Income Infuser Review: A Flawed Strategy

In recent weeks, the WFHW team has received a number of requests from our visitors to provide an Income Infuser review.  Some readers were concerned that the program may be a scam, so we decided to take a closer look.

Income Infuser Review

Income Infuser Review: What Exactly Is It?

Income Infuser is a plug-and-play system that helps to automate the tasks of creating and managing your own affiliate marketing website.

Designed by Internet marketers Darren Salkeld and Dave Navavich the Income Infuser custom software includes a sales funnel system for building your own list.

What’s Included In The Income Infuser Program?

  • Your own membership site with the ability to earn 100% of the commission from sales.
  • Three opt-in squeeze pages.
  • An automated sales funnel, complete with product upsells or one-time offers.
  • Unlimited marketing material and support.
  • Those who purchase the upsell receive an Internet marketing product each month along with marketing materials.

How Much Does Income Infuser Cost?

Income Infuser cost $77. You can get the program for a cheaper price if you take the 3rd purchase option.

When you close the browser before making a purchase you get a window that pops up with an offer to purchase the program at a lower price.

The 3rd window that pops up offers a 7 day trial for $4.95.  After the 7 days unless you cancel you will be charged a one-time license activation fee of $47.00.  The upsell is $47 per month.

What You Need To Know About Income Infuser

Income Infuser is marketed as an automated system that suggests it can easily create 6 & 7 figure income earners on autopilot.

Whenever I see claims like this I either close the browser window or click delete.  Success online is not like a lottery ticket, it can’t be purchased through a “Plug & Play” system.

Income Infuser may give you the ability to create a website and sales funnel with the click of a mouse but a website will not make money without traffic.  There are two main ways to generate traffic to your site.

You either buy it through ads such as Pay Per Click or you can get it for free by getting your site to rank at the top of search engines.

What you need to know is that getting a site to rank on page one of Google is not easy, especially with the recent changes in the Google algorithm.

Plug and play sites with the same content will not rank well in Google. 

Unless you are willing to spend the time and rewrite the content for your website so that it’s completely unique, your site has zero chance of ending up on the first page of Google for any keyword – even keywords with very little competition.

Before purchasing any program I like to know a bit about the founders – their background, credibility, and how long they’ve been in the industry.

Since this information wasn’t included in the sales letter I Googled the name, Darren Salkeld.  What I found were a number of negative reports written about Darren and his programs.

The WFHW team is not in favor of “plug and plays” systems.

With the false claims about the income that can be made with Income Infuser, we suggest you avoid this program and instead take a look at our #1 recommendation for a more trustworthy and transparent opportunity where there is no financial risk.

Have you used the Income Infuser program?  We would like to hear about your experience.  Share your comments below.

Terri – WFHW

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  • Support would not help could not get leads into aweber an now
    the support centre is GONE, no longer exists.
    Avoid at all cost,

  • Hi terri- you and Wills are right in what you say and I’m not willing to spend much more without seeing any return – it really is pretty much well plug and play but the BIGGEST time taker and The HARDEST thing you have to do is get traffic to your site – and I’m not willing to join there $199per month to show/train me — its a lot of money and an Enormous amount of work. I have spend so far $40 (for 2 months hosting) and ($20 for the aweber account to run the auto responders) which is also a monthly bill the first month free – big woop) and a Total of $60 on Traffic – – from this I have a total of 67 members – all free – HOWEVER only 22 confirmed there signup email and after a week 5 of those unsubscribed — Now out of the 17 confirmed members – NON OF THEM ARE ACTIVE — which means that NON OF THEM even looked at the videos and only 3 have ever opened a follow up email — So it is my opinion that this is NOT A WAY TO MAKE MONEY —- IT ONLY COSTS YOU MONEY AND A LOT OF TIME AND EFFORT, I will let it run til the end of the month and then its being shut down – unless everyone suddenly decides to buy membership – which is %100 percent unlikely

    I hope people don’t waist there time or money on income infuser – its not a scam – it just doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Peter

      Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. We are glad you have decided not to waste your time and money on Income Infuser.

      It is very difficult to get a business in a box system to rank organically in Google since Google will not rank duplicate content. As a result you are limited in how you get traffic to your website. Unless you are prepared to continually spend money to pay for traffic there is little chance of earning income with Income Infuser and you could spend a fortune trying.

      All the best,

  • Hi Terri,
    Regarding to the “Income Infuser” as explained by Peter Courto, I did came across with other products which have technically similar to “Income Infuser” to promote their products.
    Although I not sign up for “Income Infuser”, but I have be signed up others then asked it for a refund. Such as:- (1) Coffee Shop Millionaire, (2) Covert Cash Conspiracy, (3) Fast Commissions.
    The similarity is that they normally offer you very low signed fee (less than $50 but some can as low as $1), upon you signed up – wow following a lots of offer such as “one to one courching program”, “traffic generating” …… end up will cost you more than $500, of course you have a right not to sign up.
    But just have a thought. Today I going to offer a very cheap lunch say $3. For sure a lots of people will love it very much. After brought it, then you notice only white rice & a cup of soup.
    If you want vege or meat, you need to pay for it. Are you feel happy? Is it a Pro-style of promoting or so call “legally cheating”.
    If those products claimed that “plug & play”, autopilot, why not include all the necessary items to help us to success?
    It is so hard to find a good system / product out there to help to build a success online biz.


    • Hi Wills

      Yes there are many programs out there that offer low enrollment costs but once you get your foot in the door you are enticed to purchase other software, products or programs in order to be successful. At WFHW we believe in full disclosure. We like to know what all the options and costs are upfront before any money exchanges hands.

      You mentioned that its hard to find a good system/product that can help you build a successful online business. We recommend taking a look at our Work From Home beginner course. You will discover how to get all the tools, training and support you need to build an online business that generates income without costing you a dime. You can find that here

      All the best,

  • Hi – Dont worry I havent spent any more money on the site and income infuser people no longer ask me to “up scale from the one site i have (which only costs me $20 per month for hosting a bit expensive but paid monthly i can stop it at any time if my site does not end up making any money) anyway up scale my one site to ten different sites with one on one coaching – HOWEVER at a cost of $199 PER MONTH). I said no thanks – i will wait and see what happens to the site i have and they seem happy with that. Now I have had time to check out what my site gives away and then up sells memberships if the person want it and the 9 free videos are very good – they give accurate information on how to start an internet business. I know cause I joined my own site and i am seeing and doing what it tell me – step by step – I now KNOW for sure that my site is not scamming anyone so Im now happy to promoting it.. Even if people dont want to become a member of my site the free videos are enough to get you started at least and it handy information to have for most internet businesses. Obviously if people dont end up liking what they see in the videos they dont have do go any further. As far as Income infuser – it still hasn’t cost me anything – nada – zero -zip -zilch and no one from there has asked for any payment of any kind so I cannot see how its a scam either — maybe people have had a different experience with this than me – but i cant see why although i know some people paid for the original programming when it first started or so they say so these people may be upset but the one site I have is legitimate – i’ve seen what it provides and in the end after you join and you dont like it for whatever reason – i dont mind – any reason at all – you do get your money back within a day usually but sometimes two. I know this because I do the refunds from my site control panel and I joined for free – then became a paid member – then got a refund – then joined again – I dont think I will ever take up the other ten websites because it was a lot – a lot -of work sussing my one site out and then keeping an eye on everything and advertising – it really is a business and it take up a far amount of my time so i dont think i could keep track of ten such sites.
    But as far as Im concerned – and I have done everything possible – neither income infuser or the first website they give you are in any way a scam. If I find out any different over a longer period of time I will most definitely let you and everyone know — and if anyone thinks this is one long add I have not given the name of my web site and only ever named income infuser because thats what this site is about.
    thanks for everything and I hope all my work in doing all this isn’t for nothing. I dont care if anyone joins income infuser or not because i get nothing from it – i dont own that – only the site i got from them.
    Thanks again terri and if you have more advise or if there ids something im not seeing please let me know

    • Hi Peter

      Like you I don’t believe that Income Infuser is a scam. However, the way the program is marketed is deceiving as they lead you to believe that you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars on autopilot. Anyone who has made money online from affiliate marketing knows this is not the case. Plug and play systems no longer work.

      If you are paying $20 a month for hosting and you are not making at least that money in return then you are out of pocket that amount. Let me ask you, how long are you willing to continue paying for hosting for a website without seeing a return on your investment and time?

      All the best,

  • Hi terri me again – I do already know a lot of there traffic generating strategies they have shown me and are still teaching me but I haven’t done any of it yet because I still dont know If my site is pushing crap if you decide to pay for better membership. I know the free videos are very good and actually useful but as I dont know about the paid side of it im not advertising yet. Im still investigating – once i have gone a bit further I will let you know about the traffic generating strategies and if it is effective or not. But that will take a bit of time.

    • Peter I would suggest you Google “Income Infuser scam” and read what others are saying about the program before you invest any additional money into it.


  • Hi terri – You are right $20 per month to host the site is a bit expensive. One bit of good news is that the free videos that are given away on the site I made from income infuser are very good and do give you a lot of very useful information and a guide – I would of found it useful when I started with trying to make money online – which hasn’t been that long – only about 6 months or so – but it has been expensive – which is really crappy – i have wasted a lot of money and effort and I would of avoided most of that if i had watched the videos that my site gives away – so thats really good – however That is only the free stuff – I do not know weather if after that you then buy membership – I do not know yet if its worth it – I have not checked – I’m trying to see if I can do it without paying since its my site – its silly to pay myself plus as I say I dont know if paying for the next steps? or whatever you get is worth it – -As soon as I figure out how to update my membership in my back door I will do it and let you know what I find _ if its crap i will let you know – also if anyone else is doing this and is ahead of me – can you post what you know — but please be honest because I will be doing it myself at some stage so i will know eventually. As far as the Income Infuser site I got Its going ok – i didn’t do the upgrade . i haven’t started advertising just yet though – i would like to KNOW a little bit more first.
    p.s I hope this is of help to someone otherwise its all a bit of a wasted effort

  • Hi — as promised Here is an update — I have just received an offer from infuser which they state is a free upgrade to the Millionaire os program – however after the first month there is a continuing monthly fee off $199 – This is a bit disheartening for several reasons which i will go into later maybe?– Needless to say i will not be doing the upgrade – and i will continue the way i am and let you know what happens

  • Hi – I was also offer the free beta testing program – it was free (apparently) – so far it has been anyway – I did have to buy a domain name and host the site – the name cast me $6 and the hosting (which they now use ispyhost does cost $20 per month to host. These have been the only cost I have come across and I do have a shiny site with all the promised bells and whistles and even got my auto responder going with there step by step video instructions – I have only had it going for a couple of days and I created everything on a friday night and they take the weekend off so I havent heard from my mentor yet and the site hasn’t had any visitors because I havent done anything about traffic yet I don’t know if what i’m selling works or if on fact what i have will work – I REALLY HOPE NOT as I dont like being scammed and I certainly wouldn’t want to scam anyone else!! as I have a conscience and I want to sleep at night – it way to early to tell but i,ve seen the first webinar and there was no selling me anything – so it really has only cost what I stated above . I will post here again in a few weeks to let everyone know what happens.

    • Hi Peter

      The $20/mth fee you are paying for hosting is high. Webhosting with a popular company like Hostgator cost $3.95/mth for a single domain and $6.36/mth for unlimited domains.

      We look forward to your future posts and hearing more about your traffic generating strategies and your results.

      All the best,

    • Does your site actually work?
      I fell for the beta tester hook spent the money to get my site set up. But when I tested it I found out if someone buys the products from my site they can only download 1 of the 3 products my site is selling.
      I contacted support and I don’t even get a reply they just close the ticket but never fix it. Now I have to shut the site down because I don’t want to be selling products I can’t deliver!

      • Hi Big Jim

        I would assume you are asking me if the Income Infuser program works. Based on our review of this program it is on our list of programs to avoid.

        If you Google “Income Infuser scam” you can read more about what others are saying about the program.

        When you contact support for any company and they do not respond to you that is not a good sign.

        All the best,