Affiliate Shortcut Review: More Old Than New

Jamie Lewis is back and this time he is promising a way to make money online that doesn’t require any experience with his latest product Affiliate Shortcut.

The Affiliate Shortcut website is in typical Jamie style as he takes to the streets and asks the public if they would like to know how they can turn $10 into a constant flow of commission payments.

Affiliate Shortcut Review

Jamie certainly knows how to create an eye-catching sales video, and he must be the only guy on the planet who can incorporate rapping into an affiliate marketing video!

But is Affiliate Shortcut as powerful as Jamie suggests? Sales were very high at launch but that doesn’t necessarily mean a thing.

So let’s dig deep into this Affiliate Shortcut review and see if it’s a genuine way for you to make money online.

Is it as good as Jamie and initial sales suggest, or is it just a load of..err..*rap?

Let’s find out!

What Exactly Is Affiliate Shortcut?

Product Name: Affiliate Shortcut
Product Type: Affiliate marketing
Product Creator: Jamie Lewis
Product Price: $30.78 (at the time of this review) plus numerous upsells

Aside from the entertaining video pitch from Jamie, what I am immediately impressed with on the Affiliate Shortcut website is that Jamie pretty much tells you what the product is all about before you even hand over your cash.

This is something that I like to see because it helps you to make a more informed decision before making the purchase.

I’m also pleased because I discovered that Jamie wasn’t as descriptive when I recently reviewed another of his products, Profit 365.

So straight away we know that Affiliate Shortcut is all about buying expired domains and redirecting them to your affiliate link.

Jamie claims the Affiliate Shortcut method has never been seen before, but actually, that’s not true.

It was particularly popular many years ago with article marketers who used redirected domain names in their content at article directories.

It was also used by pay-per-click marketers as a lazy way to drive traffic to their affiliate links and make easy commissions.

That was until Google shuffled its shoes and banned domain redirects in search results and made it not so straightforward for Adwords advertisers.

The fallout from Google’s move was huge and it sunk many online earners in the process.

So domain redirecting is definitely not new.

However, the horror story outcome mentioned above does not necessarily affect Jamie’s Affiliate Shortcut process.

What’s Included With
The Affiliate Shortcut Program?

As a paying customer, you gain access to a number of resources and training videos that help you to get up and running with the Affiliate Shortcut method.

At the very heart of Jamie’s product is a software program that hunts out expired domains and gives you data such as keyword search volume and appraised value.

When you find a domain that you like the sound of you can then purchase it directly from inside the domain hunter program.

Jamie also provides a bunch of videos where he explains how to get the best out of Affiliate Shortcut and the resources within the member’s area.

The Affiliate Shortcut process is covered in detail, as is driving traffic to your domains, trend marketing, and Jamie’s philosophy on domain names.

There are also additional videos explaining the power of the various upsells on offer.

Jamie also includes an income calculator where you put in how much you would like to earn online and it tells you how best to earn it.

This for me is a little confusing because Affiliate Shortcut is clearly about buying expired domain names and redirecting them to your affiliate link.

Yet when you use the calculator it can diversify into a variety of different ways to make money online that are not connected to the Affiliate Shortcut process.

These include graphic design, web design, working on Fiverr, and becoming a social media influencer.

This is helpful, I guess, but it also distracts you away from the main focus of the Affiliate Shortcut process.

The Trends Calendar IS a worthy inclusion because it explains how to take advantage of seasonal activities with your redirected domains.

Things like Christmas, Halloween, sporting events, and big console game releases are covered and will definitely make you think differently about how you make the best use of Affiliate Shortcut.

Finally, Jamie also hosts weekly webinars for his Affiliate Shortcut customers where he shares tactics on getting the most out of his software.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

Affiliate Shortcut can be used out of the box, so you are not dependent on any additional purchases to make it work.

However, Jamie is something of a master when it comes to successful product launches, and to attract more affiliates (generating more sales), he always includes a number of upsells to increase the value of the product.

Needless to say that Affiliate Shortcut includes a number of upsells (6 in total). These range in type and cost with the most expensive being an Ultimate Download bonus costing $297.

My concern with most of the upsells is that they once again dilute the Affiliate Shortcut experience because they diversify away from the domain redirecting experience.

Things like a database of viral videos and previous Adwords campaigns used by Jamie might hold some value, but they are not directly connected to the product.

The upsells mostly consist of dated material, and they feel to me like they have been added just to increase perceived value.

My Bigger Problem With
The Affiliate Shortcut Upsells

Upsells have become an integral part of the digital product industry in recent years.

If you follow my reviews you will know that I have nothing against them, as long as they ADD to the value of the original product.

The problem with high-value upsells is it attracts affiliates who will give biased opinions because they basically want to sell the product and rake in the commissions.

For an affiliate promoting Affiliate Shortcut and all the upsells, Jamie states that it can ultimately result in $1200 per sale.

This, as I find myself saying a lot lately, is only going to result in untrustworthy reviews.

Here’s an example of that in action from a website giving a totally positive review of Affiliate Shortcut and all of the upsells.

Note the number of bonuses being included if someone buys from this website…

Yes – 154 bonuses!

Unfortunately, this is what happens when upsells offer huge commissions to affiliates.

Another negative side to this is – what does it say about the quality of the product?

If someone is willing to give 150+ bonuses to sell you a $30 product, it says to me that the product holds very little value.

For the record, Affiliate Shortcut is worth $30. I’m not so sure that Jamie would approve of the tactics being used by this affiliate – for the reason stated above.

Affiliate Shortcut: My Final Verdict

It might not be the groundbreaking form of affiliate marketing that Jamie suggests, but he has put together a tidy product with a smart piece of software in the shape of the domain hunter program.

I do have slight concerns about how well the domains will convert traffic to sales, and the member’s area isn’t as focused as I hoped it would be.

But Jamie is no scammer in my opinion, and his product is backed by a full money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose if you want to give Affiliate Shortcut a try.

If you’ve tried Affiliate Shortcut I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments section below!

Marcus – WFHW

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