The Trinity Code Review

The Trinity Code ReviewProduct name: The Trinity Code 
Product type: Affiliate cash site 
Price: $2497 or $997 for 3 months
Owner: Tim Godfrey, Steve Clayton, and Aidan Booth

Do you enjoy making money online as an affiliate but want to make more? If you answered yes to that question then read on to learn what WFHW has discovered in my Trinity Code review.

The Trinity Code Overview

The Trinity Code has been put together by 3 very well accomplished marketers – Godfrey, Clayton, and Booth. This trio has had oodles of success in their own rights.

Tim Godfrey released Commission Blueprint and Niche Blueprint, Steve Clayton was behind SEO-Blueprint and Info Prodigy with Aidan Booth, who’s probably the lesser know name behind Page One Evolution and Rank and Pillage, amongst others.

So they all have good pedigrees. The program takes the form of an exclusive membership site aimed at giving you the tools to create super converting niche websites.

The member’s area has a number of bespoke tools to make the tasks as automated as possible.

The claims that SEO is dead have been rippling around the Trinity Code camp, and using their software means your websites won’t be relying on Google for the very targeted traffic you are promised to receive.

What’s Included With The Trinity Code?

The Trinity Code contains blueprints for the setup and marketing of affiliate niche websites.

The blueprints for the code have been produced using the methods that the 3 developers use when ranking and converting, into cash, WordPress affiliate sites the software creates.

The Trinity Code system is a combination of training and software as detailed below.

  •  6-week Webinar Training taking members through niche selection to the use of the member’s software to create the niche sites.
  • 30 Videos, Trinity Code PDFs, and business planning kits for the next 12 months.
  • Personal Coaching Tim, Steve, and Aidan will provide coaching for each member.
  • Trinity X Software WordPress website builder and marketing suite.
  • Design Master+  A members point and click graphics creation tool to be used with the theme’s templates.
  • Crowd Force is an automated traffic generation program.

The Trinity Code Pricing

This is a high ticket item priced at $2497 or $997 per month to be paid for 3 months, with the latter adding up to $2991.

Who Is The Trinity Code For?

If you are an established affiliate marketer with a few steady four-figure income streams then you’ll be familiar with the level of work that has to be committed to for The Trinity Code to work effectively.

The Trinity Code certainly isn’t for everyone, and it’s not just the $2497 price point that will or could hold folks back.

However, get this: the owners are saying they will work 1 on 1 with every single member to ensure that you get a return on your investment.

In essence, they are promising you’ll make $1000 a month with this system, but that concerns me.  Especially when you dig down into what you actually get with The Trinity Code system.

In a nutshell, The Trinity Code suite is an automated web builder that creates WordPress websites primarily filled with video and product banners.

The traffic is searched for over web 2.0 platforms like Squidoo and Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, forums, etc, and you are then required to engage in the conversation with your website link in tow.

Now considering that the software builds 3 sub-niche sites per umbrella niche, that’s a lot of online interaction, persuasion, and credibility stamping once the sites get built.

They do recommend having a virtual assistant (VA) do this for you, but again, not many folks would feel happy or be able to afford a good VA to complete the essential task of peeling readers away from the social platforms and directing them onto your affiliate websites.

Are There Any Complaints About The Trinity Code?

It’s a fairly new program, but there were some complaints found stating that the program is far too close to Commission Blueprint but without the VA’s, and of course … the price.

But I have a funny feeling there may be more to follow.

The Trinity Code Review: My Final Thoughts

It concerns me that people feel they would have to part with $3000 to build WordPress niche websites that need to be fed with web 2.0 traffic. Isn’t that what we do as affiliates, anyway?

The facts are that the software may be bespoke but it won’t be unique. I’m sure there’s equally as effective software available without the hefty price tag.

I don’t see this as a program that “can” sell 100’s memberships purely because of the time needed to be dedicated to each member by the owners.

It’s a strange and unnerving feeling handing over $3000 for training and software, and I personally wouldn’t hand it over to The Trinity Code for what they have on offer.

There are far cheaper and proven affiliate training programs available that I would choose over The Trinity Code any day.


  • Quickly create targeted niche websites.
  • The software identifies the sources of conversation to engage with.
  • Members area and webinars for idea-sharing.
  • Training is available in different formats for you.
  • You get 1 on 1 access to 3 great mentors by being in their community.


  • $2497 – $2991 membership fee, I’m not convinced the system is worth that.
  • Not for inexperienced marketers as managing a team will become imperative.
  • Old ideas wrapped up in a new box?

Do you have any experience with The Trinity Code? If so I would love to hear your comments in the section below.

Tony – WFHW

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