Is Success With Anthony a Scam?

Success With Anthony A Scam

Success With Anthony is a product created by a young entrepreneur called Anthony Morrison, who at the age of 7 sold candy bars to raise funds to buy a Jacuzzi.

His portfolio is impressive, to say the least, which at a later date involved setting up his own company when financial ruin threatened his family.

Since then he has set up eleven additional companies and written two books. Anthony gives seminars to high school teenagers and corporate clients about building a business on the net and talks about economics.

Success with Anthony is a site that starts off with a really impressive video that involves Anthony meeting several people who have made money by following his system.

After the video, you are presented with a sign-up page where the initial cost is $49.

The reason I mention the initial cost is that potentially there are 5 further costs later in the program. I will cover these later in this review, but don’t let that put you off for now.

What is ‘Success With Anthony’ all about?

In essence, Success With Anthony teaches you how to profit from affiliate marketing.

After signing up you are presented with a “welcome video” to watch, and this is a nice personal touch. Also on this page, you have 4 main items to read and look at. These are:

  • 1.    Homework – A three-page PDF for you to download and read. These are the main instructions for the course.
  • 2.    Get Your Free Websites – This is where you gain access to the five free websites that are fully customized for you.
  • 3.    Choose Your Personal Coach – Complete a questionnaire that best describes you, how committed you are, and what you really want to achieve. You also have to complete an interview on the telephone so that you can discuss your strengths and weaknesses.
  • 4.    Ultimate Success Challenge – This is where you test your knowledge of what you have learned so far to unlock prizes of T-shirts, ebooks, trophies, iPads, and much more.

Success with Anthony primarily focuses on email marketing, social profits, and SEO profits. Once logged in, the following courses are available from the top navigation menu:

Email Marketing

In this section you have a comprehensive 232-page book to read, plus 14 videos covering everything from the why of email marketing, to lastly what converts. Next, you have the Aweber videos, and there are 10 of these to watch.

Aweber is an autoresponder service for sending and receiving multiple emails. It is one of the main tools for any affiliate marketer. Finally, you have an email marketing quiz to enter.

This one course covering email marketing is likely to take you quite some time to complete because even though it isn’t difficult to do, there are a lot of parts to it.

I would suggest that you go through this several times – especially if you are new to the world of affiliate marketing.

Social Profits

Social Profits focuses on your social media, and the four that are covered are:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Youtube
  • Twitter

The first link is to get your 4 workbooks on each of these sites. Next, you have the social profits video course, and this comprises 13 videos.

Last but not least, you have the social profits quiz. Once again, this is a very condensed course with a large amount of information to take on board.

SEO Profits

This starts off with a video about Webfire which I personally wouldn’t bother with until you have learned the basics of email marketing, otherwise, this is going to be a waste of money.

It’s also worth noting here that Webfire has a monthly fee (currently $497 per month).

There are 7 videos in all to watch on SEO, keyword research, article marketing, and getting backlinks. Then finally you have the quiz to do.

Earlier I mentioned additional costs, and after the initial outlay of $49 you are shown another video and so this goes on several more times with additional costs involved each time.

With all these additional costs you could be looking at over $500, but you only have to make these additional purchases if required. it’s very important to know this from the start, especially if you are new to this type of business.

Success With Anthony Conclusion


This is a very well-thought-out course covering a vast amount of subjects, and I know from experience that they can be very confusing to set up correctly.

The videos and the books are very informative and cover an incredible amount of information in great detail. However, don’t let that put you off because the training and explanations in the videos are easy to follow.


I would not bother with the hosting because you are better off getting a cheaper deal elsewhere. Also, avoid the 5 free squeeze pages because you will be using the same 5 pages that every other member is using. This will greatly reduce your long-term earning potential.


Success with Anthony is a difficult product for us to evaluate because from the outside looking in there are a number of things that would usually raise concerns with us.

Things like…million-dollar claims, exit page offers, very expensive upsells within the course…things like this do not go down well with us here at WFHW.

However, the training is very good, and you do not need to purchase any of the additional “upsells”.

So, is Success With Anthony a scam? No, it isn’t, but I would advise that complete newbies consider their options because it would be easy to spend a lot more on this product than you initially think.

For that reason, I believe it is most suited to the more experienced marketer who wants to brush up on their skills and knows how to evaluate IF they really need to make any of the additional purchases recommended in the course.

Neil – WFHW

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  • I purchased Anthony’s success package, I am not a total novice when it comes to internet marketing, however, I’m no expert either. I have a basic understanding of what this program is offering, but lack the experience to do it on my own.
    That being said, I layed out about $270 for what I believed was a fairly comprehensive package with the intent that I would increase my chances of success. But I guess it was not to be. After shelling out all that cash (believeing the total cost would be closer to the advertised price of $49) I have nothing to show for it except some receipts.

    • Hi Curt,

      That’s not good, depending on how long ago you purchased this then you should be able to get a refund.



  • You guys are the best at what you do that I have read so far. It takes time to do an honest and unbiased review. i am 60 years old and on a disability pension. I am always on the look out for that 1st break with out getting ripped off again. It is so great for a novice like myself to get the real truth. Please keep up the good work. You are in my bookmarks now. Thank you and God Bless.

    • Hi Bo,

      Thank you very much for your comment.
      We do try to give unbiased reviews so it can benefit our readers and keep them informed of what is either good to use or best avoided.

      All the best to you


  • Hi
    I have also ordered the successwithanthony product but up could not continue due to the video footage which was not clear. I have paid around N$380 if you convert that to my currency. I have tried to get my refund cause I discontinue the programme but to no avail. How can I get my refund or help to achieve the success being promised. I have lost track and whenever I try and send an email there is no response. I still have the clickbank receipts in my inbox. Maybe you can direct me forward to reclaim the money.