Amazonian Profit Plan Review

Making a full time income by working online has massive benefits and the wide variety of products to promote is endless.

One of the largest online stores has affiliates to promote it’s products and they get paid a commission for every product that is bought through their affiliate link.

amazonian profit plan review

We are of course talking about which calls it’s affiliates, Associates.

This product, Amazonian Profit Plan, gives a very detailed account of how to choose products from Amazon and promote them.

There are six steps you need to take:

  1. Choose five products in Amazon.
  2. Do keyword research.
  3. Check the competition.
  4. Write a review for that product.
  5. Post the review to your blog or website.
  6. Get traffic to those pages.

These six steps don’t sound like a lot but having a detailed walk through of everything that is involved is a lot easier than trying fathom all this out for yourself.

The reason this method is so lucrative is because people are always looking for additional information on a product before they purchase. Very few people buy blind unless they have previous experience.

What you will be doing is learning how to write reviews of products from Amazon and providing a link to Amazon for your readers to purchase through.

Although Amazon only pays 4% commission to start with, that rises over time.

Why Use Amazon?

People trust Amazon because it and it is recognized as a quality site.

I have bought many things over the years from Amazon myself and the service is excellent, hence I have no problem being an Associate and promoting their products.

There is a bonus to this as well, because you can make additional commissions from every other product that your visitor buys after clicking through on your link.

For example you might be promoting golf clubs but your purchaser may also buy towels, because your Associate ID remains in place.

There are Associate Programs for the following Countries:

United States
United Kingdom

I do have to point out though that the Amazonian Profit Plan isn’t suitable if you have no knowledge of how to build websites or blogs.

And unfortunately you cannot participate in the Associates Program if you are from the following States due to Tax Law changes:

North Carolina
Rhode Island

If you have tried marketing products online and haven’t been very successful at it then this could be your answer because you don’t have to bother with deciding what niche to research because all you need to do is pick a product!

My Amazonian Profit Plan Conclusion

I actually own many guides about writing reviews on products from Amazon and although I am trying to be impartial it is very difficult for me to do that here.

Amazonian Profit Plan is one extremely well laid out guide that gives you very detailed instructions of what to do and more importantly, how to do it.

For that reason, I wholeheartedly give the Amazonian Profit Plan a 10/10 Rating!

Neil – WFHW

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