Michael Crawford’s Quantum Code Review: A Copycat Scam?

Today I’m going to be taking a look at a recently released product that is spreading across the internet like wildfire.

That product is ‘Quantum Code’ by Michael Crawford. The promise is that Quantum Code will earn you over $1.8m per month online, regardless of your experience. Better than that, Michael wants to give you his Quantum Code for free.

I’ve just spent the last 2 hours pulling Quantum Code completely apart.

I now ask that you make me a virtual promise to NOT hand any money over to Michael Crawford before reading this review from top to bottom. Here we go…



From the minute that I landed on the Quantum Code website, I had an overwhelming feeling of déjà vu. A very simple website with a plain black background, huge earning claims, and a lengthy video.

Hmm…I’ve definitely seen websites almost identical to this in the past. Unfortunately, they were all proven to be scams.

Let’s hope that Quantum Code is very different and that Michael Crawford lives up to his self-proclaimed title of being the “nicest rich guy on the planet”.

As there’s nothing more than a video to watch to even get an idea of what the Quantum Code involves, I’m going to save you the 34 minutes required and tell you exactly what to expect.

Oh and I should also mention the scarcity tactics that are already in place on the Quantum Code website…


An automated counter that makes you think you are not alone on the website. And…


Another automated counter is designed to make you think you have an exclusive opportunity within your hands and you need to act fast to take advantage of it.


Right from the very start of the video, it feels like Michael Crawford is trying to soften you up.

He mentions that you’ve probably heard of him as the “Wall St Wizard”, “The Millionaire Trader” or you might even have read about him in Forbes magazine.

He boards his private jet along with Tasha, his assistant, and they take to the skies.

On the journey, he reveals a spreadsheet on Tasha’s Macbook with a list of people who were making money with the Quantum Code.

He also receives a mid-flight text from one of his students who thanks him for helping to earn $16,000 that day.


I’m slightly concerned at this point because Michael doesn’t look at ease in his private jet.

He fumbles around during the journey in a way that suggests he doesn’t like flying, and if I’m being honest…he really should consider investing some of his millions on a new jet with a bit more headroom.

Eventually, Michael arrives at Quantum Code HQ – a building that he built last year for the entire Quantum Code team. We get to meet Sergey – one of Quantum Code’s lead programmers.

Sergey explains that he has been earning $100,000 per week with the very latest version of Quantum Code and he can’t wait for others to try it out.


The promises continue to flow with the emphasis on not having to spend a single cent to be earning $6000 per day online and that you don’t need any experience to use the Quantum Code.

Michael then heads to his office where he makes contact with 3 students who are also using the latest version of the Quantum Code software.

He introduces a very eccentric Robert from the UK. He’s made over $134,000 in 2 months.

Next up is Mark Abrahams from Australia.

He borrowed $250 from a friend to get started with the Quantum Code, yet he’s since earned over $380,000 in just 4 months.

Strange…I thought Michael said the Quantum Code was completely free?

Michael also tries to contact Cindy from South Africa who he claims is earning $6000 per day online.

She doesn’t answer Michael’s Skype call and he suggests that she’s probably out spending some of her daily earnings.

Eventually, Michael gets to explain more about the new Quantum Code 8.0 software. He sets up a brand new account and says he will let it run for an hour and see how much it earns.

He also explains that there are only 20 spots available for anyone wanting to use the new Quantum Code 8.0 system.


An hour later and we are taken to Michael’s luxury home where he cracks open the champagne and checks on the new account that he set up.

It’s earned over $3800 in just 60 minutes, and that makes it an ideal time for Michael to urge you to snap up one of the remaining spots as a tester of the latest Quantum Code software.

All that’s left to do is to enter my details to claim my spot. But before I do, let me tell you what I think is really going on in the Quantum Code video.


Not only is the Quantum Code video VERY cheesy, but it’s also a completely FAKE opportunity.

Michael Crawford is not a real person, he is played by an actor who has appeared in many other scam videos.

One, in particular, is Terran Capitals, a program where he makes similar earning claims with a similar binary options program.


Despite Michael’s company claims made in the video, Quantum Code Inc does not exist. I’ve checked.

Michael also claims in the video that Quantum Code has been in existence since 2006, but according to my research, the website was established in June 2016.

There is also no mention of Michael Crawford on any Forbes material, and I cannot find any information that suggests he was a successful Wall St trader.

The private jet? That was hired from a company called ‘Sun Quest’ in Oregon. The company logo is visible when Michael gets on the jet.

This might explain why he looked so cramped in what should be the complete luxury of his own private jet.

The Quantum Code team in the video are also actors who have appeared in countless other binary trading scam videos.

Quantum Code HQ was actually a hired building with fake company badges and logos used throughout the video.

The reason why he chose to contact 3 apparent testers was to convince the viewer that Quantum Code can be used in any country in the world (the UK, Australia, and South Africa were specifically targeted). Those testers were all actors too.


Back in 2014, I reviewed a product called “The Free Money System” by a guy called Walter Green. It was virtually identical to Quantum Code in every way.

A completely scripted video and huge earning promises that were totally false.

Just like Quantum Code, The Free Money System also claimed to be completely free of charge, only to eventually force people into paying $200 to start trading binary options.


Since writing that review, I’ve received over 350 comments and 100’s emails from people who lost $200 or more to Walter Green’s program. In some cases, they even had money taken out of their bank accounts by the Free Money System WITHOUT permission.

Even to this day I still get messages and emails from people who continue to fall for the Free Money System.

In my opinion, Quantum Code was either created by the same people who created The Free Money System, or the entire system has been copied.

Here’s further proof of why I think this is the case…


Once you hand over your details you are then taken to a member’s area and yet another video from Michael. He’s got some good news…and some bad news.


Firstly, Sergey has been in touch with Michael, and the first 18 people to use the new Quantum Code 8.0 software are earning 3 times more than anticipated.

The bad news? There are now only two spots left.

Michael urges you to activate your Quantum Code account by continuing to the next page.

When you do, you are then logged into a website called quantumcodesapp.com, where you appear to be inside a sophisticated members area.

Images keep popping up telling you how much people are earning, and there’s yet another video from Michael.

This time he delivers more bad news…there’s now only one spot left and to use Quantum Code you need to pay $250 to Michael’s chosen trader.


Just like The Free Money System, the Quantum Code forces you to pay $250 to use a system that is nothing more than a team of traders who will gamble your money on the foreign exchange market and/or stocks and shares.


If you don’t pay the $250, they will pressure you by email and phone until you hand over at least $250 so they can start gambling your hard-earned cash.

When they lose your money, they will pressure you to hand over even more.


A lot.

Firstly, they have your email address and phone number. They will use these to pressure you into paying up and they will also sell your details to other programs.

They will also have your bank or credit card details. The risk here is obvious.

And here’s their biggest gain…


By forcing you to pay $250 to BinaryBook, the creators of Quantum Code earn at least 30% of every dollar that you hand over to the trader. This is once again identical to the process used in Walter Green’s Free Money System.


On the Quantum Code terms page, there’s a section that states:


This of course is the reality of the situation, but it’s hidden away in an area that most people won’t see.

There’s also a section that basically removes any liability for the people behind the Quantum Code if someone should go down the legal route of trying to get their money back.



PLEASE…do not invest ANY money in The Quantum Code.

It will not earn you $1.8m per month, $3000 per hour, or any other crazy amount that Michael Crawford and his team mention. It’s more likely to lose you a lot of money.

The truth is, ANY form of trading is extremely risky without a good understanding of the industry.

The Quantum Code team is basically asking you to hand over your money so they can trade on the foreign exchange markets.

They want you to spend as much as possible because the more you spend, the more they earn from the trading broker.

They don’t care about your personal success or what happens to you when it doesn’t work.

My advice, in this case, is to keep hold of your $250 and put it to better use. Remember that there are no magic bullet programs out there that will earn you a lot of money quickly.

The people behind Quantum Code are now paying to advertise their program on high-profile and trusted websites to make it appear legitimate.

A simple share of this review will ensure that your friends and family are fully informed.

If you’ve tried The Quantum Code or have any thoughts on it, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

Marcus – WFHW

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  • Thank you for this review!! I was scammed once before. But was able to scam my money back!! I was mostly curious as to why a 2016 video was doing floating around in 2023

    • Hi Diane,

      You are welcome and yes, it would appear that the same scam is doing the rounds once again.

      Stay safe out there!


  • Hi, Marcus!
    I just got across the Quantum code ad on YouTube and watched the video of the so-called Michael Crawford. I decided to search ‘Quantum Code No Uncertainty’ on the Net and I found your wonderful investigation. THANK YOU SO MUCH for dissecting their process. Your warning simply confirmed the scam I suspected. I could have fallen into their trap… Be blessed!

    • Hey Isis,

      You are so welcome and I am glad that you were able to avoid this scam that has been doing the rounds for some time now.

      Stay safe online.


  • Thank you. I nearly signed up for this. I gave them my email and phone but i wont be giving them anything else. Thanks again.

    • You are welcome, Daniel.

      So pleased to hear that you avoided this. Please make sure to block any future emails from them – and calls too.

      Stay safe out there.


  • Firstly, thank you for taking the to CUT OPEN the Quantum Code. Great help. I did feel this is a complete scam and the quantum code video is very cheesy. I did fill out the the online form to test this without issuing any personal bank details. Within an hour I received an email from Onboard monatoryacademy which I immediately thought yep here we go it’s a scam. From that moment onwards I received 7 phone calls within 24 hours asking me to give a reason why I have changed my mind not go ahead and give my bank details and the rest is history. I never joined and will stick to the principle of nothing in life will come for free.

    Once again I would like to say thank you massively for making other general genuine members of the public aware of these legitimate crooks.

    • Delighted to hear I could help, Azza.

      Your reply highlights how dangerous these people can be once they have your details. Well done for resisting their efforts.

      All the best,


  • Hi there Marcus this ad is still popping up on youtube in mid 2023. According to an article written on gizmodo titled “Scam Theater: Inside an Online Trading Crime Ring That Grifted Millions from Mom-and-Pop Investors” the actor’s name is Jason Glick and a google image search for said name confirms the match. Ironically as you stated about his uncomfortable seating onboard the aircraft the first paragraph of the gizmodo article mentions he had air sickness was cold sweating whilst reading a teleprompter promoting this bs, worth the read!

    • Hi Jay,

      Yes, it’s crazy that this thing is still doing the rounds AND still catching people out.

      Everything about the “plot” for this product is just so fake, but in times of desperation, people will get sucked in.

      Hopefully, everyone who takes the time to comment on this review helps to spread the truth a little further each time.

      Thank you, Jay.


  • I watched his pitch and didn’t believe a word the man said, the English guy had the worse accent I’ve heard clearly false the same with the Aussie guy, the whole video had scam written all over it, but unfortunately some will fall for the pitch.

    • Totally agree, Evelyn. Unfortunately, many people have and will continue to fall for this and other similar scams.

      Thanks for taking the time.

      Marcus – WFHW

  • Thank you so much for this review.
    Thank god, I was alert about it being a scam right from the beginning, and while I was trying to register there was already a security alert from Microsoft (I used Microsoft edge InPrivate window), but I continued to register using a spare email address.
    after registration the site didn’t load properly, now I was already certain that I’m not paying anything, and obviously after a few minutes I received a call from one of “Michael Crawford”s team (although I am in London, and the number displayed was a regular uk mobile number his accent was neither British nor American), we had a short chat, I told him that I believe this is a scam, he tried a few seconds to convince me but he didn’t manage, he then asked me if I want to cancel my registraition, which I happily confirmed and we ended the call.

    • Hi Jehuda,

      I am so pleased that you were vigilant when signing up and ultimately managed to back away without losing any money. Hopefully, your experience will now help others to do the same.

      Thanks for taking the time.

      Marcus – WFHW

  • feeling so stupid…I NEVER fall for this crap but am in a bad place finacially (divorce) so just went with it….now my kids and I go hungry till my next payday 2 weeks from now….how dumb can I be!

    • So sorry to hear about this, Kris, but I can assure you are not alone in falling for it.

      I hope the loss doesn’t cause you and your family hardship. It makes my blood boil to think how these programs affect people’s lives.

      Best wishes,

      Marcus – WFHW

  • HI Marcus, I feel like a fool for falling for this scam! After losing $58 of my $250, I deactivated the automatic running. I got a call asking that I deposit $5,000 more as they would have a better chance of making me money. My response was that I did not have that kind of money lying around collecting dust. He advised me that I might want to close the account. When I asked how to get my money back they said I had to send all this personal info to verify who I was. I didn’t have a response at the time but thought “Gee, you didn’t have to have any verification when you took it from me!” Anyway, like you, I was too afraid of identity theft and didn’t do it. Fortunately, my bank has a block on my debit card from making any transactions out of the country without my ok, so I’m not too worried about them getting into my bank account. I will call my bank and see if they can do a charge back tomorrow.

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with The Quantum Code.

      Everything that you have said ties in perfectly with the way that I know these guys operate.

      As you said, they make it simple enough for you to deposit money. Once you’ve committed they pressure you into investing a much larger sum.

      Most people do as you did and pull out at that point because they feel they are about to be scammed. When they do pull out, that’s not such bad news for the guys at The Quantum Code because the remainder of your initial investment is left behind.

      That’s a nice bit of profit for the scammers, and for not a lot of work.

      But…in my experience with my visitors I do know that some people get tricked into investing more.

      Shortly after they get concerned about being scammed and ask to withdraw their investment. They face the same verification process that you faced, Sharon, and have to make the decision between handing over all of their personal information for the verification process, or losing a sum larger than their original investment.

      Of course, the team behind this scam have big smiles on their faces at that point.

      They either get full personal details from an innocent victim, or they get to keep the investment that the individual decides to leave behind.

      Either way, it’s a profitable win/win for them.

      Completely sickening to be honest with you, and I am sorry that you too have found yourself in this difficult position.

      All the best,

      Marcus – WFHW

  • Hi Marcus,
    I get acrossed with the Quantum code and I watched the video of Michael from the 1st till the end. I don’t know but I searched him on Facebook and I found you. I just wanna thank you for the ⚠️ warning…!!! I almost fall into his net!!! Thanks again!!! God bless!!!

    • You are very welcome, Anne.

      Well done for taking the time to research the Quantum Code before diving in, and I’m glad to have been able to help you!

      All the best,

      Marcus – WFHW

  • Hi, i recently heard about the quanum code. I reggistered and a few min later a man named adam parker called me saying that the system works well but i wont be earning much money just the normal range of 3,000 a month. He also said that he is the one i should contact if i need any information. He said i had to deposit 250 dollers. He said that he will need proof that i am who i claim to be and so on. And he sent me an e-mail saying that that is his e-mail and if i need anything or when im ready to start using the system i should mail him. A few days later i was thinking to myself ”he wanted proof that i am me, well i want proof of who he is and since its a company there should be something leagle he could show me.” So i e-maild him asking for proof and its been 2 days now and i have heard no reply. Im not willing to use the system anymore.

    • Hi Amani,

      I think you got out at the right time here.

      These particular scams do tend to (unnecessarily) ask you for proof of who you are. They always seem to ask for things like a copy of your passport or bank account details.

      This unfortunately suggests to me that they could possibly use them for identity theft.

      Your approach to Adam Parker was perfect, and the fact that he hasn’t got back to you really proves how legitimate he might be.

      My advice here Amani is to steer well clear.

      All the best,

      Marcus – WFHW

    • Hi Ron,

      You will need to contact the broker that you joined with when you signed up for the Quantum Code. Depending on when you signed up, this could be BinaryBook or one of the more recent brokers that they have used.

      I do hope you are able to get your money back, Ron.

      All the best,

      Marcus – WFHW

  • I have just registered with the quantum code and it was asking to pay $250 by credit card to get started. I was surprised it linked to binaryonline as preferred broker. Beforehand, another broker phoned and emailed me by the name TorOption thanking for registering with him. I did not register them. But I noticed from quantun code that waa the assigned broker. By the name Anna Harper emailed me about personal details. I am now afraid to reply and give my personal info because of what u said. I may forgo the $250 or ask my cc company to block them. I was surprised it’s not binary online reflected in credit card transaction but mnflower. I think I got scammed. I log on to binary online and I loss. I only have $ 216 in my account with them after making 3 trades. I was told to submit my personal info: Can I get it back?

    • Hi doods,

      When I wrote my review for the Quantum Code I was aware that the broker they used had already changed a couple of times, and will continue to change going forward.

      This is usually because the actual broker usually gets lots of refund requests from people who have joined through the Quantum Code, and as a result they block the affiliate’s (the team behind Quantum Code) links and account. The Quantum Code team therefore have no choice but to switch to a new broker.

      In your situation, doods, I agree that you should contact your cc company and ask what they can do. They should be able to block, and might even be able to claw back your initial $250.

      Regarding any contact with a broker or from anyone claiming to be your broker, I would not give them any personal information.

      If your cc company can’t get your initial outlay back, the only discussions you need to have with these people is to ask how you get your money back.

      It would be great if you could update me on your situation, doods. I hope everything goes well and you get your money back.

      All the best,

      Marcus – WFHW