Google Sniper 2 By George Brown Reviewed

Google Sniper was a massive hit back when it first hit the shelves. So it’s no surprise that George Brown has released a sequel to his No1 Clickbank bestseller called Google Sniper 2.0.

Google Sniper 2 ReviewGeorge says 52 people have contacted him saying his Google Sniper course allowed them to quit their jobs. MASSIVE claims.

The target audience for the Google Sniper 2 package is those wanting to build niche-focused, revenue-generating WordPress websites.

And the keyword in that sentence was ‘revenue-generating’ after all, that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

Google Sniper 2 comes in the form of a large 104 page PDF and a detailed video series.

Upsells of a monthly membership with a Q&A webinar seem popular so I’m going to touch upon what to expect in those as well.

Google Sniper 2.0: The Nuts And Bolts

From the outset, this course offers great value for a new web marketer. all the basics are covered in picking and setting up your own profitable webspace.

George’s video presentations give you good info on setting up and how to get running with a targeted blog, with low competition keywords.

The keyword research information and how George picks what to promote with his own sniper sites is pure gold dust!

I would personally say that learning the techniques for proper niche keyword research is worth the price of the basic course alone.

It’s a lesson that many fail to adhere to, and therefore kick off their web campaign on an unsure footing!

I’m being honest when I say that if you want a sure-fire way to tackle keyword research, taking this lesson and focusing on how you pick keywords would be money well spent.

Getting your keyword selection right is EVERYTHING.

Google Sniper 2 Review

The Monthly Videos Add Great Value To The Initial Purchase Of Google Sniper 2.0

I did like the non-formal type of training that George used but it’s clear to me that he should have mapped out what he’s teaching in some type of order.

For example, he spent 10 mins explaining what an anchor link was in video # 8, and I thought that was a bit late.

George also has examples of “advanced tactics” he recommends and explains how he sells a lot of his products because he’s very well connected in the affiliate marketing world.

Because of this, some channels he recommends are now out of commission, purely because of the traffic he generated.

Dofollow is a great way of making sure that SEO juice is passed to your landing page. On video 8 he spends quality time talking about ‘Dofollow Diver’ and another service called ‘Traffic Bug’ that have both discontinued their service.

“We have discontinued the DoFollow Diver tool at this time. Many people were using it to spam unsuspecting blogs with blog comment spam. It’s not a fun thing for the blog owners and it really doesn’t do a whole lot for your rankings at this point.”

So, after that, he talks about link wheels using Squidoo & Hubpages, and we have discussed these in detail here at WHFW in the past.

Paid services that George uses are the last in the backlinking tutorial, and just to remind you the services he talks about were trending upwards when he recorded the video, but not all are available now.

google sniper 2 review

CPA (cost per action) is also a good lesson, especially if cost per action is something that you are new to.

There are 2 videos to CPA marketing with Google Sniper 2, but those are just 2 of the 29 videos in the membership area at the moment. There’s a whole load of other videos offering some good value in the monthly add ons.

To be successful using the Google Sniper 2 course means you really do have to follow the methodology that George lays out.

Empire Modules & Sniper X Have Added Value Since Google Sniper 1.0

The purpose of the empire modules is to explain how to go from a single money-making sniper site to having a $10,000 a month website (yep, massive claims).

You may not be surprised to learn that outsourcing is a key factor here, and there are 7 modules explaining how George uses outsourcing to build his sniper empire.

Sniper X is an updated members support package with 2 interactive webinars a month,  but it’s not something that runs for an unlimited time so it may not be available as you read.

Content training webinars are the aims of Sniper X and keep you up to date with what George changes in his own business models.

Google Sniper 2  Review Summary

At the end of this very long course, I have to say that the base price of George Brown’s Google Sniper 2 is, in my opinion, worth the cash you pay for it.

If you would like to look over the shoulder of someone building a website it’s a course you are likely to get a lot out of for $47.

The upsell I am not entirely convinced is worth the extra outlay. Some of the “best” strategies mentioned in the monthly videos are already obsolete…and that’s not good in my opinion.

The mention of CPA & “empire building” is nothing new to me but it may be to you…is it?

Building sniper websites isn’t something that a lot of successful programs talk about.

Google Sniper 2 is the type of purchase I would buy as an experienced affiliate marketer – just to see what George is doing in his own business.

It is pretty much a tutorial set of “follow along exactly” instructions to get similar results, and we all know that is not always the case.

Especially so if you don’t have the financial resources or technical know-how of your tutor.

Is this an ideal product for those who are brand new to affiliate marketing?

I think the Google Sniper 2 approach is a great one, but ONLY if you follow George’s instructions to the letter.

That said, we cannot ignore the fact that some of the current information is obsolete, and no doubt more will be in the future.

The long-term success of this program is dependent on George and his team, who are responsible for keeping it up to date.

As for the person considering buying it, $47 is a big sum when compared with other opportunities, but the jury is still undecided as to if this can live up to its lofty earning claims.

Do you have any experience with Google Sniper 2? If so we would love to hear your opinions in the comment section below.

Tony – WFHW

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