Hit Predictor Review: Listen And Get Paid

After seeing all the comments you guys have been leaving about our slice the pie post I thought it prudent to check out a couple of likely alternatives, and decided it would be a good idea to post a Hit Predictor review.

Hit Predictor Review

As soon as I entered the members’ area after my 30-second registration I was choosing my preferred music genres and listened to a track called Nobody’s Perfect from J-Cole featuring Missy Elliot.

I then had a country selection that actually got me jigging by an artist whose name escapes me as I usually don’t do country, but this I had to give a rating of “I like it”.

As soon as I had written my 2 sentence review a new track started, and it was a brand new Chris Brown song – very cool! All the clips are about 90 seconds or so long, so you do not have to sit through the whole track.

Using HitPredictor.com

Using the HitPredictor interface is seamless. As soon as you click the rate music button on the top left and enter a captcha code, you are up and running.

A new little popup window then appears and you stream the new tracks as well as enter your ‘status’ and review in the same pop-up window. Very neat.

I found that the little pop-up window was a really good idea because I could continue to work at the computer and just rate and review every couple of minutes or whenever I feel like it.

There’s also a handy pause button too so you can come back to your HitPredictor music review mid-flow if you want to.

I even have the HitPredictor review window open as I write this review, and it’s definitely not difficult or too intrusive to have it running whilst doing other work.

HitPredictor rewards and prizes

Probably the bit of the review that you’re eager to hear about right?

Well firstly I’ll tell you that during the hour or so that I tried HitPredictor I was earning about 10 -12 points every couple of minutes, so I would maybe get around 400 an hour on average reviewing music.

  • Hitprejector com review members sideRaffles are abundant and you are able to win Kindles and Amazon vouchers regularly, with raffle tickets costing 750 points.
  • Following the HitPredictor blog lets you in on the latest points giveaways where activities such as tagging the track you are reviewing on Twitter earn you an extra 25 points.
  • There is also a ‘hidden contest’ running every week where 3 HitPredictor reviewers are awarded 250 points in a weekly draw of random names of the members that have been actively reviewing that current week.
  • Answering Polls was the fastest way to rack up points effectively…it’s 5 points a click there.
  • There’s also a chance of bands breaking through on a get famous HitPredictor review, so you are able to submit unsigned bands. Their music stands a small but real chance of going viral from the amount of action it gets from other reviews, if it’s voted for enough and makes the playlists, there’s a real chance of airplay!
  • As an added incentive, for every 15 songs you rate within a 7-day time period you will earn an extra 15 points!
  • Lastly, there is an easy 25 points available for referring a friend to HitPredictor.com.

The rewards you can claim are in the form of CDs and DVDs mainly with a couple of fragrances in there as well. Gifts are not posted outside the US which is a bit of a sore point as I’m here in the UK reviewing these music tracks.

I like the HitPredictor website because it’s fun, easy, and rewarding. You are not going to make a chunk of money, but it’s sure going to help you by saving you money by rewarding you with DVDs and other media that you may be forking out for.

Tony – WFHW

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    • Hi Smee,
      As mentioned in my review, unfortunately, gifts are not posted outside the US which is a bit of a sore point as Iā€™m here in the UK reviewing these music tracks too.

      We do have a list of alternative ways to earn some extra cash that you can use in the UK.