The Optional Extra Costs At Wealthy Affiliate (Starter And Premium)

The Optional Extra Costs
At Wealthy Affiliate
(Starter and Premium)

By Marcus at Work From Home Watchdog

Wealthy Affiliate is renowned for being an honest and transparent work from home community.

As a result, any further costs at Wealthy Affiliate are clearly stated, and are purely designed to enhance your membership even further.

In this article, I’m going to break down every single additional cost that you might come across as a Wealthy Affiliate member.

That way you will have a clear idea of what to expect if you are considering trying Wealthy Affiliate.

I will also explain how to get the best possible cost-saving deals as a Wealthy Affiliate member, and more importantly, the best times to take advantage of these offers.

The Wealthy Affiliate Starter account is the entrance point that I recommend everyone should take when first trying Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s completely free to setup a Starter account, and it grants you limited yet very powerful access to everything within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

The first optional cost that you will encounter as a Starter member is a relatively small one, and it’s also a purchase that you do not need to make.

It comes in the form of a domain name for your website, as indicated below in the ‘Build My Website’ section of the Wealthy Affiliate training.

Just in case you are unsure of the purpose of a domain name, it serves as the title for your website.

For example, my domain name for Work From Home Watchdog is what you might expect:

Without a domain name, your website cannot function or appear on the Internet, so it’s a necessary thing to have.

But as mentioned earlier, it’s not a necessary purchase at Wealthy Affiliate and shortly I will explain why.

First let’s take a look at the process of actually buying a domain name at Wealthy Affiliate.

After clicking on the ‘Register A Domain’ button highlighted in the image below, you are asked to search for a domain name.

*Please note: You build your website on lesson 3 of the ‘Getting Started’ training at Wealthy Affiliate, so by the time you reach that part of the training, you will have already learned how to come up with some domain name ideas.

Purely for the purpose of showing you how it works, I’m going to search for the domain name ‘marcuswadomainexample’:

No surprises to see that the .com version is available, and it will cost me $13.99.

It’s important to note that domain costs are per year, so if you do decide to buy a domain name for your website at Wealthy Affiliate, it would cost you an additional $13.99 per year.

This is a very small price to pay for what is effectively the foundation of your online business.

Ok, so let’s now look at your options if you don’t want to pay for a domain name for your website at Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s head back to the ‘Build My Website’ section, but this time we will look at the ‘On A Free Domain’ Option.

This option allows you to build an entirely cost-free website by using a free domain at Wealthy Affiliate.

Once you’ve clicked the ‘On A Free Domain’ button, you are taken to a page where you search for your free domain name.

Above you can see that I’ve searched again for ‘marcuswadomainexample’ and it is available.

As it’s free domain at Wealthy Affiliate, my full domain name in this example would be:

As you can see from the image above, there are only 2 further steps to complete your website, so the process is a simple one.

Ok, so that’s how you make a choice between a free or paid-for domain at Wealthy Affiliate.

My advice is to always buy your own domain if possible because it will give your website greater authority.

But if finances are tight, a free domain is ideal until you can afford to buy your own.

A quick sidenote before we move on. If you already own a domain name, you can easily transfer it into Wealthy Affiliate and use it for your website.

So, your first additional cost that you will potentially encounter at Wealthy Affiliate is for your domain name, and it will cost you approx $13 per year.

Note that domain name purchases also apply to those with a Premium account.

The second additional cost that you will encounter is in relation to upgrading your Starter account to a Premium account.

When you create a Wealthy Affiliate Starter account through my Work From Home Watchdog website, you automatically qualify for a $30 discount on your first Premium membership month if you decide to upgrade.

This offer is only available for the first 7 days after you create your Starter account, and the offer details are clearly visible at the top of your Wealthy Affiliate dashboard.

There are obvious differences between the Starter and Premium membership levels and you can read about them in my article below, but once again you do not need to upgrade if you don’t want to.

However, if you do consider upgrading to Premium then the first 7 days of your Starter membership is the best time to do so ($30 discount).

After the first 7 days, upgrading to Premium will cost you the full $49.

You now have all the details on the 2 optional costs that you will encounter at Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter member.

Let’s now move on to the further costs associated with the Premium membership.

As a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, you will come across 2 paid-for enhancements to your Wealthy Affiliate membership.

The first of which is related to Jaaxy – the keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you’re not sure at this stage what a keyword tool is, it is something that helps you create powerful content on your website.

You will learn all about it when you start the Wealthy Affiliate training, but for now let’s just say it’s a very important tool.

At Wealthy Affiliate, Starter members have full and free access to Jaaxy Starter, and Premium members automatically get upgraded to Jaaxy Lite.

There are 2 further options for Premium members in Jaaxy Pro at an additional $19 per month, and Jaaxy Enterprise at $49 per month.

In my experience, the free versions of Jaaxy included with both the Starter and Premium memberships will more than fill your needs.

The 2 more advanced options are possibly for those who build multiple websites, so if you’re just focusing on one or even a handful of websites, you will be fine with the free versions of Jaaxy.

Let’s move on to the final additional cost that you come across at Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s the most important in terms of saving you money.

At any point as a Wealthy Affiliate member, you can upgrade to the yearly membership with a once-a-year payment of $359 for the year.

Broken down, this works out at the equivalent of $29.99 per month, which is a considerable saving on the usual $49 per month for the Premium membership.

This is a great deal because you are not only getting your membership at a much cheaper price, you are also committing to building your online business for a whole year at Wealthy Affiliate.

The yearly option at Wealthy Affiliate is a great deal at any time, but there’s also a period when you can get it even cheaper.

Every year between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (usually late November), Wealthy Affiliate runs a special offer where you can get the yearly option at $299 – that’s $50 off the usual yearly price.

So if you try Wealthy Affiliate and want to invest in your future by upgrading to the yearly option, doing so over the Cyber Weekend will get you the best possible deal :-)

Let’s finish up by recapping on those further optional costs that you will encounter at Wealthy Affiliate…

  • A domain name for your website(s) at approx $13.99 per year.
  • Upgrade to Premium at $19 (first 7 days only).
  • Upgrade to Premium at $49 (after first 7 days only).
  • Upgrades to Jaaxy Pro and Enterprise at $19 and $49 per month.
  • Upgrade to yearly Wealthy Affiliate membership at $349 (once-per-year fee).

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Wealthy Affiliate is very transparent about the service it provides for its members, and all of the enhancements above are entirely optional.

More importantly, your Wealthy Affiliate experience will not be compromised if you don’t take up these offers.

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