By Marcus – Work From Home Watchdog Founder

10 years ago I would never have imagined that I would one day be sat here helping you to find a legitimate way to make money on the Internet because back then, I was the guy trying to find a way to earn a living working from home.

You see, at that time I was in my mid-thirties and working on a production line in a local factory. It was a tough and low paid job.

I had reached the point of desperation. My job was not paying enough to support my wife and two young children. The stress of the whole situation was keeping me awake at night.

Marcus WFHW

Somehow, something had to change.

All I wanted was to earn some extra cash online and provide a better life for my family. But despite my efforts all I did was FAIL, time and time again. Other people were making good money online, so why couldn’t I?

Then I discovered what I was doing wrong…

I was chasing false hope … AKA – ‘get rich quick’ programs. I know how easy is to fall for scam programs when you are in a desperate situation, but in reality the only people making money from them are the people who create them. If you’ve ever fallen for an online scam then you will know how frustrated it can make you feel.

“It took me a considerable amount of time and money to realize the promises being made to me were nothing but fake.”

So I changed my approach and eventually came across a program that was gaining in popularity.

At that time, a time when get-rich-quick schemes flooded the Internet, this program stood out from the crowd because it made no promises of great riches or a lavish lifestyle.

What it did promise was the chance to earn a legitimate and consistent income online IF I was prepared to put it the effort. No fluff, and no smoke and mirrors.

This unique and refreshing program is called Wealthy Affiliate, and little did I know at the time that it would eventually go on to change my life in a BIG way.

Wealthy Affiliate – the short and ‘to the point’ overview

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing community that teaches people how to build niche-specific websites and earn a regular online income from them.

(Sidenote: If you are unsure about what affiliate marketing is, I explain it in great detail here.)

Everything you need is included under one virtual roof at Wealthy Affiliate with step-by-step training, free websites, free web hosting, free Internet/affiliate marketing tools, free keyword tool and most importantly, 24/7 – 365 live support. Best of all, it’s completely free to get started.

Wealthy Affiliate is suitable for people with all levels of ability, but is most acclaimed for helping complete online newbies or those who have previously failed with their attempts to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate can be used by anyone from anywhere in the world by PC, laptop, iPad or smartphone.

To date the creators and co-owners, Kyle and Carson, have helped 100,000’s of ordinary people to create legitimate and successful affiliate marketing businesses since the birth of Wealthy Affiliate’s back in 2005.

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Turning your interests into income
at Wealthy Affiliate

No matter what your passions or interests are in life, they can form the basis of a successful website and affiliate marketing business at Wealthy Affiliate.

With over 2 billion people around the world searching the Internet at any given time, there will always be a percentage that share your interests and will find your website interesting and helpful – no matter how obscure or unique the topic might be.

But how do you find YOUR niche?

The easiest way is to grab a pen and paper and make a simple list.

Think about…hobbies, things you are good at, things that excite and motivate you, things you would like to help people with, or an often over-looked idea that will bring out your inner-expert…issues that you have managed to overcome.

As an example of a niche, something that I like to do is cook vegetarian Thai food.

This would be a great niche for me because I am passionate about the topic and I would like to share my tips, recipes and advice with others.

With the help of the Wealthy Affiliate training and keyword tool I am also able to establish that 10,000’s of people search each month for information on this topic so it would be a perfect niche for me.

One of the first things you learn when you start the Level 1 Online Entrepreneur Certification training is how to analyze your interests and come up with a niche that is right for you.

These easy-to-follow steps will then lead to creating your website…a simple process that takes under a minute at Wealthy Affiliate. This means that once inside Wealthy Affiliate you will very quickly get the foundations of your affiliate marketing business in place.

Have a niche idea? Turn it into your own online business at Wealthy Affiliate

The truth is, there are no secrets to making money through affiliate marketing. But if you want to earn a consistent and/or potentially job-quitting income then you need to approach things in a completely different way.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate will become your B.O.F.F – “best online friend forever” :-)

Since 2005, Kyle and Carson (the Wealthy Affiliate co-founders) have worked tirelessly to create a work from home community where anyone can learn the right way to generate an income online.

“It’s not just about building a website on any topic and hoping that people will visit…”

It’s about creating a niche-based platform (a website) that appeals greatly to people who share your interests. Your website will rank high in the search engine results and people will be more than happy to share it on social networks. This will generate you a constant flow of visitors to your website on a daily basis.

Your visitors will appreciate your help, knowledge and efforts and learn to regard you as an authority on the topic. This creates trust in you and any recommendations that you might make.

To teach Wealthy Affiliate members this process requires a training program that breaks the steps down in fine detail. Plus tools and resources that simplify any of the more technical tasks and a robust support system that you can turn to at anytime for anything.

And this highlights why I and so many others regard Wealthy Affiliate so highly…

Your chances of success online are GREATLY increased when you follow a structured training program and have support from people who genuinely want to help you succeed.

This is exactly what you get at Wealthy Affiliate, and it all starts with the acclaimed “Getting Started” training available as soon as you create your Starter Account.

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4 things I think you will LOVE about Wealthy Affiliate

#1 You are NEVER alone at Wealthy Affiliate.

Day or night, no matter where you are in the world, the Wealthy Affiliate community is ALWAYS alive. This is all made possible thanks to the slick and intuitive Wealthy Affiliate system where communication and interaction with others is instant, and live help is available on demand.

This level of support is not only essential, it is exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate members. No more waiting days for replies to emails, support tickets or forum posts, as a Wealthy Affiliate member your progress will never be delayed – no matter what time of the day you decide to work on your online business.

#2 Kyle & Carson (the owners) are real, genuine and always available.

I’ve reviewed 100’s of programs here at Work From Home Watchdog, yet I cannot think of one program where the owners/creators are as accessible or available as Kyle or Carson are at Wealthy Affiliate.

In fact, Kyle and Carson are active inside Wealthy Affiliate on a daily basis. It might be that they are adding new training or just hanging out in the Live Chat to see if anyone needs a hand. Whatever they are doing, you can reach out to them for help or even just a chat whenever you want to.

#3 You get to learn how to build an online business at NO cost

As one of the most trusted and respected work from home communities on the Internet, Wealthy Affiliate’s flagship Premium membership costs $49 per month and is widely regarded as the most cost-effective and complete online business program.

However, the Starter membership is completely free, and it represents a genuine and transparent way to not only try Wealthy Affiliate, you also get to build your affiliate business and start earning from it.

There are a number of differences between the 2 membership levels, but the Starter membership provides you with everything you need to bring your online business to life. Step by step training, 24/7 support, 2 free websites, free domain names and free hosting.

#4 The training will make you do this ONE very important thing…


No matter how new you are to making money online, the step-by-step training is very cleverly structured in such a way that you cannot fail to make real progress.

That’s because the core of the training program is task-driven, so as you follow the training you are also completing tasks that contribute to the development of your website and affiliate business.

It’s a fun and enjoyable way to create something of great value and potential. Something you might never have imagined would be possible. Something you can take great pride in when sharing your achievements with friends and family.

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What can you expect to achieve at Wealthy Affiliate?

As I mentioned at the start of this review, Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life in a very positive way.

One of the first things that I was able to do when my online business started to work was to move my family out of our tiny 2 bedroom flat and into a much bigger family home. This might be a small step for some but for us it was HUGE.

I was also able to quit my job and work full time from home. This gave us more quality family time and allowed me to provide a more comfortable life for my wife and two children.

I’ve even been able to do something very important to me and that is to work out more and maintain a more healthier lifestyle. Ok, maybe I try just a little harder than I did before…lol.

Finally, creating a successful affiliate business at Wealthy Affiliate has allowed me to travel the world and visit places that would never have been possible if I was still working in the factory. I love the freedom that my work from home career gives me.

That’s my story. How about YOUR goals?

I want you to understand that no goals are too big or small At Wealthy Affiliate.

From earning a few extra $100’s each month to replacing a full time income (and more), the step-by-step training, tools and 24/7 support within the Wealthy Affiliate community will provide you with everything you need to achieve your goals.

And it’s important to remember that you are in total control of how much time you devote to the training and the pace at which you build your online business. ‘When you have the time’, part time, full time or if you’re like me…’all the time’ is just fine!

Here are some personal goals that I have seen others mention at Wealthy Affiliate…

  • Clearing debt
  • Being able to pay bills on time
  • Earning extra cash for holidays and Christmas
  • Supplement a current income
  • Ease the financial pressure on a partner who works
  • Reduce the fear of losing a job
  • Top up income during retirement

Whatever your situation or what you want to achieve, Wealthy Affiliate has a proven record of helping people to finally start earning a consistent and legitimate income online. I absolutely know it can do the same for you.

Here are just a handful of the many success stories posted inside Wealthy Affiliate each day…

Wealthy Affiliate is without doubt the most complete work from home program I have ever tried online. It is solely responsible for my own personal success, and that of the 1000’s of friends I have gained during my time as a Wealthy Affiliate member.

Regardless of your age, location and personal situation, I have every faith in what Wealthy Affiliate can do for you and the positive impact it can have on your life.

Wealthy Affiliate is the ONE and ONLY program you will ever need to become successful online.

Here for you.

Wealthy Affiliate has been my online “home” for over 10 years now and I am available within the community every single day of the year. MEN

As one of Wealthy Affiliate’s most senior and experienced members, I like to help those who have a genuine desire to change their lives for the better.

As soon as you create your Starter Account you will have full access to my personal help and support as and when you need it. You can contact me at any time via my personal profile pageeven if it’s just to say “Hi!”

In fact, when I see that you’ve joined I will send you a quick message introducing myself and I’ll also offer you some tips and advice on how best to get started at Wealthy Affiliate.

Don’t forget that this is a risk and costfree opportunity.

By setting up a free Starter Account today at Wealthy Affiliate you are taking a huge step towards creating your own successful online business and enjoying the many benefits it will bring you.

I look forward to helping you become the next successful Wealthy Affiliate!