Sell My Mobile Review: Cool Smartphone Profits

Do you have an old mobile phone that you would like to sell?  Take a look at what the WFHW team has discovered in our Sell My Mobile review.  You might be very surprised about what this site has to offer.

Sell My Mobile Review

Sell My Mobile Review: How Does It Work?

Sell My Mobile is a UK-based mobile phone recycling price comparison website.  The site does not buy phones, but they have a system that allows you to easily see which companies will give you the best deal for your used mobile phone.

Located in Burntwood, Staffordshire, Sell My Mobile was the UK’s first mobile phone recycling price comparison site and they remain #1 today.

There’s no need to spend hours searching the Internet looking for the best place to sell your mobile phone when you can compare the prices offered by ALL the top mobile recycling companies in the UK on one website.  That site is

They offer a ‘Best Price Guarantee’ which means they guarantee you will find the buyer who will give you the most money for your mobile phone through their website, or they will refund you double the difference.

The price guarantee is effective for 24 hours after placing your order.

I’m Not From The UK. Can I Still Use Sell My Mobile? is only open to residents of the UK.  Their sister site is and is open to residents of the USA.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Sell My Mobile?

  • Saves you time – Finding the best place to sell your mobile with the Sell My Mobile search function takes a matter of minutes.
  • The Best Price Guarantee – ensures that you will get the most money for your mobile phone.
  • Price Comparisons That You Can Trust – Sell My Mobile provides unbiased facts and lets you decide.
  • Quality Control Standards – If a mobile phone company does not meet minimum quality and customer service standards they are removed from the site.
  • Exclusive Partners – Sell My Mobile has some companies that are exclusive to them and are not found on any other mobile comparison site.
  • Media Recognition – Sell My Mobile has been recognized by the BBC, The Guardian, The Times, and The Daily Mail to name a few.

How Do You Get Paid By Sell My Mobile?

The buyers that are listed on the Sell My Mobile site offer different payment options.  Some of the most common options are Paypal, cheque, bank transfer, Postal Order, and shopping vouchers.

You can choose the payment option that works best for you.

To see which payment options buyers are offering for each phone enter the make and model of your phone in the search box on the Sell My Mobile website and click ‘Go’.

The table will show you the price each phone buyer is offering for your phone along with the payment methods available.

What Do You Need To Know Before Using Sell My Mobile?

1.  If your phone is not working you can still sell it through Sell My Mobile and get up to 90% of the working value.

2.  The prices quoted on the Sell My Mobile site are for the phone and battery.  You are not required to send the charger, SIM card or any accessories.

3.  Most of the companies on the site offer Freepost service.  This means you do not have to pay postage or package the phone as the company sends you a Freepost postage bag.

Check the Sell My Mobile site to see which companies offer this service.

If you send your phone to a mobile buyer via Freepost service it is recommended you take it to the post office and get Proof of Postage.

If the shipment does not reach its destination you can claim up to £46 from Royal Mail.

If your phone is worth more than recommend you should send it via registered post or special delivery as it will be insured for up to £500.

4.  Most of the prices quoted on Sell My Mobile are good for 14 days.  If you like an offer you’ll want to act quickly and take advantage of the offer before it expires.

5.  Once your phone is purchased it is sent for reuse in China, Africa, and India, or the phone is refurbished and sold in the UK.  Phones that are damaged beyond repair are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

What Others Are Saying About Sell My Mobile

Most of the reviews we found about Sell My Mobile were positive however there are a few customers that had a negative experience.

When you sell your phone through Sell My Mobile you are selling to one of Sell My Mobile’s recommended mobile recycling companies, and not Sell My Mobile.

We recommend checking the credibility of the company before you sell your phone to them.  Go to Google and type in the company name followed by the word review or scam.

Read what others are saying about the company.  If they have bad reviews you may want to sell your phone to someone else.

Sell My Mobile has quality standards that companies must meet however it doesn’t hurt to do your own checking to give yourself peace of mind that the company you are about to do business with will fulfill their obligations.

Do you have experience selling phones through or  If so we would like to hear from you.  Share your feedback in the comment box below.

Terri – WFHW

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