on the Meet The Members page.

And a recent Facebook post by The Profit Accumulator team summed up the earning potential across the board:

Yet despite all of this…

I know that some people won’t be at ease with placing bets.

I was no different.

Our brains translate giving money to a bookie as ‘taking a risk’ and I got hung up on that.

But Sams’ “If you follow the instructions, you won’t lose” statement is what helped me to trust the system. And I’m glad I did.

If you feel that you won’t be able to do the same…I would say that Profit Accumulator probably isn’t right for you.

Otherwise, Profit Accumulator is a great and fun opportunity for anyone who wants a trustworthy way to make some extra cash in their spare time.

5 Tips To Max Your Potential
at Profit Accumulator

If matched betting is a good fit for you, here are 10 additional tips that will help you to hit the ground running at Profit Accumulator.

#1 Be realistic about your earning expectations
Profit Accumulator is a great opportunity to make extra money online. But don’t rely on earning big profits from the start.

You have seen from my examples that, for most people, it will take time to build a bigger bankroll and maximise your profits.

Use my small bankroll experience as a benchmark. Set your expectations low initially and anything above that is a bonus!

#2 Learn about the more advanced methods
Matched betting is about so much more than basic free bets. Learn about methods such as odds boosts, 2ups, extra places, and Accas whenever you get the chance.

They have the potential to unlock even bigger profits and will become a necessary part of your matched betting arsenal in the near future.

The sooner you understand them, the quicker you can diversify!

#3 Practice those advanced methods on the cheap!
The more advanced methods require greater focus. I found that testing them with the minimum £ bet possible is a good way to start out.

It gives you time to build up your confidence in placing matched bets of greater value for even bigger profits.

#4 Do your free daily games!
Every bookie that you sign up to will offer you a free daily game. It could be a few spins on the slots or a simple digital scratchcard game.

Do them all! Prizes range from additional spins, free bets and even cash. I managed to earn £14 from 1 free game slot spin!

Free daily games are also reported by Andy Cooper every day in the Facebook group.

#5 Keep an eye out for seasonal peaks
Major tournaments always lead to a frenzy of matched betting opportunities. The Profit Accumulator admins (Andy Cooper, again, in particular) points these out in advance along with how to make the most of them.

Profit Accumulator Review Roundup

I’m loving life at Profit Accumulator! It’s a breath of fresh air in terms of earning potential, quality of service, and support.

With that said, I don’t think this is an opportunity that will make you rich. But it can definitely help to cover some bills, pay for a more advanced opportunity, or save for something special in the future.

My 1 month profit (£287.09) was earned by simply following what Profit Accumulator told me to do. It was not difficult and I know I can grow it further.

And that should give you an idea of what’s possible with matched betting – even if you only have a small amount of money at your disposal.

However, if you decide to give Profit Accumulator a go, remember this one important point:

The key to long term and sustained income is to apply the more advanced techniques that Profit Accumulator teaches you. Don’t ignore them.

Click here to try Profit Accumulator for free

My Final Profit Accumulator Rating

Perceived Trust In Profit Accumulator 95%
Value For Money 96%
Quality Of Training 95%
Earning Potential 93%
Ease Of Use 91%
Support 97%

If you have any questions about Profit Accumulator, let me know in the comments section below!

Have you tried Profit Accumulator or matched betting before? If so, I’d love to hear how you got on.

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  • Excellent review Marcus.

    Profit Accumulator shows up on my Facebook feed a lot in ads so I wanted to know if it is legitimate or not. You’ve answered the questions that have been holding me back from it a part from my wife lol. Even she has come around to the idea of giving it a go now.

    Keep up the good and honest work Marcus and thanks!



    • No problem at all Darren!

      Yes, Profit Accumulator does appear a lot on Facebook, and as mentioned in my review, it utilizes FB a great deal to support its members.

      I definitely encourage you to check them out on FB if you still have any concerns as you will clearly see how supportive they are.

      All the best for now,

      Marcus – WFHW