Is Rent A Friend A Scam?

Are you concerned that might possibly be a scam?

Remember that a scam typically charges a fee without providing a legitimate product or service.

Let’s take a closer look at Rent A Friend to determine if the site provides value within the services offered.

Is Rent A Friend A Scam

What is is the largest friend-for-hire website in the world.

RentAFriend is not a dating or escort service. In fact, the site has very strict policies with regard to acceptable behavior. RentAFriend is strictly for platonic companionship.

RentAFriend was started in New Jersey in 2009 by Scott Rosenbaum.  Although it is a new service in the North American market, RentAFriend has been available in Japan for many years and is very popular in that country.

In Japan, RentAFriend caters mainly to single-parent families.

Since the Japanese society is so family-oriented, RentAFriend helps to fill the void for those who are widowed, separated, and need someone to attend their child’s sporting events, school functions or they require a companion for social functions.

In North America, is just starting to gain popularity. The service provides people with the opportunity to rent a friend for going to the movies, having lunch, going to a party, and even going to the bar.

The possibilities for outings are extensive. Can you imagine yourself going on a vacation to a destination you have never been to before and having a new rent a friend waiting for you?

RentAFriend is currently available in the following countries; Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan. Mexico, Russia, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

What is the price of friendship?

All prices are negotiable between a friend and a member however, the fees typically start around $10 per hour and can go up as high as $50.

Friends can charge whatever fee they like and are able to keep 100 percent of the profits.  In some cases, the friend may decide not to charge at all.


The membership fee is $24.95 per month or $69.95 per year.  As a member, you are able to look at all other members’ profiles from around the World.

You can contact other members via either a blind email address or cell phone number, whichever method the friend chooses to provide.

All members need to do is type in their zip/postal code or country and they will be able to see profiles, pictures, and interests of other members in their selected area.

How are people using

People are using for a large number of friendly activities. These are just a sample of some of the ways that RentAFriend is being used:

  • Many people on have unique talents.  They can help you learn a new language or tutor you. Teach you how to play an instrument.  A friend can also be a great dance partner.
  • Do you have an extra ticket to a sporting event or concert?  A rent a friend can make a good companion.
  • Do you need a workout partner?  Renting a friend can help to keep you accountable and provide motivation for you during your workouts.  They can also help to spot for you during weight training sessions.
  • You may be looking for someone to hang out with, go to the beach with, or even someone to accompany you while your run errands.  Renting a friend can help to fill any one of these needs.
  • Some people who have elderly family members will hire a friend to visit their family member and run some errands for them or simply to provide companionship.

How much can you make as a friend?

RentAFriend is free to join. Once you register you can upload your picture, post your interests and talents and wait for other members to contact you.

There is no guarantee of how much you will work, however the more engaging your photos and the more activities you are willing to participate in, the greater your chances are of earning more.

Rosenbaum does not keep track of what friends make, but he indicated that there are some who work every day and he’s heard of one member who makes in excess of $1,000 per week.

No website can control what people decide to do when they actually meet, however, Rosenbaum provides some basic guidelines to help keep members safe.

Always carry a phone with you, only meet in public places, follow your instincts, have your own transportation or enough money to get home, never go into someone else’s home alone.

To answer the question: is a scam? No, it is not a scam.

It’s a legitimate business that offers a unique service that is gaining popularity throughout the world as it continues to grow and expand into new markets.

Terri – WFHW

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  • My experience with Rent-a-Friend has been a normal one. By this I mean that I found people to spend time with in the places I travelled to. Sure, sometimes people didn’t respond or responded after the dates I specified in my request but that’s how it goes with people. It was very nice to be with a local when going abroad so I can have an experience that includes their point of view.

    One thing I was surprised about was the customer service. Jessica reached out to me to help me send my request out to reach more locals and she responded to my emails promptly and even during holidays.

    From my experience, the answer the question if the site is a scam is a clear no. There are things that would help users such as doing something similar to what I am doing here: be able to leave a review of those who follow through after agreeing to something. I’d do that for those I met through the site so others have a reference to go by when choosing.

    Anyway, thank you for this outlet to let people share their experiences about sites too.


    • Hi Jose,

      Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with Rent-A-Friend.

      I’m pleased to hear that you’ve had a positive experience so far, and agree with the benefits that you have pointed out.

      I wish you continued positive experiences with Rent-A-Friend, Jose!

      Best wishes,

      Marcus – WFHW

  • I used – well tried to use rent-a-friend a couple times – (as in one year & then waited a year & tried again.) Both times when I contacted people from the number they had on there – they’d say they don’t have a profile on that site & hang up on me.
    One person was listed in my search area & I contacted the person & it turned out the person was on the other side of the state. There were two towns by the same name in my state & the profile was listed in my area instead of the one on the other side of state.
    I had a really hard time getting my money back & getting through to someone. It really seemed like a complete scam to me.

  • Hi Terri,

    I actually need help contacting Rent a Friend. I was a friend and was never asked to hang out with someone (and I was moving) so I deleted my account. This was a year ago. I just received text messages today from someone saying that they got my number from R-A-F. I tried logging in but the site says my account has been canceled… I can’t find a phone number to contact an admin and I fear the my personal info is being used without my permission. Please help if you can.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Meg

      According to Rent a Friend if you delete your account your profile is also deleted.

      If you open the page below there is a link on the right side where you can contact support.

      Hopefully you will be able to get your situation resolved.

      All the best,

  • Yes, Rent A Friend is a scam! I travel frequently and thought I’d give this a try. After paying for a month’s services, I tried contacting dozens of people. No one responded. When I asked for a refund, they refused but offered 6 additional months at no charge- then charged me again.

    • Consumer, thanks for sharing your experience with Rent A Friend. It will help others to make an informed decision about joining.

      Did you contact Rent A Friend about getting a refund for the 2nd charge? If you paid via Paypal you can log into your Paypal account and cancel the reoccurring billing. You also have the option to dispute both charges via Paypal.