Branded Surveys Review: Plain And Simple Survey Cash

Looking to earn some extra cash online in your spare time?

Branded Surveys is a popular website that wants to pay you cash in exchange for your opinions via simple online surveys.

Branded Surveys Review

But is Branded Surveys as good as what others are saying, or is it just another scam survey website that tricks you into thinking it will help you to earn some extra cash in your spare time?

In this Branded Surveys review, I’m going to tell you all about my experiences with this survey website and what you can expect to earn in return for your efforts.

Nothing Tricky Here…

There’s a definite trend among the latest wave of survey/’get paid to’ websites, and that is the efforts made to create a visually welcoming and functional interface.

That much was evident following my recent review of, and things are no different with Branded Surveys.

In my opinion, this is an important factor that is largely overlooked within this particular segment of the make money online industry.

And the positive consequences are that it creates a working environment feeling fresh, transparent, and one that is focused on helping you to get on with the job in hand.

As you will see, Branded Surveys have nailed this approach and that can only be a good thing if you are looking for a straightforward way to put some extra cash in your pockets.

Is Branded Surveys A New Website?

Kind of.

Owned by Branded Research Inc, Branded Surveys was previously known as Mintvine up until late 2017, when the owners decided to rebrand it.

Branded Research Inc is a widely respected insights company that has been helping global brands gauge consumer opinions since 2012.

This all means that Branded Surveys had a strong footing within the industry from the very start.

It understands what worldwide brands expect of their service, and more importantly for you and me, it knows what users expect in terms of earning cash for completing surveys.

How Do You Make Money With Branded Surveys?

At Branded Surveys, you earn points that can be exchanged for cash, and there are 4 ways to do this:

  1. Taking online surveys
  2. Completing online offers
  3. Answering Daily Poll questions
  4. Referring others to Branded Surveys

Surveys vary in length and points value, but you get the option to skip a survey if you don’t want to take it.

For online offers, Branded Surveys has teamed up with 6 companies (correct at the time of writing) to offer you a wider variety of earning opportunities that you might be familiar with if you are a regular user of ‘get paid to’ websites.

These companies are:

  • Offertoro
  • Personaly
  • Peanutlabs
  • Adwall
  • Trialpay
  • Adgate

Daily Polls are available from your Branded Surveys dashboard and offer a quick and easy way to top up your points total.

You will not earn many points for completing your Daily Polls, but if you’re logged into Branded Surveys and on your dashboard, you might as well grab any extra points that are on offer.

As with all survey websites, referring others is one of the most lucrative opportunities.

At Branded Surveys, referring others is as simple as sharing your referral link with others via email, social media, or on your website. When any of your referrals earn points by completing surveys or online offers, you earn a percentage of what they earn.

However, you can increase your referral earnings further by improving your Branded Elite status and encouraging your referrals to do the same.

What Is Branded Elite And How Does It Work?

At Branded Surveys, all new members are automatically assigned a bronze Branded Elite status. In total, there are 3 types of status:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

The rate at which you progress through these 3 levels is dependent on the number of surveys you take, and the number of points that you accrue along the way.

For every 10 points that you earn from surveys or online offers, you will earn 1 credit.

(Remember that some surveys and offers will earn you a lot more than 10 points)

When you have gained 60 credits, you will be automatically advanced to the Silver status. To get to the Gold status, you will need 210 credits.

By increasing your status level, you will not only earn more for completing surveys and offers, but you also earn more for your referrals if they engage inside Branded Surveys.

This is a clever move by Branded Surveys.

It stops people from becoming top earners purely from the referral program because to get the best possible points tally from your referrals, you need to have Gold member status. To reach gold, you must have earned 210 credits by taking surveys and online offers.

I think this is a great way to ensure that people engage with the entire Branded Surveys program, rather than turning up purely for a referral income.

What Can You Expect To Earn With Branded Surveys?

From what we know already, we can see that there are a number of variables that come into play when assessing earning potential.

However, with 1000 points being equal to $10, and $10 being the minimum payout, the potential is there to have cash in your hands pretty quickly.

There is also an indication of what others are earning from surveys alone by checking out the Branded Elite Leaderboard on your dashboard.

NOTE: This image was captured about 20 days into the month.

How Do You Cash Out Your Earnings At Branded Surveys?

You can cash out your earnings in 3 ways:

  • Paypal
  • Gift Cards
  • Branded Pay

Who Can Use Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys is currently available to anyone living in the US, Canada, and UK.

Tips To Help Increase Your Branded Surveys Earnings

It doesn’t matter if you join Branded Surveys to take surveys, complete online offers, or earn an extra income by referring others, the key to earning more is to achieve the Branded Elite Gold status.

That way you will earn more for completing surveys and online offers, and considerably more by referring others to the program.

A point also worth bearing in mind about your progression at Branded Surveys is that it can be greatly affected by one of the first things that you do as a new member.

Your ‘Profiling Survey’ is designed to let Branded Surveys know more about you, allowing them to serve you with more accurate surveys.

In this survey, you are asked various questions about you and your personal situation. As Branded Surveys states in the image below, it is important that you are truthful.

This comes into play when you start taking surveys because if you are asked a question that you were previously asked on your profiling survey, and you put a different answer, you are likely to get disqualified from the survey.

If that happens, you still get 5 points, but it’s likely to be considerably less than you would have earned for completing the entire survey.

So, be truthful and accurate with your profiling survey answers to ensure that your progress is not hampered by survey disqualification.

If need be, make a note of your profiling survey answers as you give them and keep them safe for future reference :)

What Are Others Saying About Branded Surveys?

There are many positive opinions online about Branded Surveys, and I believe the team over at TrustPilot is among the most trustworthy.

With over 14,000 reviews and 67% ranking Branded Surveys as Excellent, it’s clear to see that it is widely regarded as a trusted survey opportunity.

My Final Thoughts…

I’m a big fan of the more focused approach being taken by modern survey websites, and Branded Surveys is one of the best out there.

You won’t be quitting your job any time soon with Branded Surveys, but if you’re smart and progress through to having a Branded Elite Gold status, you will definitely earn more money, and quicker.

Marcus – WFHW

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