Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

Coffee Shop Millionaire is a very popular work from home product that was launched by Anthony Trister.

I must have received at least 15 emails about this product from folks like Eben Pagan, Ryan Diess, Mike Filsaime and even the Bring The Fresh guys, Kelly & Mike.

However, you probably know that here at WFHW we really don’t care too much about what the “gurus” say,  so you’d best sit back for this honest Coffee Shop Millionaire review.

I watched the videos and it all sounded great… for a while, but with 75% of the sales video and website content selling the “Internet lifestyle, the millionaire dream and six-figure income”, I get that very same sinking feeling when I’ve heard pitches like this before.

What irritated me a bit too was the fact that the video seemed to go on for ages with no way of speeding things up.

The end result is a product costing $37, but before you even get to the members’ area of the Coffee Shop Millionaire (CSM) there are some rather persistent upsells.

A ‘done for you’ website complete with PLR content and links etc, a mastermind group, and a monthly subscription package.

Despite the low entrance cost, $421.00 is the average bill for those who sign up.

Inside Coffee Shop Millionaire

If you follow the steps in Anthony’s Coffee Shop Millionaire program, your first task (as recommended by Anthony) is to get him to build that website for you.

These websites are pretty low-quality WordPress websites with PLR content. This is just another push at the upsell to buy a domain & hosting for 2 years, obviously costing you more money.

In my opinion, this is unnecessary considering you can build a website cheaply these days, even for free.

They say that the money is in the list and this program sure is proof of that. Anthony was able to make well over a million dollars with the Coffee Shop Millionaire launch because he was able to “leverage his JV partners”.

That’s how million-dollar launches happen. So will you or I be able to make a million dollars with CSM?

Well if you are fortunate to have affiliates mailing out like the guy’s above, anything is possible I guess.

The core method that Anthony is unveiling is the ‘product owner affiliate model’ variation of affiliate marketing.

Now it has to be said that this is one of the fastest ways to make a $1m online. But the fast part is relative because it might still take you 10 years or so unless you get some serious leverage from JV partners.

On the plus side, there is a lot of information for different levels of expertise within Coffee Shop Millionaire. However, that has also been said to be the Achilles heel of Coffee Shop Millionaire.

The majority of this content seems to be fairly generic and can be found online in every format for free, but then I guess it’s handy having them in the same place for the price tag.

The Coffee Shop Millionaire member’s content:

Cash Machines
Local Cash Machine  – Local business marketing / Newsletter Cash Machine – Email marketing / Article Cash Machine – Article Marketing / Video Cash Machine – Video Marketing

Million Dollar Launch Secrets
15 Video’s including: Product Creation / Army of Affiliates / Art of Launches / Getting Affiliates Excited / New Partnerships / Keys to a Mega Launch / Launch Contests / Launch Processes / Meet Big Players / Rolling Launches / The Launch Schedule / The Ultimate Product Pack – $21K System / Underground Affiliates / Upsell Path / Webinar Replays

Affiliate Marketing
Using and creating affiliate programs

AdSense Sites
Quick Start Guide to Google AdSense / Setting Up and Using New Adsense Ads / Publishing Free Articles on Your Blog

Skillset Videos
Beginner – this set of videos discusses what it takes to work from home and focuses on the right mindset. Intermediate – takes you further on the knowledge trail discussing things like  JV Traffic, using Press Releases, Forum Marketing, PPC, Link Building,  Traffic, etc, and Advanced covers webinars and other high volume sales opportunities.

Tech Tutorials
Basic Videos Upload Using FTP / Blogger Setup / Adding Paypal Button / Word Press Setup / Hosting Setup / Elance / Adding Audio and Video / Registering Domains / Autoresponder Setup / Adding Clickbank Payment Button / Ezine Article Submission / PHP Redirect / Modify Content.

Six-Figure Secrets Club
This is 8 weeks of the mastermind group with 10 added cash machines.

3 Powerful List Building Strategies / Site Critique / Webinar Training / Training Critique / Solo Ads / Killer Email Copy / Banner Ads / Offline Integration / Split Testing / Outsourcing oDesk / Picking a Niche / Micro Niche Keyword / Creating WSO’s / Leveraging Facebook / Shopify Store Setup

The 21k System
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Interviews with Kevin Wilke and Brian David Crane

Bonus Interviews
Kevin Wilke
Kelly Felix
Jason Drohn
Dush Ramachandran

Anthony Trister’s Rolodex

User feedback tells me the biggest value that people are getting from the materials is coming from 2 of the 40+ videos, with the 21K system providing a lot of good information, as does the Million Dollar Launch Secrets section.

However, one thing to note, if you want MP3’s that’s an extra $47.

Summary Of Coffee Shop Millionaire

The Good Bits:

  • I have to say that if you know absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing, getting your hands on these resources for just $37 is a real bargain. There certainly is a lot of content to go through, and it is useful.
  • The info provided in the Million Dollar Launch Secrets might be worth that price alone, to some people. However, a lot of the videos are shot just for this course and most affiliate marketers won’t have a clue about $1m launch tactics.
  • The info in the Cash Machines does work and represents complete business models by themselves.

The Not So Good Bits:

  • The “obvious red flag” on the video and sales page is a constant reminder of screenshots of earnings. “Proof of earnings” if they are real come from launches like this Coffee Shop Millionaire program, and are not necessarily representative of what you or I could earn.  Unless you can email a list as big as gurus do, you are not going to see such earnings.
  • The price tag is aimed at the “new to IM crowd”, but there is so much information about “big business” that a newbie is sure to get totally overwhelmed.
  • There is no one clear path or technique to follow, and that’s not so good for any online course. This feels like a collection of separate bits of a training course, so it really doesn’t flow. The hype in the sales pitch doesn’t seem to come to life within the Coffee Shop Millionaire training material.
  • The ever-present nagging of the hosting plan for the free $1995 website they offer to build you.

In essence, Coffee Shop Millionaire by Anthony Trister is a useful resource, but it kind of feels like a collection of not-so-clear methods rather than one crystal method that is proven to work.

Tony – WFHW

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  • Its been over a week since i paid the $37 or so dollars. Ive not recieved a single phone call or text on how this works. Please email me on what i need to do next or send me a link of how to get my money back

    • Hi Samantha,

      Coffee Shop Millionaire sales are handled by I suggest that you head over to the Clickbank website and follow the links to request a refund. They will require details of your receipt, but generally speaking they are very good at giving refunds.

      Hope this helps,

      Marcus – WFHW

  • Hello , last night I made a crazy decision and decided to buy coffee shop millionaire. As soon as I clicked the buy now button I wanted a refund. I haven’t opened anything and the transaction on my kinecta card is still saying pending. I’ve tried the ClickBank website but it’s not working (maybe because it’s still pending idk). Is there anyway I can get my money back? :(

    • Hi Apryl,

      Clickbank is definitely the route that you need to take to get a refund. Sometimes payments via them do take a while to process so I would give it a couple of days before trying again. Don’t forget that you get a lengthy refund period with Clickbank so a couple of days won’t cause any harm.

      Best wishes,

      Marcus – WFHW

  • Hi Tony

    I have paid the $37, after reading your reviews, how do I get my money back


    • Hi Geoff –
      Here’s what I would do if I paid through paypal – Sign into paypal and go to the resolution center you will need the paypal ID for the transaction but you can get it by following the links and prompts. Once you have the transaction ID tell paypal why you want your money back … be honest and tell them! They will act on your behalf and get clickbank to issue you a refund to your account.

      If you paid by CC through clickbank – Clickbank also have a refund department and you can usually find a link to support to initiate the refund process on your original purchase receipt.

      Hope you get through swiftly – let me know how it all goes.

      WFHW Team

  • Hi Tony,

    Thank you so much for the honest and direct information, I think you just saved me some $$$$$.

    I’ll check out your recommended list as I am looking to earn extra income and am not highly skilled on the net.

    regards, Deb

    • Hey Deb’s … glad to be of service :)

      You’re spot on with your next move – be sure to let me know what online venture you start with.

      Keep Going…

  • Tony im so. Glaad. To read your advices, its easier to envolve people in this kind of bussines systems ( Network marketing) , but they dont tell you all the Con’s , peronally I had try in this system and i didmt like, but i started my own bussines and after 5 years im a succesfull entrepreneur.
    All the best


  • Okay, okay, okay, believe it or not I am learning to be A LOT more careful. I know I won’t earn 1K or more in one week. Thanks for being here!

    • haha I’m glad you took that in the way it was meant :)

      It’s our pleasure being hear for you and giving a steer when needed. That’s what WFHW is all about. Keep in touch and let me know how your online ventures go


  • Thanks, Tony. I was able to get all charges reversed. Whew!

    Have you heard of I thought I had gotten this from here, but I could be wrong. I paid the $24.00 they were asking for to be able to see all work from home jobs. I went on yesterday and couldn’t access the job site. I’ve emailed and have had no response. Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Laura

    • Laura, Laura, Laura,
      can you tell I’m shaking my head now…
      I’ve never heard of but I’ll tell you what I noted once on the site…

      1) Where is the added value on the site
      2) No Testimonials at all
      3) What you have to pay – alarms ringing

      If you really want earn cash fast as in this week you’d better consider being a freelancer.
      BUT – a more medium & long term option still waits for you with our free training.

  • Help! I fell for the scam yesterday and want to stop all payments. Can I call my credit card company and tell them not to process the payments? I had a bad feeling the more I had to start paying. Any advice is helpful. I usually research these things, but must have a had a brain fart day.

    Thanks for your response.

    • Hi Laura
      so here’s the deal – to stop payments send an email to Clickbank stating that you wish to cancel 7 contact your CC company too.

  • ive just signed up today 21st feb and so you said only 37 dollars but by the time i got to the end it was 649 dollars wit all the add ons ie. 2year subscription 5000 contacts 3 lots of 9.95 and so on im realy going to give it a go but not holding my breath any response all help would b great

    • Wow Paul – looks like you and Mr Trister are going to be pals –

      I do hope he treats you well and delivers…
      Do let us know how you get on.

  • Well done review Tony. Love the Pros and Cons list that allow the reader to determine on their own if they want to invest.

    • Hey Scott,
      cheers for your comments, Pro’s and Con’s – every program has them, and we aim to make choosing a path a lot clearer.
      See you again soon ;)

      WFHW Team

    • Hi Mindi,
      CSM isn’t a job as such, it’s a method outlined by Anthony Trister that works for him.

      All the best

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the review!! So appreciated! Wondered what you knew/thought of Kate Bucks – The Strangest Job?
    Thanks again for your HONEST report on a money scam!

    • Klarence thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the Coffee Shop Millionaire review.

      We wish you success in all your future endeavors.


  • Hi, Tony
    I was happy to find out and to read your review-it is great and well done. I had a negative experience with 4 gurus programs and lost enough money paying foe website hosting, domains and so on. Do you know at least one program which is really working for old and none experienced in web like I am who needs some additional money to collect for retirement? Thanks, Mikhail

    • Hi Mikhail,
      There are quite a few different business models and programs that are certainly worth perusing. It really depends on the approach to making money and working from home that you chose. have a poke in our recommendations page. Find just 1 that you like the look of and stick to it ;) … that’s the trick Mikhail, sticking to it! Best of luck, let me know how you get on.


    • Hey Frank,
      Glad you liked it. We aim to please with impartial and blatantly honest reviews. Cheers for leaving a comment and touching base with us.


      • Tony,
        Your review was right to the point and much to your credit,professionally addressed both the pro and con issues in an impartial,easily understood manner which substantiated each one exceptionally well. Thank you for a job well done!!!

        • Cheers Chuck,
          Good to hear that your liking it. Always great to know we are doing what we set out to do… Hope that makes sense ;)


  • This is actually a spot on review Tony. Most reviews I read out there in the IM world are fake, meaning that the person doing the review is secretly willing to say whatever it takes to get you to buy the product they are reviewing.

    Having bought Coffee Shop Millionaire I know first hand that the bill is much larger than the $37. Tons of upsells that make you feel like you need to buy more…the support was not the best, and I was finding that much of the content was becoming outdated and there was no one to get in touch with to verify the quality of the content.

    Personally, I don’t trust anything that any of those gurus that mention say any longer. They cannot be trusted and they are just making money off of their promotions.

    • Thanks Jamie!

      Yeah, it’s VERY easy for people to give fake positive reviews just because they want to earn a commission, and that is the reason why we ONLY recommend products that we personally use or have tried. We’ve actually turned down a number of requests for reviews of high price products (from the product owners), simply because we don’t work like that.

      If you have a good look around our website you will see that many of our highest recommendations are either completely free, or at least have a trial so you can make up your own mind without paying. We like that open approach because all removes all the risk for the consumer.

      Glad to hear that you approve of my review and that it reflects your own experiences, but I’m sorry to hear that CSM hasn’t turned out to be the product you thought it would be.

      Thanks again for touching base with us :)