Is Internet Marketing Apprentice The Online Course For You?

Internet Marketing Apprentice may be one of the websites you came across when searching for online marketing training that you can do in your own time at home.

Becoming an online marketing apprentice makes perfect sense right? Of course it does … but you know as well as I do that where you choose to do your learning can and will have a direct result on your personal success – or lack of it!

I’ve reviewed a few online training membership sites for WHFW and when I clicked through to the website my first opinion was: This looks incredibly similar to a website we have visited before … what do you think?

Internet marketing apprentice
So a couple of questions come to mind:

1) I wonder if he knows it looks just like the Chris Farrell Membership website?
2) I wonder if this site can deliver like the Chris Farrell Membership?

I headed straight for the about us page to find out a little more about the man behind the site – I knew it was man because he his picture in the sidebar.

As I got to the about us page I came across …

Craig here, (the good looking one on the left in the header) …

But guess what?

No picture of people in the header and that made it difficult for me to associate, and it gave me the impression this wasn’t a professional setup.

The about us page is probably the most visited page on any websites after the home page, so it would help to keep it current.

I was now ready to pick, so I got the fine tooth comb out to go through what was available on the website for free.

I figured there should be some tempting morsels that should encourage new visitors, and I soon spotted a trial at $4.95 for a 7 day test drive.

Is there anything else to tempt us? Unfortunately, nothing obvious.

This was not what I expected from a paid Internet Marketing membership site, and it was nowhere near as powerful as one that comes to mind with a $0 price tag.

The latest articles section gave me yet another hint that this website isn’t as updated and fresh as it could be.

The last 5 entries are on display and nothing there leaves me thinking .. oh I must read that.

Take a look below at the content available to view:

  1. How To Add The New Facebook Comments To Your Website
  2. Free IMA Blog Affiliate Plugin
  3. Free eCover Creator Tool
  4. Free Graphic Creator Tool
  5. Free Link Cloaking Software

This is where the bottom fell out of the Internet Marketing Apprentices program for me. Seems to be more of a money-taker than a money-maker.

“Where you choose to do your learning can and will have a direct result on your personal success – or lack of it!”

Those new to online marketing fail because they come into contact with people that don’t take them by the hand and show them how to make money online.

A reputable Internet Marketing training program will tell you about niche marketing, understanding your readers and matching them with their perfect “well thought out” solution.”

The IMA quickly exposed their hand to me by giving away a plugin that randomly displays Clickbank banner offers at the end of your posts.

Targeted marketing .. I fear not, and if your offer isn’t even targeted to your article post what chance have you got of getting a click through and making a sale?

Almost no chance.

The other “free tool” articles were also dated. Ecover creator software and link cloakers – these are all over the Internet for free.

I’m sure something of real value would have made a much better first impression … well it would have with me anyway.

So I click a few other links and everything else takes me to the join now page. I’m not encouraged to join because I’m yet to see anything of great value.

My Internet Marketing Apprentice Overview

There are a few positive signs there if you scratch the surface, but should you have to do that to find the real gold?

One of the most powerful ways to convince new members to join is to feature genuine testimonies from students who are “walking the walk” and enjoy the member interaction and community spirit. Sadly this is lacking at IMA.

Further signs that concern me include:

a) Only 6 comments on the “free articles” and 3 are from the owner.
b) An empty page for a Resource Directory.
c) the urls of the testimonials, only a couple of them work, and the ones that do work lead to very thin affiliate or adsense sites. Not an ideal way to showcase what the training teaches.

Internet Marketing Apprentice Review

The top banner at Internet Marketing Apprentice has 5 very distinctive images with an overall message that should be a deal maker.

I have personally lost faith in 4 of them already, and I am certain that trend will continue with the hosting.

The truth is, the Internet Marketing Apprentice exists within a fast-moving industry with some top draw competition stands firmly in it’s way.

That aside, it still manages to fail on delivering the goods in so many key areas, and ultimately banks on methods from yesteryear which no longer work if you are looking to build a profit-generating website today.

Do you have any experience with the Internet Marketing Apprentice? If so I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Tony – WFHW

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