Affiliate Cash Snipers Review: Potentially Exciting

A piece of software called Affiliate Cash Snipers is being launched by Michael Rasmussen. I say it’s Michael Rasmussen software, but Mike Mograbi is also putting his name on this one.affiliate cash snipers reviewCatchy name, right?

It had me thinking of going under the radar to target with pinpoint accuracy some great affiliate commissions!

So I had a look at the website sales page and the Affiliate cash snipers free 23-page report. This affiliate cash snipers review will fill you in on the direction that buying this software may take you.

Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi

The first thing I want to get out of the way is a quick word about the guy’s behind this product.

Both are seasoned online marketers in their own right. If you Google either of their names, you will see that they have been around for a while.

You might find that Michael Rasmussen is best known for cycling, but that would be the wrong Michael Rasmussen. Our guy is behind and Mike Mograbi runs the website.

Affiliate Cash Snipers – What’s In The Box?

Affiliate Cash Snipers is not an Internet Marketing training program, it’s purely software that is said to target a viewer’s specific search. It sounds kind of futuristic but it’s something that Amazon has been tweaking for a few years now.

Affiliate Cash Snipers says that it will make it simple, easy, and quick to set up an interactive affiliate review site.

This tool will “read minds” and find out exactly what people want to buy. It then sends them directly to some of the largest Internet retailers to make their purchases! Well if they have cracked that code it’s a no-brainer … BUT have they REALLY cracked it?

The 3 Affiliate Sniper Cash Software Elements

  • Finding the right ‘best sellers’ niche.
  • Having pinpoint ad placement.
  • Integrated shopping cart.

Affiliate Marketing 3.0 the revolution – that’s what they are calling it having a little shopping widget appear on your web page.

The magic comes when visitors click. In essence, they tell you exactly what they want to buy, and in turn, you direct them to massive companies like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and many more.

Will The Affiliate Cash Sniper Approach Actually Work?

Now there’s a good question!

At the time of writing this review, it’s a pre-launch product and at this stage, there’s a bit too much hype about it.

There is the 23-page report that you get for free that mentions a little more about their affiliate marketing 3.0 theory. So feel free to make up your own mind if you wish.

From what I understand from the free report I have to say that there is a chance this software WILL actually work.

Plugins are already available that drip-feed product info onto our web pages. So the leap from general product feeds to targeted feeds based on search terms to find your site, seems very doable.

I  have to say it sounds like Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi have a good product here with Affiliate Cash Sniper. But I have to reserve the “must get” seal of approval until I can see this software in action.

Tony – WFHW

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  • Hi Tony,
    Thank you for the pre-launch review of Affiliated Cash Snipers.

    May I know since it’s launched in Jan’12, would you recommend this to a Newbie like me.

    • Hi Christina – good question!

      If you are fairly new to online marketing I will tell you now that any money you spend on “software to make money” will be better spent elsewhere.

      You have to learn the ropes from a trusted and recommended source that hasn’t just “sprung up” like a new product on some make money online forum. There simply is no software to make money online…. you can use software to help and make it easier, but there’s no program out there that will simply allow you to print money.

      I’d say learn the skills until you can confidently say “I get it”. Then you’ll see that it’s you and the way you structure your online marketing efforts that brings in the money… not any piece of software.

      I suggest taking a look at our most recommended online marketing training program for some guidance:

      Work From Home Watchdog recommended training

      Hope that answers your question…keep us updated with your progress!

      All the best,

      Tony – WFHW