uSell Review

Do you have any unwanted cell phones, iPads, game consoles, textbooks, or video games that you no longer require?

If so then Usell could be the solution that you have been looking for. Read on to find out WFHW discovered in this uSell review.

uSell Review

Product Name: uSell
Product Type: Risk-free service for selling unwanted items.
Price: Free
Owner:, Inc

uSell Program Overview

uSell is a leading cash commerce platform that turns people’s unwanted items into cash. Founded in 2010, uSell came about when two friends had been trying to sell some unwanted electronics on eBay. They found eBay to be both cumbersome and time-consuming to use.

The basic idea is that we all like to de-clutter and make some extra cash, otherwise these electronic items end up being dumped in landfills.

This is not good for the environment because electronic items are hard to recycle, but reselling and re-using them reduces the impact on the environment, plus you get to make some cash in the process.

It’s a win, win situation for all concerned.

How Does Work?

uSell is very easy to use. You simply select the category and item that best matches the item that you wish to sell and click on the button to find the best offers.

The best offer is automatically displayed for you to select, but this is dependent on the information that you have provided in the previous window when you selected the ‘condition’ of your item.

Select the ‘Get Paid’ button and here you will enter your details including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • How you would like to be paid, either by check or via PayPal

You will then be sent a postage-paid kit to the address that you have given.

After the company that you selected receives the item, it is checked and tested. You will be paid in either 24hrs or 48hrs dependent on the payment process that you have chosen.

Who Is uSell For?

Absolutely anyone with unwanted items at home and have no idea what to do with them. This is a great way to make some cash from items that you probably have shoved away in either a draw or in boxes in the attic.

It’s so much better to give others the chance to have a cell phone for example that we take for granted in the western world.

Are There Any uSell Complaints?

From searching and reading the numerous complaints about uSell I can conclude that the majority of these were back in 2011 when the company issued a statement apologizing for such problems that had occurred.

These were due to the fact that they were overwhelmed with the number of transactions that had taken place. It would appear that they have worked on this and have since rectified the problem.

uSell Review: My Final Thoughts

I do like the simplicity of the way that uSell works because it’s very easy to follow.

I will also add here that pays to be honest about the condition of your item. If you do say it’s excellent when it isn’t, then this will have an impact on the final price, which may well be lower than you were originally given.

Have you recycled any of your own goods with uSell? If so I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below.

Neil – WFHW

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