Print Monkey Review: Print Money On Demand?

Print Monkey is the latest product from Brendan Mace – a marketer with a long list of successful launches behind him.

This time around the focus is on DFY (done for you) campaigns for newbie marketers in particular.

The promise is a shortcut to $1k a day online, so this is certainly going to appeal to a lot of people.

But can someone with little or no online experience really use Print Monkey to generate that kind of income from scratch?

In this unbiased Print Monkey review, I’m going to cover every aspect of what’s on offer so that you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

Let’s see what Brendan has to offer this time around.

Coming up we’ll be taking a close look at the following points:

What Exactly Is Print Monkey
And How Does It Work?

Product Name: Print Monkey
Product Type: DFY Affiliate Marketing Campaigns
Product Creator: Brendan Mace
Product Price: $13.03 at the time of review, but the price increases. Upsells detailed below

When reviewing a new product I always start with the sales page or website as it’s often a good indicator of the quality of the product and the transparency of the product creator.

The first thing that stands out about the Print Monkey website is that it’s very professional and I’m pleased to see that it tells you exactly what you are paying for.

Print Monkey Review

There’s a short video from Brendan where he explains that Print Monkey is a done-for-you service where he gives you 30 of his highest converting affiliate marketing campaigns.

Everything is set up for you and the promise is that it will take you less than 10 minutes to set up campaigns that would otherwise take hours to create.

This all sounds great and considering what’s on offer, it sounds like a very good deal for just $13.

What’s Included With Print Monkey?

As Print Money is a DFY product, it’s only natural to expect that everything you would need is included.

As well as the actual proven campaigns which take 3 steps to set up, you don’t need any website hosting as Brendan hosts everything for you.

You also get an over-the-shoulder case study where Brendan details exactly how to set everything up.

In addition, there’s a free bonus page with a video for each campaign you create.

Bonuses are a great way to add increased value to a product, and they are often regarded as being as important as the product itself.

Brendan includes all the bonuses you need for your campaigns.

On the subject of bonuses, Brendan is also providing 4 bonuses for anyone who buys Print Monkey.

Bonus #1

An over-the-shoulder video of Brendan proving how well these campaigns make money.

Bonus #2

Set up instructions on how to get your Print Monkey campaigns set up in the quickest possible time.

Bonus #3

Profit-boosters that are designed to increase your income from Print Monkey campaigns by up to 30%.

Bonus #4

An exclusive video where he reveals how to make even bigger profits online, based on Brendan’s own experiences.

These bonuses are valued at $691 by Brendan and his team.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

There are no additional costs associated with getting Print Monkey up and running, but as with 99.9% of launches these days, there are a number of ‘one-time offers’ in place when you purchase the product. They include:

#1 – Print Monkey Traffic at $47 – 6 of Brendan’s traffic programs to help generate as much traffic as possible to your campaigns.

#2 – Print Monkey Lifetime Campaigns at $197 – Brand new campaigns each month, including full case studies. This bonus also includes 14 of Brendan’s best products.

#3 Print Monkey Easy Profit System at $157 – A fully set up version of the Print Monkey funnel system.

#4 Print Monkey Limitless Traffic at $197 – Brendan’s most advanced traffic method which is claimed to escalate earnings to $10k per month and beyond.

#5 Print Monkey Reseller Rights at $97 – Sell Print Monkey as your own.

Are The Income Claims Realistic?

It’s always difficult to gauge income claims, especially when you will be promoting the same products and services as anyone else who buys the product.

In his video, Brendan insists that there is no such thing as reaching a saturation point.

No matter how many people promote the products that he reveals in Print Monkey, or the bonuses, Brendan says everyone can profit from them.

The fact that over-the-shoulder case studies are provided with Print Monkey goes a long way to proving how realistic the income claims are.

I have seen higher earnings promised with less comprehensive products.

Print Monkey Verdict: My Final Thoughts

Brendan Mace has built a strong reputation within the internet marketing industry.

He has a string of popular products behind him and a large base of followers.

With that in mind, Print Monkey continues with the same level of quality as his previous products.

The Print Monkey method is nothing new. In fact, a number of recent releases are based on the exact same method – DFY.

But the depth of the Print Monkey product even without any of the extras makes it a worthwhile purchase, at such a low entry cost.

That said, I have never been a fan of promoting the same products and services in the same way as others.

In my experience, this does dilute conversion rates, so it will be interesting to see how profitable buyers are in say 6 months’ time.

You can visit the Print Monkey website here.

Do you have experience with Print Monkey? If so I’d love to hear all about it in the comments section below!

Marcus – WFHW

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