Commission Smasher Review: Is $100 a Day Really Possible?


A regular visitor to Work From Home Watchdog recently asked me to take a look at Commission Smasher – a product that promises to reveal a proven step-by-step formula for making serious money as an affiliate marketer.

Commission Smasher is a relatively cheap product comprising mostly of a few training videos and other bonuses.

Nick Mark, the creator, promises that you’ll be able to copy his strategy to make at least $100 a day with free traffic and nothing else, no list, no website – nothing!

In this Commission Smasher review, you’ll discover what’s really behind the sales page and if it’s worth your time and cash.

Commission Smasher Overview

  • Product name: Commission Smasher
  • Up-sells: 3
  • Down-sells: 3
  • Creator: Nick Mark
  • Product type: Affiliate marketing training

Commission Smasher Training Videos

The coreĀ of this product consists of three tutorials that explain how to get started as an affiliate marketer. The first video is basically Nick Mark talking about how to be careful when searching for products because there are a lot of scams out there.


There’s certainly a lot of padding in the videos, with Nick talking about his team, his products, and that it takes a while to actually get into the meat of the tutorials.

On the other hand, the videos do reveal a very basic overview of the affiliate marketing strategy, such as how to find affiliate products to promote.

Although you get an idea of the process, you certainly won’t be making $100 per day from these instructions alone without a much deeper understanding of the industry.

My own experiences with affiliate marketing over 10+ years have taught me that it is definitely not as straightforward as some might say.

So it seems like the Commission Smasher tutorials are geared towards complete beginners. More experienced marketers will maybe not benefit as much from these videos as it’s all watered-down information. Not exactly brand-new or unique information.

Commission Smasher Up-sells and Down-sells

If you’re a regular visitor to my website then you will know that I like to mention any further costs or upsells associated with a program.

Unfortunately, there are more than a few up-sells and down-sells within Commission Smasher.

In fact, you meet with the first up-sell as soon as you make payment:


Opting for the ‘No Thanks’ link at the bottom of the page, I went through 5 more up-sells (‘No Thanks’) before eventually getting to the Commission Smasher members area for the first time.

The reality is that up-sells and down-sells exist within almost all products. However, I believe this information should be made available from the start – just so potential customers get an idea of how much they might end up spending.

Think of the ‘in app purchases’ information that you get before buying an app on the App Store and you will understand the level of upfront transparency that I am talking about.

The following image is from the Commission Smasher affiliate page. This page is generally not available to the potential customer as it outlines how much affiliates can earn if they want to promote the product.

As you can see from the Commission Smasher affiliate information below, this product could eventually cost you over $250.


I can’t vouch for the quality of these up-sells because I didn’t buy them, but it’s worth taking note if you are considering buying the program.

The Commission Smasher System In A Nutshell

You simply cannot figure out exactly what the Commission Smasher “system” is from the sales video alone.

I couldn’t tell if I was going to learn about something that I already know or some useful information that I haven’t heard about.

Well, if you’re wondering what’s behind the sales page, continue reading!


Commission Smasher’s unique and magical formula is to essentially create video reviews for various products and publish them to YouTube, including an affiliate link in the video description.

Unfortunately, the exact process for creating these videos is not revealed, so it’s up to you to figure out how to record your computer screen, edit, and everything else.


I have a few thoughts on this method.

For starters, everybody knows that videos are a very powerful form of media nowadays.

The problem is the Commission Smasher training doesn’t expand on important details like how to create videos that increase conversion rates.

In other words, the video tutorials are not in-depth, they are very basic. They’ll give you the idea but they won’t tell you how to do it. I think that’s a huge problem.

There’s a lot that you need to know about creating videos such as: how to edit videos, the best video editing software, how to use that software, how to record your voice, best microphones to use for audio quality, how to publish videos on YouTube, and much more.

It’s definitely not something that a complete beginner will be able to get into without further training or some basic tech skills.


So, let’s summarize. For the cost of buying Commission Smasher, you get a basic overview of affiliate marketing with videos.

A newbie is likely to be left with questions, and I would say that making $100 per day from the very start would be unlikely.

Yes, it outlines a process that will make money, but there is a lot more to affiliate marketing than what is explained in the 3 short videos that make up Commission Smasher.

Maybe the up-sells and down-sells contain more detail?

That could well be the case, but I was promised a $100 per day from the product alone…not through a number of additional purchases (up-sells).

I do believe that affiliate marketing with videos is a great idea if you take the time to create in-depth reviews and make sure that the video quality is superb.

You just don’t want to create more junk videos. YouTube has enough of those.

If you can create excellent quality videos with detailed information about products and then include links to your product or website, I definitely think you could have a sustainable business model.

But if you only follow the advice in this product you will simply be scratching the very surface of affiliate marketing with videos.

If you have any thoughts or questions about Commission Smasher please leave a comment below!

Marcus ~ WFHW

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