Empower Network v2 Review: Is It An MLM Scam?

Empower Network v2 Review

Product name: Empower Network V2
Website: empowernetwork.com
Product type:
Viral blogging system, aggressive pyramid scheme
Price: $25 per month plus many upsells
Owner: Dave Sharpe & Dave Wood

The original Empower Network was a product that caused many ripples within the global work from home community.

You might have heard there were many complaints about it, but at the same time, you will find many people saying how great it is.

What’s going on? And will the release of the updated Empower Network V2 (ENV2) prove beyond doubt that this is one of the best work from home opportunities online?

Read on to learn what I have discovered about the latest update in this Empower Network v2 Review.

Empower Network V2 scam

So What’s New in Empower Network V2?

In our review of the original Empower Network, Tony discovered that when you scratch the surface of this product it soon becomes obvious that it is mostly one big pyramid marketing scheme.

If you are unsure about what a pyramid scheme is, it’s basically designed to financially reward paying members who recruit other people to the program in an upline and downline kind of way.

No one likes pyramid schemes these days because they force you to sell something regardless of how you feel about the product.

In the original Empower Network, you didn’t get to realize exactly how aggressive and important the pyramid scheme aspect was until you signed up for the program.

Have attempts been made to address this in Empower Network V2?

In a word – no.

The V2 update mostly consists of 3 major overhauls to the original system, and it is my opinion that these are designed to increase the appeal of the Empower Network system to unsuspecting folks who are looking to make money online AND make it easier for existing members to recruit them.

Major Update #1 – A 2-click blogging platform.
This might have been groundbreaking in 1995 when building a blog or website was difficult. But groundbreaking in 2013 when the process of creating a website has evolved to the point where you can build a website/blog in a matter of minutes?

This is clearly an attempt to appeal to people who have no idea how to build a website…people who will be grateful because they think the hardest part of the Empower Network process has been taken care of for them.

If you know how to build a website, this update will not appeal to you, but if you’ve never built a website before then you represent the target market for Empower Network recruiters.

Major Update #2 – Mobile audio/visual broadcasting.
A tool that will allow you to broadcast to your EN blog from your mobile device. This is designed to appeal to the modern-day person who has a smartphone or tablet with video/audio functionality.

However, this type of person will also know that if they have a mobile device that records good quality sound and audio, it will also allow them to submit content to YouTube, Facebook, or any other online source.

You have to question why anyone would want to submit their recorded content to the restricted (in terms of reach) Empower Network system instead of utilizing the likes of Facebook and YouTube with Worldwide exposure.

Major Update #3 – The Empower Network sales conversion engine.
Sounds great, and anything that helps to increase sales is helpful, but here’s an indication of why it might have been included – taken directly from a current Empower Network members website:

Empower Network Conversion Sales Engine

The Empower Network sales engine is designed to do one thing: to help current members increase the chances of bringing more people into the Empower Network system. That is all.

In plain English, if you join the EN V2, the priority is to get you recruiting others into the program above all else, whether you like it or not.

Other updates in ENV2 fail to inspire but deserve a mention.  “Multi-language support” is clearly designed to go global with the program and entice more folks into the program from around the world.

And then there’s the Empower Network V2 mobile app, which allows you to watch your training videos “on the go”. Nothing new there because this is standard with any good work from home program nowadays.

Let’s move on to something that you will DEFINITELY want to know about…

The Empower Network V2 Costs & Upsells (Important Read)

Perhaps the most important part for anyone interested in a genuine work from home opportunity, and when it comes to the Empower Network, you really need to get a grasp of what is going on here.

First of all, the price to join the Empower Network is only $25. I say “only” because $25 is an amount of money that most people can scramble together for a genuine opportunity.

So what does $25 per month actually get you with the Empower Network V2?

Access to the viral blogging platform, or to put it another way, a very basic and limited website that you do not own.

What can you do with it? Not much at all if you don’t already have a business to promote (which most people won’t have), but here’s a shaft of shining Empower Network light if you need it…

Affiliate Program Access
(A further $19.95 per month)

If you are stuck for something to promote (who won’t be?) you can promote the Empower Network V2 and earn commissions from your blog, only if you pay a further $19.95 per month for affiliate program access.

This seems like a crazy way to operate, and coming so soon into the program it’s a clear indication of what to expect as you get deeper into the Empower Network system.

Inner Circle Access
(A further $100 per month)

At this point, you are lured in by the appeal of the Inner Circle at the Empower Network, where you receive a bunch of motivation audios designed to get you selling the Empower Network to others.

Reach this point and the Empower Network team know you are open to being influenced, and you are also very likely to keep on buying what they put in front of you. Take the next upsell for example…

Costa Rica Intensive
(One-off payment of $500)

This isn’t a well-deserved break for you in Costa Rica, but this upgrade consists of a series of videos and quizzes designed to get you selling the Empower Network even better.

Whilst you will be motivated by the content, the priority here is to turn you into a more aggressive and determined salesperson for the Empower Network.

Next up…

The 15k Formula
(one-off payment of $997)

Another bunch of 20 videos that are timed with perfection to prevent the doubters from leaving the Empower Network V2 program.

Imagine that you are struggling to make sales, and then along comes an upgrade that shows you there are “many ways up this mountain”.

And finally…

Costa Rica Masters Retreat
(One-off payment of $3500)

Part with the $3.5k for this upgrade and you are what Empower Network calls “All in”.

In truth you will have become the perfect Empower Network V2 customer because above all else, your upgrade purchases have earned some serious commissions for your upline.

Your reward?
100% commissions on products that you have purchased, and take it from me, that is not as straightforward as it might sound (you will realize why shortly)

You also get access to their most powerful training program…40 HD video recordings of Empower Network folks who paid $5000 each (plus airfares) to attend a “gathering” of EN minds.

In truth, it is more motivational talk, which to be frank, if you have reached this point and STILL haven’t grasped the EN concept, your additional $3.5k investment into the Empire Network system is unlikely to change much.

But why are there so many positive reviews about the Empower Network?

If you are keeping up with me then you already know the answer to this one…the only reason why so many people speak so highly of the EN is simply that the ONLY way they can make money from it is to promote it.

This really defines the unethical herd mentality that is associated with pyramid schemes in general…and it is why so many current Empower Network members will never say a bad word about it.

Feedback from those who have experienced the Empower Network

Dig deep enough online and you will find stories about how people have invested $1000’s in the Empower Network system and have nothing but debt to show for it.

You will also find many negative conversations about the Empower Network within many of the online work from home communities, and one such community that I have been a member of since 1996 is Wealthy Affiliate.

One of the members there recently started a conversation about the Empower Network within the Live Chat support section, and this resulted in many ex-members stepping up and telling us about their experiences with EN:

Empower Network V2 comments

More honesty…

Empower Network V2 comments2

And proof of how cutting edge one of the v2 upgrades really is…

 Empower Network V2 comments3

Opinions like this are rarely seen because they are made within the Wealthy Affiliate community, but they go a long way to proving how real Empower Network customers feel about their experiences.

They also know that at Wealthy Affiliate they can create a free website on ANY topic, get no-fluff step-by-step training, 24/7 live support, and all this at NO COST through the Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership (with no time restriction or limit)

This is EXACTLY what people expect online nowadays…transparency from the start. Sadly, the Empower Network is far from transparent.

My final thoughts on the Empower Network V2 update…

Here at Work From Home Watchdog, I like to be as thorough as possible with our reviews, and this one is longer than usual because it needs to be.

The Empower Network V2 is nothing more than a highly polished pyramid scheme, disguised as a genuine work-from-home opportunity.

1000’s of people from around the world have been tricked into thinking the Empower Network is a legitimate opportunity.

In reality, the $25 initial investment is only the tip of an iceberg that could cost $5000 (or more) if they stick with the program and buy all the upsells.

Let’s wrap this review up with some facts:

Empire Network V2 Pros

  • You get your own Empire Network blog.

Empire Network V2 Cons

  • It’s a pyramid marketing scheme.
  • The V2 updates add nothing of genuine value for the unsuspecting customer.
  • The blogging platform included for $25 per month is clunky at best and websites created with it struggle to rank high in the search results.
  • You need to pay an extra $19.95 per month to promote Empower Network.
  • Expensive upsells are only there to teach you how to make more Empower Network sales and earn more money for your upline.
  • Paypal, Visa, and other major credit cards will not process transactions within the Empower Network. Why? One clue might be that it’s within their policies to NOT be connected with pyramid schemes.
  • No free trial.

The Empower Network V2 is an unethical program at best, and I am so glad that I’ve had the chance to take a close look and understand why people are so unhappy about the experience.

Do you have any experience with the Empower Network V2?

If so I would love to hear about your experience in the comments section below.


On August 1st, 2017, Dave Wood announced that the Empower Network would close and file for bankruptcy.

This followed an update in June of the same year when Dave was admitted to rehab for addiction following a series of reported public fracas including being arrested.

Marcus – WFHW

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  • I’ve been looking for more information on the Empower Network or EN because I have yet to hear anything good about that program at all.

    On WA I constantly see new members saying they switched from the Empower Network to Wealthy Affiliate and couldn’t be happier. Free Starter Membership, no hidden fees or upsells, actual training and full, in-depth courses…none of which were in the EN.

    Finally I found an in-depth review of this obvious pyramid scheme. It’s a wonder how the website is still up and running!

    • Hey Lincoln,

      I couldn’t agree more about the people who join WA having had their fingers well and truly burnt by the Empower Network. At least by joining Wealthy Affiliate they give themselves the chance to build a genuine business online in a trustworthy environment.

      I’m really pleased to hear that you enjoyed this review and I hope your own business develops with great success in 2015 and beyond.

      Best wishes,


  • This was a very thorough report on Empower Network. With a family member’s request, I joined EN… and immediately regretted it. I paid the $25 to get started and when I went to “the other side”, I was immediately told that I needed an eWallet account that was going to cost me $22. Then I was told that I would need an AWebber account to gather my leads for $19 a month. Then, before I was introduced to a single program, I was told to watch a video that said I needed to upgrade to the $100 a month program. That’s where I drew the line.

    Also, I started getting automated emails from that family member telling me how they were converting all of their leads to sales… when I knew that it was just not true. They use a series of emails that are written by some guru and they are sent out by everyone as if they were super successful, even if they had not yet made a penny.

    Thanks for telling the truth about EN!

    • Hi Rick,

      Thanks for taking the time to let us know about your experiences with Empower Network.

      Your experience comes as no shock to me, but it clearly indicates the intentions of the Empower Network team. All in all it’s a disgraceful way to run what appears to be an ethical business on the outside. The final straw is to falsify sales information for your upline, but thankfully you were able to spot the lies.

      I really appreciate you taking the time, Rick, and the best of luck to you with your future online ventures.

      Marcus – WFHW Founder

  • This post says a lot about you Marcus and your website. Well done for the total honesty.
    Do you know how many scam report sites, and i mean big sites say the Empower Network is a great product?There is a lot them but i knew something wasnt right!! Now i know why!! What an absolute bloody ripoff this product is!
    Its Friday 13th today but a friend of mine like this post on Facebook and i’m glad i took the time to read it. Lucky me for a change, so thank you! I’m going to check out your free training after reading that! :) Regards, Martin J

    • Hi Martin,

      Thanks so much for your comments :-)

      I am aware of how many websites promote the Empower Network, and I also know that for many of those sites, it generates them a lot of money! I honestly don’t know how they can sleep at night.

      I’m glad you found my review helpful Martin, and my best wishes go to you for your future online ventures.


      WFHW Team