Commission Magnets Review: Affiliate Income Made Easy?

Commission Magnets is a product created by two people who have been able to completely turn their lives around thanks to affiliate marketing.

Their journeys have taken them from being homeless to living a debt-free lifestyle from an 8 bedroom mansion in Florida.

Commission Magnets Review

Their product, Commission Magnets, claims to detail exactly how they did it…and how anyone else can replicate their system.

The promise is that Commission Magnets can earn you more than $790 per day online through affiliate marketing, with less effort than conventional methods.

Does Commission Magnets live up to its promise or is it yet another affiliate marketing program that fails to deliver?

Let’s take a closer look with our Commission Magnets Review to see what all the fuss is about.

What Exactly Is Commission Magnets And How Does It Work?

Product Name: Commission Magnets
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
Product Creators: Omar and Melinda Martin
Product Price: $297 at the time of this review

Created by Omar and Melinda Martin, Commission Magnets is the story of how they became successful through affiliate marketing.

The Commission Magnets website explains their struggles from being homeless and sleeping in the back of dumpsters to eventually coming good online with their own unique spin on profiting from other people’s products.

The website is clean and professional. The story is heart-warming and the actual Commission Magnets method is genuine and doable.

This is the kind of product that I like to review because you learn exactly what the product is all about before parting with your cash – rather than those smoke and mirror tactics where you don’t know exactly what you are paying for.

Of course, at almost $300 you would expect to know what you are getting involved with but it’s still refreshing to see.

The Commission Magnets Method In a Nutshell

Commission Magnets is a done-for-you (DFY) product that primarily sets you up to promote a series of 7 different products (Magnets) created by the Commission Magnets team.

The process is simplified throughout, including product selection, sales page creation with video, offering bonuses, and delivering the purchased product.

The goal with Commission Magnets is to make it as easy as possible for you to promote a variety of products that have been created by Omar, Melinda, and their team.

Those products are:

  • Buzzinar
  • Rapid Profit Systems
  • Funnel Boss
  • Content Nitrous
  • Internet Selling For Newbies
  • My Unfair Advantage
  • Internet Marketing Clinic
  • Generic Bonus Kit (to promote other products)

All of the Magnet promotions that you create are hosted on the Commission Magnet servers, but there is the option to create promotions for other products and upload them to your own hosting.

What’s included with Commission Magnets?

Commission Magnets comes with 6 comprehensive training videos that walk you through the process of setting up your ‘Magnets’.

Video #1 – ‘Assembling The Audience’ at 1 hour 12 mins long. This video explains how to attract the right kind of traffic and buyers to your recommendations.

Video #2 – ‘Constructing The Bridge’ at 45 mins long. An overview of how to create a pathway between potential customers and the products you are promoting.

Video #3 – ‘Bonus Incentives’ at 35 mins long. How to incentivize your promotions with a selection of targeted bonuses.

Video #4 – ‘The Perfect Offer And The Glue’ at 1 hour 2 mins long. Where to look for products to promote and how to select the best ones.

Video #5 – ‘Deliver The Goods’ at 22 mins long. How to deliver your orders and make your customers want more.

Video #6 – ‘Explaining The Affiliate Funnel Process’ at 22 mins long. How to get the best out of affiliate marketing funnels.

In addition to all the Magnet products and training, there are also a number of additional resources that are designed to help you max out the potential of your promotions.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

Not for the actual product to function, but like all make money online programs these days there are optional additional purchases designed to enhance the program further. These include:

#1 My Unfair Advantage – Access to Omar and Melinda’s long-standing Internet community. Includes training covering all aspects of the industry, video classes, and live streaming events from the private Facebook group. The cost is either $32 per month or $297 for the year.

#2 – A.C.E (Automated Commission Enterprise) – An automated product and funnel system. Full training and resources that help you to build profitable affiliate campaigns by promoting products from JVZoo. The cost for this upgrade ranges between $297 -$697.

What Are Others Saying About Commission Magnets?

It’s always difficult to gauge genuine feedback on a product so soon after launch because most of the reviews are from people who will recommend it regardless, for profit.

But Omar and Melinda have a reputation for producing quality products and their personal story will resonate with many people.

Of the genuine comments that I found, I didn’t find any negativity. Most praised the training and quality of it as being of a high standard. There were also a number of positive comments about support being better than expected.

Commission Magnets: My Final Thoughts.

Commission Magnets doesn’t re-invent the affiliate marketing wheel, but importantly, it doesn’t claim to.

But what it does do is create a DFY environment that will allow you to quickly create affiliate promotions that are designed to maximize your earning potential.

That said, I have always maintained that I have concerns about DFY products in particular that encourage you to promote specific products.

Surely as more and more affiliates buy Commission Magnets, a saturation point in terms of the number of people promoting the same products, would be reached?

With Commission Magnets, Omar and Melinda have taken that into account by offering specific training on other products from other affiliate networks. It’s pleasing to see they are not restricting what can be promoted.

All in all, Commission Magnets seems like a solid product – but only if you have deep enough pockets to pay $300 upfront to get the affiliate marketing ball rolling.

If not, check out one of the many Freemium affiliate marketing services first to see if the industry is right for you before investing big on something that might not be right for you.

Have you tried Commission Magnets? If so I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below!

Marcus – WFHW

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