100 Dollars A Day Blueprint Review: Does It Work?

100 Dollars A Day Blueprint is a brand new product from internet marketer, Mohanraj Subramaniam.

In his blueprint, Mohanraj reveals 3 methods that he claims will collectively help you to earn $100+ per day online.

That’s a very respectable amount of money to earn, and would allow anyone to live comfortably just about anywhere in the world.

100 Dollars A Day Blueprint

Better still, the 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint doesn’t require any paid tools or services and can be done without any experience or technical skills.

That sounds perfect for anyone looking to earn some extra cash or more from the comfort of their own home.

But does it really live up to its promise of $100+ a day online or is this just another make money online opportunity that fails to deliver?

In this 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint review, I’m going to cover every aspect of what’s on offer so that you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

Let’s jump right in and see what Mohanraj has to offer.

Coming up we’ll be taking a close look at the following points:

  • What exactly is 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint?
  • Inside the 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint members area.
  • Are the 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint income claims realistic?
  • 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint: My final verdict

What Exactly Is 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint?

Product Name: 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint
Product Type: Affiliate marketing, online jobs
Product Creator: Mohanraj Subramaniam
Product Price: $11.99 early bird offer, usually $49 at the time of this review

There’s not a great deal to read on the 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint website, but what is there is focused on the product promise and ticks many boxes.

The emphasis is clearly on the newbie as Mohanraj hits hot buttons such as newbie-friendly, takes an hour a day, costs nothing and no particular skills are required.

However, before hitting the ‘BUY NOW!’ button there are a couple of things that puzzle me.

The first is right at the top of the 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint sales page, and it’s an advert for a list-building software program.

There’s nothing wrong with that but as a potential customer, the bright blue banner does distract me instantly from focusing on the actual product.

Next up I can see that there are 3 bonuses being offered with the 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint product.

Again, nothing wrong with bonuses when buying a product, and the best type of bonuses are those that complement the product you are buying.

The 3 bonuses included with 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint are…Commission Blueprint.

Bonus 2: Zero Hour Work Days.

And Bonus 3 is 10X Commissions.

My concern here is that the bonuses look more appealing than the actual product. Because of that, I wonder if buyers would be more likely to take action with the bonuses than with the product?

Inside The 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint
Members Area

Upon buying the product you gain access to the 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint members area.

Once again, everything is laid out in an orderly fashion with 1 welcome video at 1min 4 secs long, followed by 3 videos explaining the individual income channels, as Mohanraj refers to them.

The video for the first income channel is 2mins 52 secs long.

The video for the second income channel is 2mins 1 sec long.

And the video for the third income channel is 2mins 35 secs long.

That basically sums up the content that you get with the 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint.

Without giving full details about what you do with each income channel, the 3 websites involved are:

  • Income Channel 1 – microworkers.com
  • Income Channel 2 – Amazon
  • Income Channel 3 – clickworker.com

In addition to the 3 videos that make up this program, there’s an upsell on offer for $27.

Unfortunately, the graphic and link for this offer were not working at the time of this review.

All I could basically make out about it was the description by Mohanraj. In his own words he says:

” This One Time Offer Shows Your Customers How To Become Aware Of Your Company’s Brand, And Eventually Consume The Products Or Services Your Company Offers, Is Through Advertising.

It’s difficult to determine exactly what this is from that description.

Are The 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint Income Claims Realistic?

First of all, let’s be realistic about what’s on offer here.

The 3 websites/income channels mentioned are independent of each other in this product and are not combined to work together in some form of ultra-secret profit plan!

They are 3 simple ways to make money.

Can you really make money with them?


$100+ per day?

That depends on a couple of factors.

If you’ve got skills that people would be prepared to pay for in the shape of a professional service, Income Channels 1 and 3 would help you.

And if you understand affiliate marketing, Income Channel 2 would help.

Even if you answered “Yes!” to both points above, you will still have to work hard AND smart to generate $100+ every day.

100 Dollars A Day Blueprint: My Final Verdict

First of all, the 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint by Mohanraj Subramaniam is not a scam.

Many people use the 3 income channels mentioned to make money online. Also, Mohanraj offers a full money-back guarantee.

What I think we have here is a product by someone who is trying to make a breakthrough online as an internet marketer and product owner.

Kudos to him for that.

But I have a feeling that most people with a low-level understanding of how to make money online will already be aware of the methods that Mohanraj’s teaches here.

My only real gripe with the program as a blueprint is that the training videos in total are only 7 mins 28 secs long. I definitely think they should be longer and more detailed to be classed as a blueprint.

So to conclude, there’s nothing groundbreaking here but the 3 income channels do earn people money.

However, earning $100+ per day from them will require some existing skills, effort, dedication, and possibly some additional cash to make Income channel 2 work fully.

Do you have any experience with the 100 Dollars A Day Blueprint?

If you do I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments section below.

Marcus – WFHW

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