Is Auto Affiliate Machine A Scam Or A Genuine Way To Make Money Online?

Auto Affiliate Machine claims to show you how to generate online sales on autopilot by harnessing the power of viral social media traffic.

This all sounds very intriguing.

So much so that I thought it would be a good idea to take a closer look at the Auto Affiliate Machine method, and see if it really is as promising as the sales page suggests.

Let’s lift the hood and see exactly what Auto Affiliate Machine has to offer.

What Exactly Is Auto Affiliate Machine?

Created by seasoned Internet marketers Billy Darr, David Kirby and Justin Opay, Auto Affiliate Machine is a cloud-based system that claims to provide you with a unique way to promote your written reviews via various social media platforms.

According to the Auto Affiliate Machine website, the process is very straight forward and consists of 3 simple steps.

  • 1. Buy the software.
  • 2. Activate the software.
  • 3. Sit back and watch the money roll in.

These steps are too vague for me, and even though the Auto Affiliate Machine website is clean-looking and fairly lengthy, you have to do some digging to fully understand how the system works.

Websites that intentionally hide what you get for your money are a pet hate of mine. It’s also one of the many factors that often indicate you are about to be scammed.

The Auto Affiliate Machine website does not do that completely…but the owners have been very strategic about when they tell you exactly what the product does.

In fact, the very first thing you get to see is the sales pitch video, which basically says it’s a system that anyone can use to earn $100’s per day online with no experience and very little effort.

That’s going to appeal in a big way to anyone who visits the website…and the program owners know this.

The Real Auto Affiliate Machine Process…

Once you navigate your way past the initial ‘anyone can do this’ fluff, you get to learn more about what you will be doing:

Okay…this is something that I have experience with and it has worked very well for me. But how does the Auto Affiliate Machine cloud-based system actually help?

As the name suggests, Auto Affiliate Machine automates the process of creating a pdf document with a review of a product containing your affiliate link.

It’s not completely automated because you do have to manually edit things like your personal review of the product, your rating, bullet points and any bonuses that you have to offer.

You also have to manually add your social media accounts (if you have any).

Once created, it then sends a link out to the pdf to all of your social media contacts across 8 different social networks.

That pretty much sums up how the Auto Affiliate Machine process works. Before I give you my thoughts on how well this will work, let’s first look at how much it will cost you.

How Much Does Auto Affiliate Machine Cost?

It’s difficult to establish exactly how much it will cost because there are a few pricing variations depending on how you navigate the sales page.

The one figure that is repeated throughout the video and sales page is $47 per month.

But if you click the ‘Get Started Now’ button, you can get Auto Affiliate Machine for a one-time fee of $17.

And if you try to close the page, you are offered a further $5 discount.

Whichever pricing point you stumble upon, you get the Auto Affiliate Machine system, a series of training videos plus a bonus package valued at $497 thrown in for good measure.

Are There Any Further Costs When You Join?

Not in terms of using the Auto Affiliate Machine system, but there are a series of upgrade offers:

Upgrade #1: Elite Edition. Adds 2 more social accounts plus provides further video training. An additional cost of $37.

Upgrade #2: $1k Weekly Edition. Further training on how to increase your earnings to $1k a week with the software. An additional cost of $27.

Upgrade #3: ‘Done For You’ Edition. Over 40 generic DFY campaigns with optin pages, graphics and email swipes. An additional cost of $27.

Upgrade #4: Reseller Edition. Sell the Auto Affiliate Machine software as your own product. An additional cost of $47.

So Does The Auto Affiliate Machine Process Work?

As mentioned earlier, many years ago I created a pdf review of a product and it generated many sales.

I didn’t use an automated software program to create the pdf…I typed it up in Microsoft Word and then exported it as a pdf.

It’s a 2-click process that literally takes a few seconds.

So my first thought on the Auto Affiliate Machine software is…

It’s not exactly difficult to create a pdf with programs like Microsoft Word or free alternatives like OpenOffice.

Sure, if you are completely new to using a computer, it might take you a while to learn how to add bullet points and images etc. If that’s you, drop me a line and it will take me all of 2 minutes to explain how you do it :-)

My second concern is the quality of the content in the pdf – particularly as the target market for this product is people who are new to making money online.

It’s highly unlikely they will have the inclination or know-how to write a review that converts into regular sales.

And I have seen a number of pdf’s created by the Auto Affiliate Machine software and they are very basic and generic to say the least.

This leads me to question the earnings shown on the Auto Affiliate Machine website.

My third concern is regarding the sharing of your pdfs through social networks.

Not everyone is active on social media – especially someone new to the Internet and making money online.

It takes time to build up a social following, so for a newbie it is highly unlikely they will generate the kind of sales mentioned above.

And as one of the selling points of Auto Affiliate Machine is “viral traffic”, I want to have my say on just how truly viral these pdf’s are likely to be.

Once shared across social networks, the viral spread is likely to spike and then drop very quickly. That’s not very viral.

Let me make a direct ‘viral’ comparison.

On this website, I review work from home products and services. I also have social share buttons on every review.

Below you can see the shares just one of my reviews has received. PLEASE NOTE: Don’t try and press anything…it’s just a screenshot of the buttons.

I wrote that review in 2014. Yet to this day, those ongoing social shares continue to bring 1,000’s of visitors each year to my website.

Can you get any more viral? I don’t think so.

So when you scrape the Auto Affiliate Machine surface, what you have is a process that can be done manually, and it’s also questionable if it’s as powerful as suggested when compared with more traditional ways of creating viral traffic and online sales.

So Is Auto Affiliate Machine A Scam?

It’s a very thin line but no, it is not a scam.

I reached this decision because the website does tell you what you will be doing, and it doesn’t trick you into paying more than you expect to pay (excluding the upgrades).

However, the actual method behind the cloud-based Auto Affiliate Machine system is simple to copy (for free), so the software is definitely not worth $47 per month.

I doubt the earning figures suggested are achievable by newbies or even anyone with online experience.

My research for this review also suggests that the one way people are making some money with Auto Affiliate Machine is through buying the reseller upgrade (at $47) to sell the product as their own. That kind of sucks.

Reality Check…

If I had a choice between creating website review pages like the one I mentioned earlier, and making distributable pdf reviews, I would choose the website option every time.

It’s a process that I have been successfully following for over 10 years now and it hasn’t let me down yet.

With a website, you can easily build up a constant flow of visitors and become a respected authority on your chosen topic.

It’s a business model that will stand the test of time and pay you a consistent online income.

For the reasons stated above, that same level of success would simply not be possible with Auto Affiliate Machine.

If you’ve had any experience with Auto Affiliate Machine, I would love to hear about it in the comments section below.

Marcus – WFHW

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