Home Job Resource Center Review: Just One Big Scam?

‘Home Job Resource Center’ is actually the alternative name of another product that we have reviewed in the past – Unique Income Source.

Having originally reviewed Unique Income Source back in August 2013, I have decided to revisit the program after receiving a number of complaints about changes to this product in more recent times.

Let’s have a quick recap on what we already know about the rather vague Unique Income Source/Home Job Resource Center website…

Home Job Resource Center Review

Home Job Resource Center Review

To keep things simple I’m going to refer to Unique Income Source/Home Job Resource Center as ‘UIS/HJRC’ throughout this review.

If you are confused about the two then just remember they are ONE program under different names.

If first impressions are anything to go by then UIS/HJRC rates as low in terms of visual appeal.

This is not necessarily a reflection of the service they provide, but a better-looking website would definitely give it a more positive feel.

Let’s also take a look at the background on UIS/HJRC because it will give us a better understanding of how legit the program may or may not be.

Browsing through the legal disclaimers on the website it is interesting to note the constant references to ‘Brighten Inc’, who it is claimed are the owners of UIS/HJRC.

That’s a bit of a strange setup if you ask me, and I’m concerned by the lack of a link to a Brighten Inc website.

This alone doesn’t mean it’s a scam, but you have to question why they are not more open about the company claiming to own the website. More on Brighten Inc’s involvement later in this review.

So what exactly is Unique Income Source/Home Job Resource Center?

In a nutshell, it’s a portal or hub for a variety of work from home opportunities.

Whilst there is plenty of variation with the job types, there is no evidence to suggest they are anything other than low-paid work from home opportunities.

I base this theory on my own experiences and not what is suggested on the UIS/HJRC website.

Stating that you can earn up to $75 per survey is perhaps a touch misleading given what we already know about survey websites.


There are a number of similar claims throughout the website, and they all raise red flags for me.

The work from home industry has changed drastically over the last 5 – 10 years, and more importantly, the average person seeking a way to earn an income from home is savvier than they used to be.

We generally don’t and shouldn’t fall for anything that promises big earnings for not a lot of work.

This is just one point that I raise in my ‘How to spot and avoid scams‘ page, and it’s worth a read if you want to know how to be safe when searching for online work.

All in all, I find the UIS/HJRC website to be confusing. Links on the homepage go to a variety of opportunities, but they all mostly link to the same sales page.

This is either a badly put-together website, or one that is designed to confuse the visitor.

Further confusion is also noticeable with the pricing. Costs for the membership vary from $24 to $29 depending on which page you visit, and this is something that I think will lead to even more head-scratching for the visitor.

As for the opportunities themselves, this is the biggest area of concern.

Having received a number of complaints about UIS/HJRC, the most common issue raised is the quality of work on offer.

Most suggest it is way below the standard mentioned on the website and earning potential is exaggerated.

Other complaints mostly refer to not being able to log in once payment has been made, and not being able to reach customer support.

Collectively, these are worrying signs.

They are being honest…if you know where to look

The first point I want to make you aware of is taken from the UIS/HJRC disclaimer page. I’ve highlighted the important part in yellow:

Secondly, from the same page:

What exactly does all this mean?

UIS/HJRC supplies you with a list of work from home opportunities. This DOES NOT mean they created them.

What you are actually paying for when you join is a collection of links to external services, and you could and might have to pay additional costs if you decide to use them.

The second part is a bit more worrying…

By signing up you agree that UIS/HJRC can sell your details to third parties who will promote other products and services to you in the future.

My verdict on Unique Income Source/Home Job Resource Center

This is a tough one.

I cannot state that UIS/HJRC is a scam because it does actually deliver on what it promises – to showcase a variety of work from home opportunities.

But I can be clear on a number of other important factors:

  • Charging you for opportunities that are usually free.
  • Exaggerated earning potential.
  • Poor customer service.
  • And despite the fact it’s mentioned on the disclaimer page, making money from your contact details.

In my opinion, Unique Income Source/Home Job Resource Center is a tired-looking website where visitors could easily fall into the trap of paying for dated opportunities that are available elsewhere for free.

In my opinion, that makes it something of a work from home bad boy.

As mentioned earlier, much has changed within the work from home industry in recent years and the way that people make money online has changed drastically.

If you should be tempted by UIS/HJRC then please be wary of the points that I’ve laid out above.

Do you have any experiences with Unique Income Source/Home Job Resource Center? If so I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Marcus – WFHW

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