MoolaVine Review: Unique. But Powerful?

MoolaVine – an intriguing looking program with the promise of a sure-fire way to earn $300+ per day online by the power of cooperation.

Sounds interesting, but is this opportunity as unique as the MoolaVine website makes out? Or is it just another re-hashed idea that the owner claims is a never-seen-before way to make money online?

MoolaVine Review

If you’ve scoured the internet for an honest MoolaVine review and remain confused by the many conflicting opinions, I’m not surprised.

Needless to say, there’s a good reason for that and we will look at the why later in this review.

But for now, let’s start at the very beginning and establish the truth about MoolaVine and the reality of what it suggests you can earn.

Only then can you make an informed decision about if it is right for you or not.

Let’s dive in.

Coming up we’ll be taking a close look at the following points:

What Exactly Is MoolaVine?

Product Name: MoolaVine
Product Type: Affiliate marketing/make money online
Product Creator: Bryan Winters
Product Price: Free to get started, rising potential to $20 per month and more

At first glance, the MoolaVine website comes across as a fairly dated opportunity with nothing other than a “from the beach” sales video and the option to sign up for free.

The video is relatively short, and in it, we get to hear Bryan Winters (MoolaVine creator) explain the MoolaVine process.

He uses some interesting terminology to explain how MoolaVine works, like: “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”, “affiliate marketing in reverse” and “the power of cooperation” to name just a few examples.

I have to say that Bryan does a great job of increasing my curiosity, and as it’s free to sign up and no payment details are required, it’s a no-brainer to at least see what’s on the inside.

Once inside as a free member, you are met by a video explaining the MoolaVine process, plus a number of ways to increase your potential with the program.

At this stage, I have to say that I am impressed with the idea behind MoolaVine.

It’s a good idea but I need to see everything within the program to decide if it’s something that will definitely work for everyone.

How Do You Make Money
With MoolaVine?

Let’s now take a look at how you actually make money with MoolaVine.

A quick FYI, the process might not seem totally straightforward at first, so re-read this section a couple of times if you need to.

As a free member, Bryan does explain it repeatedly and in detail, so this tells me that even he knows it might be easy to misunderstand.

So, the first important point to address is MoolaVine ‘Green Days’ as indicated below:

As a free member, you get 5 free green days, which for now is best described as the number of days you have within your membership to earn money.

Now at the core of the MoolaVine process is where you earn more green days by buying products from 2 online digital marketplaces – Clickbank and JVZoo.

Both of these websites focus mostly on digital products and services, but Bryan explains that they also sell physical products.

Some of these products can be seen above…and you might also notice where it says “Click to request this product” and this is key to making the most of the free membership at MoolaVine.

If you’re like me, you will at this point be wondering why you would want to buy products like this? Also, how does it help you to make money?

Well at this level, it doesn’t actually make you money. But the person who referred you to MoolaVine DOES earn a commission payment when you buy a product.

This is done by filling out a purchase request form that is sent to your referrer, who then supplies you with their affiliate link to purchase the product.

You might still be wondering how this actually benefits you?

Well, for every $1 that you spend buying products through JVZoo or Clickbank, you are rewarded with one green day.

So if you spend $50 you will get 50 green days added to your account.

I hope that makes sense so far, and YES we are now going to discuss how you turn these green days into money!

Aside from making purchases that you will benefit from (a point that Bryan makes but I don’t totally agree with), to make money from MoolaVine you need to refer other people into the program.

Only then will people in your downline under you make purchases as mentioned above from your affiliate link, earning you $ amounts in your Clickbank and JVZoo accounts.

And the green days?

As long as you have active days within your account, you can receive purchase requests from people who are part of your downline.

You might now be thinking this sounds good but you might also be thinking this is definitely not for you.

But let’s look at the rather obvious point here of how you keep your green days up without buying a whole bunch of things that you don’t necessarily want or need. Bryan of course has you covered.

The Unlimited Green Day Plan costs an initial $1 for a 5-day trial and then it continues at $20 per month.

This gives you unlimited green days, meaning that you do not need to make any further purchases to top up your green day pot.

You will also continue to receive purchase requests from your downline referrals as they happen.

That kind of takes care of the green day problem. But at this stage, I’m still not entirely sure if this is something that everyone can potentially profit from.

We will discuss that shortly, but let’s first look at a question that might be on the tip of your tongue…

Isn’t This Just MLM
or a Pyramid Scheme?

It’s a valid question, right?

Bryan clearly thinks it’s important enough to address within the FAQ’s on the website where he states:

While you can make money by referring others, it’s not on a multi-level.

Fair enough, but the emphasis at MoolaVine is on what Bryan calls “growing your vine” which effectively is increasing your number of referrals to earn more money.

Pyramid scheme?

Well technically speaking a pyramid scheme involves paying to join and only earning from people you refer to the program.

Because Bryan addresses these points, MoolaVine is just on the right side of wrong for me.

Are There Any Additional Costs
Associated With MoolaVine?

Yes, there are. And this is where we get to determine who this program might be right for.

Firstly there’s the obvious question of how do you recruit new members into MoolaVine if you are a newbie or don’t have an existing online presence?

Bryan has this covered with something called MoolaVine Traffic Shares.

These cost $40 and it basically means the MoolaVine team will drive traffic to your MoolaVine affiliate link via a number of social media and broadcast methods.

Your affiliate link is in rotation with other members who also purchased the traffic shares.

Bryan refers to this as a way for even a complete newbie to earn a hands-off income from MoolaVine.

Who Is MoolaVine a Good Fit For?

This for me is the most important question of all.

As I see it, someone completely new to this way of making money will struggle to make money with it unless they pay for the MoolaVine traffic shares at $40.

I honestly don’t think that buying a bunch of digital products (mainly) from Clickbank and JVZoo can be classed as being beneficial – from a financial point of view.

So I believe a newbie would first need to upgrade to the Unlimited Green Days Plan at $1 initially then $20 per month. Followed by purchasing traffic shares at $40 every month or so, hoping that enough people join and spend to cover the outlay.

It’s also worth pointing out here that anyone can earn $10 extra per month from anyone in their vine/downline who also purchases the Ultimate Green Day Plan.

This would contribute to your monthly income if you have referrals.

The real winners for me with MoolaVine would be people/bloggers who already have an online presence and plenty of followers.

They could very quickly refer many people and earn a tidy income in the process.

So in short, I believe a newbie with limited funds would struggle to make this work. But someone with online experience and a following could profit well from it.

MoolaVine: My Final Thoughts

This is such a difficult program to give a verdict on because it could work so differently depending on an individual’s situation.

I will say that I do not think it’s a scam at all.

I think it’s a very clever idea and Bryan’s training and resources are of a good standard.

But I do believe that you could only make a good income with it if you are already established online.

If you are not then there’s an element of financial risk associated with the upgrades that may or may not work.

Are you a current MoolaVine member?

If so I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below

Marcus – WFHW

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