Newb Review: Online Profit Simplified?

Newb – pronounced as ‘newbie’ – is a product that claims to bring a completely fresh take on the way people make money online.

It also makes some pretty bold claims such as “Get results in 24hrs, no experience required, no website required, no traffic required!” – to name just a few.

This all sounds very promising but are the Newb creators just playing with our minds?

We will discover this and more in our behind-the-scenes Newb review.

Newb Review

Newb is big, bold, and confident with the claims that it makes. But the reality is, the same could be said of 99.9% of new products in this industry.

But the proof, as they say, is in the pudding, and I’m excited to learn more about Newb and what it has to offer.

So let’s pull back the Newb covers and see exactly what’s going on.

Newb Review: What’s It All About?

Product Name: Newb
Product Type: Make money online
Product Creators: Tom Yevsikov & Gaurab Borah & Sorin Constantin
Product Price: $24.70 at the time of this review

Right from the off you get the impression that the Newb team is super-confident about their product.

The website oozes class both in terms of presentation and the wording being used.

It radiates a feeling of transparency and honesty which is a great indicator of the potential quality of the end product.

Yes, the money shots are there but they are sensible amounts and not the amounts that would make you think they are just too good to be true.

Heck, they even tell you exactly what the product does before you even hand over your money! That’s another positive indicator.

One other notable point on the sales page is a guided video tour of inside the member’s area from one of the co-creators.

There’s definitely a whole bunch of positive vibes radiating out of Newb…but is the actual product worthy?

Under The Newb Hood

In a nutshell, Newb is a program that gives you agency and resell rights to sell a huge vault of WordPress themes and plugins.

With the front-end version of Newb, there are 100 WordPress themes and 50 plugins with GPL rights that you can sell as your own.

The program specifically teaches you how to sell these WordPress accessories via outsourcing websites like Fivver to people who want to buy new themes and possibly have them installed.

These themes and plugins are not dated or old stock. They are all top quality and sell at premium rates.

This is not some way to make money online that might work. This is a method used successfully by the Newb creators and the students who tested it prior to its release.

The Newb system is solid and there is no doubting that it can produce the kind of earnings suggested by its creators.

What’s Included With Newb?

Calling a product Newb is a bold move because it instantly suggests anyone can make money with it.

So the training, therefore, needs to be of the highest order to back up the claims.

Fortunately, it is.

The Newb training area consists of 9 videos in total that take you through the entire process step-by-step.
Newb Review Training Videos

In addition to the training, you also get 100 themes and 50 templates, which can also be used for your own personal use.

Are There Any Bonuses With Newb?

Newb includes 3 bonuses in total and they are all designed to enhance the main program.

Bonus #1 – Special Live Webinar Training

A special live call with the Newb creators where they teach you how to maximize your profits and show you a 3-step process that will increase your Newb earnings to 5 figures in 30 days.

Bonus #2 – How to find clients that will pay you $500 – $5000

A new take on the Newb method will increase your earnings to $500 – $5000 with local businesses.

Bonus #3 – How to write compelling headlines

Increase your Newb earnings by applying specific headlines that will convert your WordPress offers at an even higher rate.

Are There Any Upsells/Upgrades With Newb?

There are 4 upsells/upgrades available with Newb.

Upgrade #1  – Newb Pro at $47

An over-the-shoulder demonstration of how the Newb creators made over $7000 in profit by selling the same themes and plugins that you get with Newb.

This bonus also includes an extra 100 themes and 120 plugins covering a variety of different niches.

Upgrade #2 – Newb DFY Selling System at $97 – $197

The DFY Selling System upgrade shows you how to multiply your Newb profits even further by using the outsourcing method.

Comes complete with DFY sales page, opt-in page, thank you page, and email sequence.

Upgrade #3 – Newb VIP Club at $37 a month

As a VIP Club member, you get brand new themes and plugins every month to ensure that your Newb business is completely up to date.

Upgrade #4 – New Resller Rights at $197

The Reseller Rights bonus allows you to sell Newb as your own and profit 100% from the main product and all upsells. Comes with training and sales material.

Who Is Newb a Good Fit For?

Newb is one of those rare products that can be used by just about anyone.

For someone completely new to making money online the training does a good job of breaking the process down into simple steps.

For someone with online experience, Newb would be an ideal way to make some extra cash as a side hustle to their main business interests.

It’s also likely that an experienced marketer could quickly turn this into a hands-free income by outsourcing the majority of the Newb process.

Newb: My Final Thoughts.

Newb is breath of fresh air within the make-money-online industry.

It’s not a new way to earn an online income because the team behind Newb, plus many others, has been doing it for a number of years.

But this is the first time the process has been laid out in a way that makes it easy to understand and put into action.

If you’re considering giving Newb ago but you’re concerned about it being too technical, 24-hour support is available to all new members.

In addition, there’s also a 200% money-back guarantee, meaning you get 2x your initial investment back if Newb doesn’t work for you.

If there’s one thing that concerns me about Newb it’s that the earning potential could be diluted as more and more people get their hands on it.

I guess the answer there is to grab a copy quickly and get that Newb ball rolling.

Do you have any experience with Newb? If so then tell me all about it in the comments section below!

Marcus – WFHW

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