Online Income Solution – Is It A Scam?

online income solution scam

From looking at the website I would be very suspicious because of the following disclaimer found at the bottom of the page (quite hard to read). Ideally this should be a link on it’s own.

It states that they have no association, are affiliated or are endorsed by Yahoo, CNN, Facebook and others, so why display logo’s if you haven’t been endorsed by these companies to do so?

The other problem is…what exactly is it they are selling?

A program?

A service?

A how to?

There is nothing on the site that explains what it is…“work from the comfort of your own home” actually involves!

The other problem is that Online Income Solution used to have another name and although the claim is the site was hacked, which I must say can be easily rectified, they are now trading the exact same type of site under a different name.

When this happens it’s usually a red flag and something to be very wary of.

I have seen and read many complaints about Online Income Solution and the biggest problem appears to be for buyers to get their money back.

Many people have vented their outrage on several sites which are there for you to say why you think a particular site deserves to be mentioned.

So I decided to have a look at what you have to do to get a refund, and I must say it is quite complicated unlike the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee that is displayed on their site.

Normally a money back guarantee is exactly that, but with Online Income Solutions it seems to be a way of changing the rules to suit themselves.

Here is what you have to do to get a refund:

  1. Must have tried the product for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  2. Contacted the customer support team if it’s not working.

Then when you have done the above you have to do the following:

  1. Give your full name.
  2. Email address
  3. Order ID
  4. Your website URL to prove to them that you given their program a go.

At the end of the day, what business is it of theirs if you decide that it isn’t for you?

Normally a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee literally does guarantee that YOU will get your money back without any complications.

On their FAQ’s page it states this, and I quote:

“We offer one of the most comprehensive refund guarantees in the industry. Simply try the Online Income Solution program and if you are not satisfied for any reason then contact our dedicated customer support team and we will give you a full refund – no questions asked!”

It’s kind of strange that they say, “no questions asked” then have a load of stipulations!

They also say “all stipulations must be met before you get your money back minus $3”. Yes, that bit confuses me too!

My Conclusion

Massive alarm bells are ringing for me with this site because of the so called 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, plus the lack of information saying what exactly you will be doing.

The inclusion of official logo’s which haven’t been endorsed by the companies listed on their site also raises a flag for me, and would almost certain result in legal action being taken against them.

I would say Online Income Solution is definitely one to avoid.

Not only from the information I uncovered, but from the complaints that we have received here at Work From Home Watchdog, and the many complaints made by others online.

There are definitely more legit opportunities online that you should consider if you are looking for an online income, but this is definitely not one of them.

Neil – WFHW

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  • I was considering this a few minutes ago, and decided to gather more info about it. Luckily this site was the first to read. I’m truly thankful for the warning and caution. I could’ve been one of the scammed victims if it wasn’t for this red light. I urge people to stay away from such scams!!

    • Hi Christina,

      Well done for taking time to research the program before taking the leap!

      Please remain as vigilant with all online opportunities that you come across.

      All the best,

      Marcus – WFHW

  • I was just fixing to order this system. I read about it under a Trump twitter, and it was endorsed by one of his Billion buddies (the guy who owns a rocket company – I’m not sure of his name or the name of the company). I’m glad I looked a little further into it. You & your posted reviews saved me $97 & more importantly, headaches & anguish. Thank You.

    • Glad to have helped you here, Sheryl!

      Many scam websites are currently advertising using authoritative public figures as a way to trick people into thinking they endorse the program.

      Always do your research, as you have done, before investing in ANY program of this type.

      All the best,

      Marcus – WFHW

  • Just ordered it and they gave me a phone number to call and a reference number. I did not call right away but thought i saved the site to home screen and when i clicked on it it wants me to sign up again. I used a cc not a bank card. Not sure what to do do i call the startup number or just take my losses?

  • Thank u soo much. I was getting ready to put in my c.c and decided to do a little more research!! I can’t thank u enough. Especially because money is soo tight, I couldn’t afford to lose $97.

    • That’s great to hear, Mary! Put the $97 to good use and definitely don’t invest it a program that makes completely unrealistic promises.

      Wishing you all the best!

      Marcus – WFHW

  • I wish I never have believed in this what I have read before I selected the payment I thought it was going to be the way I’ve read it now two weeks into the process nothing’s the same not one thing everything is completely different I don’t want to do this anymore I just want my money back the entire refund I felt like I’ve been tricked I remember them calling me pushing me and pushing me and pushing me I wish I said no I do not want to do this anymore

    • Hi Jaclyn,

      Really sorry to hear of your experiences with Online Income Solution. Get in contact and demand a refund and removal from their system. Also check with your bank that they cannot take further funds from your account. That is the best and safest way forward.

      Best wishes,

      Marcus – WFHW

  • I was in the process of ordering the starter kit from online income. I decided to google reviews first and you guys were the first site that popped up for helpful reviews.

    Thank you! You saved me $97:)

  • Being a moron, I gave them $97. My wife (not a moron) showed me several sights that showed what an utter scam this is claimed to be. I can’t, of course, find a phone number or e-mail in an attempt to get my refund. Does anyone know the best way to go about an attempted refund?
    Thank you,

    • Sorry to hear about this, Bruce.

      Your best bet from here would be to use the information on the OIS website, but be warned that they request that you must have tried the system for 2 weeks. This is a terrible way to force people into trying the system and ultimately paying more. Here’s the link:

      Also be aware of any extra charges made against your credit card…it’s certainly not unheard of. For that reason I would advise that you contact your bank and make them aware.

      All the best,


    • Best way to get money back is to file fraud clsim with your financial institution. They will typically post the money back, conduct investigation, and collect from scammers. That is all covered by the FDIC, but don’t quote me.

      I was the dummy once and somehow missed the fine print of a reoccurring fee of $150/month after 14 day trial. INSANE!!!!

      Trust NOTHING that offers you a small fee for a huge return equal or greater to an annual income.

  • hello, i have a question, does this online salary solution really works? I am unemployed and i would really need some extra possible to see some evidence that you can be really sure that this isn’t a scam..

  • Hi Marcus and Neil,
    Thank you for helping us all! Me included. I just cancelled my order. They’ve come to us in Bulgaria as well. Thank you!!!

  • Hello,

    I was at the point on buying these OIS and Online Salary Solution… but first i decide to search on google following tags : Online Salary Solution worth or not

    and this review comes first…
    I am soo glad that i didn´t throw my money on something that looks like scamming… Internet these days… hmmm

    Thank you guys for creating this website and for opening our eyes before purchase something like this.

    Ionut, Best Regards

  • Hello,
    i am confused, i just ordered for a cd which i found on the internet that you can work from home online and get paid. The name is called the “ONLINE SALARY SOLUTION” thous i just got the cd two days ago while i was surfing the internet i came across some comments on this site. It cost me €45 to get the cd and i have just gone through 4 of the videos and going through some of the comment on this site am confused, want to know your view on the company which i mentioned(ONLINE SALARY SOLUTION) is it worth giving the time to watch the videos and will i be able to make money online through them? Thanks expecting your reply

    • Hi Opeyemi,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      This is a completely different product, but I can tell you that there are a number of similarities between the two. We do have Online Salary Solution lined up for a full review, so please keep an eye out for that coming soon. We have already received a number of complaints about this product.

      Regarding your purchase, by all means watch the videos, but I would say that you should be prepared for another request for a further purchase (an upsell). I suggest that you avoid temptation because it will ultimately cost you more and more without any profit.

      Best wishes for now,

      WFHW Team

  • I have received email from my dad to try online salary solution, have you ever heard of this company ?

    • Hi Roland,

      We are currently preparing a review for this program, but I can tell you so far that you should AVOID it.

      You might want to check out the following page here at WFHW if you are looking for the most legitimate way to make money online:

      Wishing you all the best for now Roland … let us know how things go!

      Best wishes,

      WFHW Team

  • i am happy i came across this expose on OIS. i live in Nigeria and was sent a publication of how a stay at home mum makes about 10,000 US dollars from this website, normally i would have concluded that it was a scam, but i decided to probe further and form an opinion by my own findings. after paying almost 60 dollars to OIS and yet more is being demanded for to build a website etc etc, plus all the comments here, i am better informed and i will request for a refund asap. thank you for this eye opener.

    • Hi Mary,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We are sorry to hear that you have suffered at the hands of OIS…you shouldn’t be paying out that amount of money without anything to show for it. Well done for pulling the plug :)

      If you would like to learn how to build websites then our course will explain how you can do that at no cost, plus give you a good understanding of the Internet marketing process:

      All the best


  • Hi Team WFHW,

    I just made a purchase of Online Income Solution and paid $19.97 thru my credit card. After reading all the above comment, i decided to contact my credit card bank and they told me that there is a transaction of $127.78 thru my credit card, and I can not ask the credit card company to delete this transaction and that I should contact the merchant to cancel it. Why there is a difference amount of charge? I already blocked my credit card by the way now.
    I am so afraid….

    • Hi Melly,

      You can contact OIS and ask for a full refund minus a $3 cost they say for admin purposes. It’s also worth noting that if you are dealing with a credit card company then it *might* be in their interest to let this transaction go through, so do all you can to make sure these transactions are stopped. If the transactions were made by a debit visa card then I think your bank would handle the transaction very differently (block all future attempts).

      We wish you well for now, and do let us know how things work out.


  • Hi Neil,
    Thanks a lot for your prompt answer…and for the extensive article in the homepage! Great work:)

  • Hello WFHW,
    thank you for your valuable website and your efforts.

    Only a small piece of advice…
    Provided that their presentation page was enough for me to get very suspicious, I was looking for some info to clear my doubts.
    After reading your review though, I still had unanswered questions about the truthfulness of their claims, such as:
    1. Suppose I’m prepared to risk my $97: does their overall system still work as they claim and, ultimately, am I going to get paid?
    2. What am I supposed to do exactly?
    and last, but not least
    2. Their income math is based upon a $15 -worth link but, at some point, it states that “it may vary”: in what way? how many $15 links are available and, how many of, say, $0.15?

    All I had assessed for sure was the legitimacy of my own doubts.
    It was only by going through the 60+ comments on here that I could truly find out the extension of the scam (endless costs, website building etc..).
    My opinion is that, as a scam-hunting team, you should test the sites you review from A to Z at least once, detailing registration steps, taking screenshots, and possibly using their systems, too, so that your users could benefit from both an authoritative source AND the comments.

    Maria Grazia

    • Hi Maria,

      Thank you very much for your comment.
      At WFHW we do participate in as many programs as possible and I do understand why you may need a more detailed description of what is involved.
      But at times we make the decision that it just is not worth our effort and time to go through the whole process when we know that something like this is not a suitable program for anyone to join.
      Please believe me when I say that you will not make those sort of figures.
      At WFHW we highlight the risks involved so that you don’t have to find out the hard way.

      All the best


  • I almost fallen prey to these stupids.The good thing is that i 1st gooled it to find out how genuine it is thats when i came across your warning . we really thank you for the good work you are doing guys.keep it up!!!!!!

  • Thanks a lot to your team. I nearly going to apply this job but after i read yours i scared to do this. When i read their scams they said you don’t need to have any computer knowledge.And no need to educate. You just need a computer and a place. Ya they are right we just need a computer and a place to pay them unlimited money whenever they want. I am from Myanmar and i need a job badly. If your team can help personaly in seeking a job for me i would thanks a lot to your team. I need 500$ per day.please please mail personaly to my e-mail as soon as possible. I can give my time absolutely for job. Pls seek for me.

  • I just paid the registration fees of onlineincomesolution and read your review…..
    tomorow I will ask for a full refund of my 97$ while it is possible. Thanks and I should have read these review earlier.

    • Hi Suzie,

      We are sorry to hear that you found us after purchasing OIS, and we hope that you have no problems getting your $97 back.

      Best wishes for the future, and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help with your online career.

      Best wishes,


  • Hi WFHW Team,
    I am glad that I came here and read all these comments. I am Katelina from China. Two days ago a very good American friend of mine just sent me the link about Online Income Now which should be the same thing as this Online Income Solution. Normally I take this sort of message junk as I believe there is no such good job exisiting, otherwise who is willing to work hard and get little? But I was whisked because this friend used to be very trustful and helpful. – I am not sure whether he is scammed as he hasn’t sent me any response. I am glad that I googled before I gone down the road. Thanks a lot for all of these observations.

    Many Thanks,

    • Hi Katelina,

      It’s actually a different product, but the two are very similar. In fact, our Online Income Review will be posted on Monday 7th Jan 2013, and I encourage you to keep an eye out for it!

      Glad to hear that you found our review helpful, and we wish you all the best with your future online ventures.



  • Hi Marcus,
    Thanks for the information.The online income stuff looks to good to be false.
    But i really need an online stuff i can engage and make atleast $300 a day.Am ready to work!
    All i need is just one idea and am okay.pls recommend


    • Hi Michael,

      Unfortunately this particular program IS too good to be true, so we suggest that you avoid it.

      $300+ per day is not something that will happen without considerable time and effort, so avoid any program that makes that kind of promise. Take a look at our own course where we explain how you can build an online business with solid foundations, and great earning potential:

      All the best for now,


  • Hi guys,this is dodds from Kenya. I’ve just read your review and am so glad I didn’t proceed to purchase this. The OIS thingy is a real good scam, and even for someone as paranoid as me, I nearly got taken except that my credit card had not been processed. THANKS A BUNCH!!

  • Hi Good Day!

    Thank you so much for the information before i was a victim of a scam and I lost all money that I saved. So now, I’m very careful about this kind of stuff where money is involved first without knowing clearly the job being offer. Again, thank you so for your concern may God all mighty bless you guys so much..

  • hiiii. its pawan
    I think i also lost my 20$ because i signed up in ois but after signing up as i procceed …this site again asked for about 250$ for building my website.This made me a little concious and i searched about it and came with your review….
    so now I am sure that i have lost my 20$.
    but can anybody suggest me some royal good online work which i can do as part time without any signing up fee….because i have no more trust where i have to pay before i earn.

    • Hi Pawan

      We’re glad we were able to inform you about Online Income Solution before you invested anymore money into the program.

      If you would like to learn how to create a successful online business take a look at our Work From Home beginner training. It’s free to join. You’ll have access to all the tools, resources, training and coaching you need to start generating income with no hidden costs.

      All the best,

  • Many thanks to save me..
    I nearly signup to this offer but immediately left it out..
    I hope no consequence at all as I passed first step fill in name, password and email address..
    I then out from the ordering page while reading this review..

  • I was just scammed. I recently purchased the whole package and afterwards reading all these. I’m so depressed right now.

    • Hi Anne

      You may want to request a refund through Online Income Solutions. If they don’t cooperate you can always contact your credit card company and see if they will help.

      All the best,

      • Hi Teri, Please see this, if you ask for refund the ClickSure Billing support keep on asking, what product you have purchased from OIS and why are you not satisfied and they just keep on asking Qs and Qs. No Question asked Refund does not exist.
        Hello Vijay,

        Thank you for contacting ClickSure Billing Support.

        I am sorry to hear that you wish to get a refund for your purchase of Online Income Solution as it does not meet your expectations.

        Can you please provide us details on how you believe the product does not meet your expectations?

        Is there any part of the product that you are having problems with?

        We can also arrange for the product technical support team to contact you and offer step by step assistance in getting started with your make money journey.

        Your refund is valid for up to 60 days. I hope that you would consider using the product for a couple of weeks, giving the product a chance.

        If you would though, like a refund for your purchase, then please confirm this for us.

        Kind regards,

        Arelie Johnson
        ClickSure Billing Support


        Ticket Details
        Ticket ID: QLH-622-28303
        Department: Billing Support
        Type: Issue
        Status: Closed
        Priority: Normal

        • Hi vijaykumar,

          Unfortunately you have to very persuasive with getting your refund back no matter what hurdles they put in your way.
          A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is exactly that and you should not need to explain yourself.
          It’s just ridiculous.

          All the best


  • Research about Online Income Solution-go to godaddy and check out who owns the online income solution site and google his name. Felon!!

    • Hi Suzie

      Interesting observation. Could there be more than one person with the same name? You would think if the owner of Online Income Solution was a savy marketer they would be wise enough to purchase privacy for the site. Definitely another red flag and reason to avoid purchasing the program.

      All the best,

  • Online Income Solutions truly is a scam. A close friend of mine purchased the entire package only to discover the website was not even registered under her ownership. It appears that they are having you build a site to generate traffic, which you are paying for, however it is owned by them-SCARY>

    • Hi Melina

      There was several websites such as Squidoo, Hubpages and Blogger that operate in this way. You are definitely at the mercy of the person who owns the site. If they take the site down or change their policies all your hard work could disappear. This is a fine approach for testing keywords and niches but should not be considered as a long term income model.

      All the best,

  • Guys thanks a lot, u just pulled me from temptation. Your review was very helpful. The related sites gave me a better view of working from home. Keep helping people like us. Thank u :)

    • Hi Latha

      You are very welcome. Glad we were able to help you avoid Online Income Solution and that you found our recommendations beneficial.

      All the best,

  • Dear Marcus,
    You and your team are doing a great Job, that I just escaped from this scam. infact my bank rejected the payment request as I used my visa debit card. Then after I googled it and i found you here, but what makes me wonder that, how they could put add on the well known emailing sites like Yahoo, hotmail and rediffmail etc… Those email providers has to take initiative to stop these kind of scam, right?

    • Sreeni we are glad we were able to prevent you from falling for Online Income Solution.
      Hopefully we can help you find a more trustworthy work from home career.

      All the best,

  • I paid first amount of 19.95 the secoendary stage they are asking more and more dollers.It is disappointing.any how my conclusion is Online Income Solution is cheat.They dont answer my questions properly.Every oneTake care.

    • Sorry to hear about your negative experience here Jerome, and we advise that you do not pay any more cash to Online Income Solution. Our review and comments from our visitors collectively suggest that this is one to avoid.

      All the best,


  • thanks for your review……even i got a feeling that their site must be fraudulent because if it is this much easy to make money then everybody must be at their home now.

    • Hi John,

      Very true words…if it looks too good to be true it usually is.

      Many thanks for stopping by John.

      All the best,


  • Hi Marcus,
    I came across one article on OIS. Pls refer to this link (Link removed by WFHW)

    After reading the article I regristered for it. But then got suspecious and had second thought when I came across the website setup and hosting charges.
    I started googling for what is OIS all about and came across your comments. Now I doubt the very news link reporting about OIS as it does not show which news agency it belongs. Moreover the Home link on the page takes you to the OIS registration page. I also doubt the comments posted on the same page.
    Is there any way to block this link if it is really a hoax?

    Rohit, India

    • Hi Rohit,

      Unfortunately there is no way that we can block pages/links like this, but you have done the right thing by investigating Online Income Solution before proceeding.

      We hope that our review and the comments by our visitors has helped you to make the right decision about this product.

      All the best,


  • I nearly signed up with the Online Income Solution, thankfully I decided to read posted reviews first before I continue signing up. Thank you for the heads-up.

    I am worried though, because I have already clicked some buttons to get started and Google Chrome auto filled the data for me. Will I get billed? I have not gone through the entire process, and I have not written down my credit card number yet. Is it possible for the Google Chrome auto-fill to write down the credit card details? Can they do that?

    • Hi Arnie,

      As long as you did not complete any part of the payment process, you should not be billed. Can they do that? I 100% don’t think it’s possible because your cc details have not been entered. It might be worth noting dates and times (to the best of your knowledge), just to keep a record IF a charge should be made against your account.

      Very sorry to hear that you almost fell for this program…hopefully we can help you find a more trustworthy work from home career.

      All the best,


      • hi marcus,

        i had already paid for the site…does this mean that they have access to my credit card account.?? please reply on my mail id…that would help a lot..

        • Hi Moinak,

          Judging by the previous comments that we have received, I would say that you should contact OIS and request that that they cancel all future transactions. It would also be a good idea to make your bank aware of any potential transactions that they try to make. Proceed with caution would be my best advice here.

          Best wishes,


      • Hi Marcus,

        I cant tell you how thankful i am.As we were suppose to join ois but i dont even remember how i landed on this page where i eyes got whide opened abt ois .I resigned from my job due to my health issue.Now i want to work n earn some good income so i could lead my life with ease.

        Kindly help n suggest whic site or company to trust when it comes to work from home.


        • Hi SG,

          We are really pleased to hear that we prevented you from falling for OIS!

          Take a good look around Work From Home Watchdog as we have covered many ways to earn a consistent income online.

          Wishing you all the best for 2012, SG!


  • tons of thanks for your review it really saved me as i was looking for an alternative solution to boost up my income and your review made me to refrain from this online income solution due to lack of transparency etc etc… your work is really appreciated pls continue to do the same hearty wishes for your team :)

  • Thanks for the review. I am 16 yrs old and I was planning to sign up to online income solution but thanks to your article I was saved. Could you give me legit online jobs? I just wanna make my vacation productive.

  • very very thanks to yr team……….u save alot ao money by doing this job.
    i also saved by u only. i would like to tell u one more thing that when u close their window then before closing they will flash that dont leave u can join in only $10…..after that also i first click stay on page then after that i click close then their page says last chance to join in $4.97.then i read this things written by u through google and save my $4…thanks alot to ur team buddy

  • I’ve just joined with a fee of $19.97 though it said there was supposed to be a free trial before it ends tomorrow, 17 Oct, 2012 (Wednesday). Since it’s just a minimal fee, I thought “why don’t I just give it a try?”. Followed the registration process and all and came across many suggestions for upgrade and all. Started to feel insecure and in order to avoid further costs (if it’s really a scam), I’ve ignored all and successfully gone to the OIS members page. Then, I was required to setup a website which they said it’s absolutely free. But after going through the process of choosing a domain name, they are now asking for a payment of over $250 for the package! What does FREE means when they keep asking for payments and upgrades?! Should I just leave it as it is with my $19.97 gone or should I pursue for a refund or something? Am feeling so scammed right now.

    • Hi Jane,

      We are very sorry to hear about this situation.

      First of all I suggest that you back away totally from Online Income Solutions – I’ll explain more shortly. Secondly, chase a refund if you can, but if (as I suspect) you find it difficult to get one, I would say that you are best to just forget about the $20 and regard it as a lucky escape because once you get into the sales funnels of programs like this, you usually end up paying a LOT more than anticipated.

      Honestly Jane, if building a website and earning an income online is something that interests you then I advise you to check out our Work From Home Watchdog course because it will explain how you can do that at NO COST, with NO STRINGS.

      Lastly, the Online Income Solutions website is now being flagged by most of the anti-virus software programs as being unsafe. The reason for this as quoted by BullGuard (an Internet security program) is:

      “The site is listed as a malicious site that may be stealing identity information, plant viruses on your machine or do other harmful things”

      This should tell you everything you need to know about Online Income Solutions.

      Very sorry once again that you have run into problems with these people Jane, and we wish you all the best for your future.


  • i have joined onlineincomesolution…but i read the reviews after joining when i did not get any convincing mail which asks u to click on this link to get ur id or password…still i am optimistic that they wil provide me something worth believing that its not fake..i want to try some online jobs but i am not sure now…can u suggest me some legit online jobs where they dont cheat u..i am ready to pay initial fee if it helps me earn something. kindly help…

    • Hi Sanjay

      Sorry to hear you are having a challenge with Online Income Solution. It’s not a good sign when you sign up at a website and don’t receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

      I highly recommend taking our beginner course to learn how you can get a work from home business started with no upfront cost.

      All the best,


  • Thanks for review..
    I was going to sign up..but then a thought came in mind check everything about it..

    I read this review and I was saved!

  • hey thanks for the review.. a last moment check jus saved me i guess! though i would request you to please guide me on the issue cause i need this kinda work. thank you.

  • Thanks for review..
    I was going to sign up..but then a thought came in mind check everything about it..

    I read this review and I was saved!

  • Hello,

    My name is Paul Wilson and I work for Online Income Solution. I can confirm that the Online Income Solution website has not been closed down. It is still live.

    Also, we offer customers all the information they would need to get started making money online through affiliate marketing. We currently have thousands of customers making money with our support and guidance.

    We do offer a “no questions asked” refund guarantee for up to 60 days. So if a customer isn’t satisfied with the program, they can contact us for the refund within the first 60 days. We also state that $3 will be taken off for admin purposes. However, this is very rarely actioned.

    If anyone has any questions regarding the program itself, please feel free to email us at the address on our website and we will happily assist you further.


    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      We are glad to hear that the OIS website is up and running again, after what was a period of downtime. We are also pleased that you’ve replied to our post because it was made almost 6 months ago, and at the time we did request that you give your views on our review (in an effort to better understand the service that you provide).

      We also appreciate that you offer a refund, but many people are concerned about what exactly they will be doing before they part with any money. It’s our goal to help our visitors avoid being scammed online, and in this day and age you need to have a level of transparency so that people fully understand exactly what they are getting involved with.

      It’s not just us that feel this way because I’m sure you are aware there are MANY opinions online about your website that share our concerns, so we regard this as a product/service that people should approach with caution. After all, it’s very common online nowadays to offer people a completely free trial of a product with no strings attached, and we know that our visitors prefer this completely honest approach over any other. Being perfectly honest with you, this is the best possible way to promote ANY service online…a ‘try before you buy’ trial where you will gladly let people test your product first.

      It would be great to have a further reply from you because it will help our visitors understand more about what OIS can do for them. If you prefer to discuss this with me in private first, feel free to use our ‘Report A Scam’ page to contact me personally.

      Once again, this is an opportunity for you to prove to us that your business is trustworthy and valid.

      I look forward to hearing from you.


    • dear sir ,i paid the entering fees Rs 1137 and now these people are asking for sign up hosting
      fees and much more which is thrice the price of the above amount and i cannot effort it.i sent many maills for refund of bill and they suggested they would transfer in 3 -4 business days but no use .i am waiting for more than 3 weeks but nothing has happend.

      • Hi Chethan,

        Unfortunately this does happen and all you can do is to keep on at them. Say it’s not working, but do not pay out any more money.



  • Good review!…Maybe though you should of warned your reader’s,always Google any site that may/will offer, gullible people an easy life…TK Williams… living in Sunny Thailand now…

    • All of you are totally right.I google searched this with the BBB and there was no listing.Guaranteed,they’ll not be getting any of my hard earned dollars.