10 AWESOME Ways To Sell Your Stuff Online

If you’re looking to generate some extra cash by selling unwanted items around your home then here’s the scoop on the best websites just waiting to give you cash for your old stuff. It’s time to start cashing in!

Some of these ideas might not be new to you, and some are a bit crazy, but by the time you reach the end of the page I hope that you will find a way to generate some extra cash from home.

#1 Get Cash For Your Old Mobile/Smart Phone

If you’re anything like me then you probably have a number of old phones laying around the house.

The good news is there are a number of websites willing to pay you cash for those dated phones that you no longer have a use for.

Sellcell.com is one such site, and they act as the middle man by comparing the best prices on offer by all the companies willing to buy your old phone.

Exchangemyphone.com offers a very similar service to US residents, and they will even accept phones that are damaged or broken.

Mazumamobile.com also offers an excellent service and is the pick of the bunch for UK and Australian residents.

#2 Make Money From Your Unwanted CD’s, DVD’s & Games

If you have a stack of CD’s, DVD’s and console games just gathering dust then it might be time to consider exchanging them for cash.

We live in a world where the way we buy media has changed drastically, and while the physical versions are unlikely to vanish completely, their value will decrease over time.

Music Magpie is a service operating within the US and UK, and they will offer you cash for any old CD’s, films or games that you no longer need.

And it’s a very simple service…enter the barcode for your product on the website and get a price. Also available as an app.

#3 Vinyl Richie?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist! On the subject of music, do you have a collection of old vinyl, CD’s or music memorabilia?

If you do then you could be sitting on a big chunk of money that one website in particular is willing to pay you in exchange for your collection.

eil.com is one of those niche websites that will only appeal to a specific type of person.

But if you’re a record collector or have some old classics hidden away at home, you might want to give this website a look.

#4 Profit From Your Pile of Unwanted Books

Is your library of books taking up too much room in your home? If so then you might want to consider thinning out your collection and getting paid for it in the process.

Bookscounter.com is a comparison website that will find the very best prices for you books by checking all book buying companies online.

If you’d rather check yourself then Cash4books.net is another great option for US residents, while Webuybooks.co.uk is ideal for those living in the UK.

#5 Turn Your Old Clothes Into Online Cash

Need a new wardrobe? Why not fund it by selling the contents of your old one!

Recycling clothes has been popular for a number of years, but did you know that a number of online companies are waiting to give you cash for clothes that you no longer need?

Liketwice.com is a very popular service for US residents, and they will even pay you $20 for inviting a friend to their service.

Returntoearn.co.uk is great for those in the UK, and they will even pick up the clothes from your home and pay you £0.60p per kg for everything in good condition.

#6 Sell Your Handmade Products Via Your Own Online Store

If you’re a creative person and enjoy making handmade products, you can turn your skills into a regular flow of cash by setting up your own online store within one of the world’s biggest marketplaces.

Etsy.com makes it easy to do exactly that, and with over 15 million customers waiting to see what you have to sell, plus cheap listing and selling costs, Etsy is an option that you probably can’t afford to ignore.

#7 Point…Click…EARN!

If photography is your thing then there are now more ways than ever before to earn from your nimble fingered skills.

With literally 1000’s of online photo galleries willing to pay you big bucks for your best snaps, Photoshelter.com is one such website prepared to offer you a number of ways to profit from your pics.

#8 Sell Your Art to a Worldwide Audience

Sticking with the creative theme, if you have an artistic streak then have you considered selling your art online?

You no longer need to own your own bricks and mortar gallery to showcase your work, and let’s face it…you can attract a lot more potential customers online than you can within a shop or showroom!

Two of the best online companies to work with are Artgallery.co.uk for British artists and Fineartamerica.com for those in the US and the rest of the world.

Both offer excellent promotional packages for your artwork, and both offer a free membership option.

#9 Do You Have Loot In The Attic?

Imagine dusting off those old keepsakes in the attic and discovering that you have something of real value hidden away!

Ok, so we might not get that lucky, but if you have some old goods stashed away then you might want to consider getting them valued.

Valuemystuff.com has US and UK websites in place where you can upload pictures of your goods and have their team of experts send you an appraisal within 24 hours.

For UK residents, there is also Cashintheattic.com, a website based on the popular TV program.

#10 Haircut 100…dollars?

From heirlooms to haircuts, I’ve saved the most unusual way to make money from your stuff until last!

Yes, believe it or not, a website providing hair replacement solutions is willing to pay you cash for those luscious locks that you no longer need.

Hairharvest.co.uk is based in the UK but is open to people worldwide, and they base payment mostly on hair length and quality.

Considering a change of hairstyle? Why not see how much Hair Harvest are willing to pay for hair that you have cut off.

You never know, it might just pay for that relaxing couple of hours spent having your makeover in the hair salon!

And finally…

If you’re still stuck for a way to make money by selling stuff, have you considered selling other people’s goods for a regular income online?

With no stock to hold, no customers to speak to and no admin to deal with,  this is the easiest way to sell other people’s things and generate a legitimate and consistent income online.

Marcus – WFHW