SaleHoo Review: eCommerce For Power Sellers

When it comes to working from home, there’s no one size that fits all.

In fact, many people (myself included) first experienced making money online with eBay, and this is still very popular with people around the world who want to take advantage of online auction websites.

Salehoo Review

One of the most popular ways of selling on auction sites is to use dropshipping suppliers, and this allows you to sell goods without holding any stock, or having to process any orders.

Here at Work From Home Watchdog, we receive regular requests for reviews of the best dropshipping suppliers out there, so today I would like to take a closer look at one of our most popular requests with our SaleHoo review.

What exactly is Salehoo?

(Short version) SaleHoo is a website geared at giving its members the support, training, and resources needed to build a successful eCommerce business.

That could be on eBay or a similar storefront marketplace, or even by building a website on your own hosting and domain.

The fact remains that SaleHoo’s objective is to teach you the skills needed to become an online auction power-seller.

Of course, SaleHoo is not the only big player in the eCommerce training and support market.

Worldwide Brands and Doba are often mentioned by our visitors, but I believe that has the edge over its competitors.

Why Salehoo gets my vote above the competition…

Even before you decide to join and pay a penny, Salehoo exposes you to free content that is both useful and actionable.

On the other hand, Worldwide Brands offered nothing in the way of useful education or details of what is included within the members’ area, plus there’s the price tag of $299.00.

Whereas with Doba I had to submit my credit card details to even get a look at what the program was about!

With SaleHoo you get great advice in the form of tips and current insights on a regular basis.

Even though there are many benefits if you pay $67 for the full membership, you do not have to pay to get great value from the SaleHoo website.

Free SaleHoo visitor benefits

Monday market of the week
Every Monday, Richelle Monfort (one of the SaleHoo team), lays out a great niche product item that you can promote. These are not the usual suspects such as iPods or the latest cell phone, these are items where the bid numbers and seller numbers are in perfect alignment.

It sounds like an astronomy lesson, but Richelle shows all the data to back up her findings, with links to recommended drop shippers and wholesale suppliers.

SaleHoo Forum You Can Access
Non-members can’t post on the forum, but you can dig down and find an answer to most questions by using the search bar. Plus with threads where email addresses and website details are hidden, it doesn’t take a genius to Google the company name of the suppliers being recommended!

eCommerce Training Articles
On the SaleHoo website there is a tab named ‘Education’, and following through with a click takes you to an article library covering these important topics:

  • Importing and Shipping
  • Finding and Sourcing
  • Scam Prevention
  • Business Set-up
  • eBay Selling
  • and Top Tools

SaleHoo Blog
The SaleHoo blog is updated at least once a week, and on here you will find past Monday Market article posts, seller spotlights, and traffic/conversion tips.

I dare say that the archives will grow as popular as the education tab once the dogs sniff them out… and that’s just the free content!

SaleHoo Lifetime Membership: what you get for $67…

salehoo research labs

SaleHoo Research Labs
The SaleHoo Research Labs are designed to make the task of market research, a breeze. Helping you to identify which products will earn you the best profits, without making any costly mistakes along the way, like sourcing at the wrong price and completely ruining your profit margin!

Access to the 8000+ Supplier directory
Having a successful online store requires a seamless supply chain. You want drop shippers that quickly send the product directly to your buyer from their warehouse.

Wholesalers who buy in bulk, and pass on their savings. Liquidators whose stock you can trust, and manufacturers that won’t expect you to place a minimum- 1000+ unit order.

That type of assured information is worth the $67 lifetime membership alone in my opinion!

Smart Selling Guides
These cover all the vital information you need to know before you get started, including finding a great product to sell, how to avoid dodgy scammers and shipping and importing so you can actually get the goods to the customers’ door!

The power selling tips section explains how to dramatically reduce your shipping costs, plus one I like in particular on how to recover your shipping costs on the sly so that you can offer reduced rates to your customers.

There are also market-specific guides for the biggest and most popular markets for new sellers, and that is just the tip of 1 of their many icebergs!

salehoo for eCommerce review SaleHoo Stores For eCommerce
One thing that always appeals to those of us who are not too technically handy is a store-front website option.  For as little as $27 you can have a fully functioning seamless professional-looking eCommerce website, complete with payment processing and hosting included in the price.

A quality-looking website goes a long way to building trust with a buyer, and this ultimately results in more sales.

SaleHoo Membership Site Review Summary

SaleHoo has certainly convinced me that they are the go-to website for eCommerce training.

The training articles and valuable information given for free are fantastic for those who have a keen interest in eCommerce, and they give you a good indication of what you can expect as a full, lifetime member.

Thumbs up to SaleHoo for giving their website visitors enough information to start making an impact on their eCommerce businesses.

Reviewing your site’s performance after implementing any of the tips and tricks learned on the SaleHoo website will put you in the best place to say whether paying $67 for the lifetime membership is for you.

But whatever you decide…paying $67 at SaleHoo for access to over 8000 verified, researched, and cataloged online eCommerce suppliers is an absolute steal when compared with what is offered by its closest competitors.

Tony – WFHW

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  • Moreover, Salehoo is perfect for those who are interested in learning how to perform drop ship activities. Despite the learning curve, clients are still glad with the services and the educational programs of Salehoo. Perhaps, it is believed that those who are not satisfied with the services of Salehoo are only those who do not even take the time of learning how the system works.

    • Very good points Saroyo.

      I’m sure you will agree that taking the time to put in some effort when learning something new is half the battle.

      Thanks for stopping by…we appreciate your comments :)


  • It seems that Salehoo changed their membership from lifetime to $67 yearly in 2011. Still a good price just wanted to clarify.

    • Hi Alana, my eyes almost popped as I read your comment. I scooted straight over to the sales page and sure enough towards the bottom of the sales page they have added …

      “Become a member now for just $67 for a full year’s membership and no obligation to renew”

      It’s a shame lifetime has gone , however I’d have to say it’s still a great price to pay if Drop-Shipping is your chosen business model.

      Cheers for the heads up ;)