The Starter And Premium Differences At Wealthy Affiliate

The Starter And Premium
Differences At Wealthy Affiliate

By Marcus at Work From Home Watchdog

Wealthy Affiliate is a ‘Freemium’ affiliate marketing training community, and that basically means you can test drive the all-inclusive Premium membership for free, via the Starter membership.

But what can you expect to achieve as a Starter member at Wealthy Affiliate?

And how would you benefit from the Premium membership enhancements?

  • What you can expect to achieve as a Starter member at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • What you can expect to achieve as a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • The extras you receive as a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member.
  • Summary of the differences between Starter and Premium.
  • The most cost-effective way to upgrade to Premium at Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s explore the differences between the Starter and Premium memberships at Wealthy Affiliate and what you can achieve with both levels.

The image above is taken from the Wealthy Affiliate sign up page, and you can clearly see there are a number of important differences between Starter and Premium.

But what do these differences actually mean?

To answer that question, let’s first look at what you can expect to achieve for free as a Starter member at Wealthy Affiliate.

The Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate is not just about showing you how to make money online as an affiliate marketer.

It’s about taking you by the hand and helping you to build the foundations of your online business.

That is, your very own website. Your unique piece of online real estate.

As a Starter member, you get to follow the same process that members have been using to launch successful online businesses at Wealthy Affiliate since it was created back in 2005.

Wealthy Affiliate is an ‘all-inclusive’ service, meaning everything you need to create the foundations of your online business is included with your Starter membership.

Ultimately, as a Starter member at Wealthy Affiliate you will:

  1. Learn the entire affiliate marketing process from the ground up.
  2. Understand the earning potential and benefits of being an affiliate marketer.
  3. Pick a topic that interests you (called a ‘niche’) to use as the base of your website/online business.
  4. Build a website on your niche topic.
  5. Attract people to your website who share your interests.
  6. Learn how to monetize your website (make money).

This is a very powerful process, and your affiliate marketing journey begins when you start the Beginner Training Course at Wealthy Affiliate.

All of the training at Wealthy Affiliate is task-driven, and this basically means that you advance by taking action on what you learn in each lesson.

This helps you to get familiar with the Wealthy Affiliate community and the suite of affiliate marketing tools available to you as a Starter member.

1-1 coaching and live support are also available around the clock for the first 7 days of your membership.

Wealthy Affiliate’s goal for you as a Starter member is to quite simply help you realize your potential as an affiliate marketer with an online business.

And when you complete the Beginner Training Course, you will have your very own ‘profit-ready’ online business LIVE on the Internet.


The estimated time frame for completing the Beginner Training Course is 7 days, but most people complete it a lot quicker.

A Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate is free forever with no time restrictions, so you can take as long as you like to complete the training if you want to.

Having created the foundations of your online business as a Starter member, upgrading to Premium is all about taking your earning potential to the highest level.

Premium is where your business develops further and flourishes into something that will allow you to achieve your financial goals online.

Your goals could be as simple as putting some extra cash in your pockets each month.

Maybe even cover some important household bills each month, such as a mortgage.

Or even do as many Wealthy Affiliate members do and work towards quitting the 9-5 by earning a full time income from their online businesses.

Your earning levels at Wealthy Affiliate are determined by you and your level of commitment.

But how exactly will the Premium extras help you?

Let’s take a closer look at the Premium membership differences.

Wealthy Affiliate is a round-the-clock worldwide service, and the Live Chat widget on your Wealthy Affiliate dashboard allows you to reach out for help at any time during the night or day.

Available for the first 7 days for Starter members, Premium members have unlimited access to the live chat system whenever needed.

Private messaging allows you to make contact with other members within the Wealthy Affiliate community for 1-1 support from senior members, or to just connect directly with other members.

This is disabled for Starter members but is unrestricted for Premium members.

Starter members can have a maximum of 2 websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate, but as a Premium member you can have up to 50 websites.

This is ideal if you have long term plans to create multiple niche websites, or maybe even create a portfolio of local business websites in your area.

Premium members get the full suite of Wealthy Affiliate security extras including hacking, malware, and bot-net attack protection included with all of their websites.

These extras are fully automated by Wealthy Affiliate and operate silently in the background.

Starter members have access to basic security functionality provided by WordPress and do not have access to the full security suite provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

The Affiliate Bootcamp is a dedicated training program for members who want to earn affiliate commissions for recommending Wealthy Affiliate on their website.

Starter members have access to the first course comprising of 10 lessons, while Premium members have full access to all 10 courses (70 lessons).

The Wealthy Affiliate Live Video Classes are hosted each week by Jay, one of the training experts at Wealthy Affiliate.

A new topic is covered each week by Jay, and Premium members can attend the live webinars as they happen and take part in the Q&A session at the end of each webinar.

Premium members can also access every previously recorded live video class by Jay and watch them whenever they want to.

Starter members do not have access to Live Video Classes.

Keyword research is an essential part of the Wealthy Affiliate process, and all Wealthy Affiliate members have free access to the paid-for keyword tool, Jaaxy.

Starter members have up to 30 searches with the Jaaxy Starter version, and Premium members have unlimited searches via Jaaxy Lite.

In the image above, you can see that there are 2 more versions of Jaaxy available.

You can learn more about these and the other optional costs at Wealthy Affiliate in my article on the following page:

Training Classrooms at Wealthy Affiliate are dedicated training areas on specific affiliate marketing topics.

These are great for improving your knowledge on topics that you might need additional help with.

Each Training Classroom offers a number of tutorials and videos, along with 1-1 expert help on demand.

Starter members can access 2 Training Classrooms, while Premium members have access to all 12.

The 1-1 Coaching from Wealthy Affiliate experts is available to Starter members during the first 7 days of their membership.

This is an important period during which the foundations of your online business are established.

Premium members have unlimited access to 1-1 Expert Coaching beyond the first 7 days and for the duration of their Wealthy Affiliate membership.

Kyle and Carson (Wealthy Affiliate owners) are active every day within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

As a Premium member, you get full access to Kyle and Carson for personal support and 1-1 help whenever you need it.

Starter members do not have private access to Kyle and Carson.

The Wealthy Affiliate technical team are on standby around the clock to offer website support for Premium members, and to assist with any issues related to the functionality of your websites.

Unique to Wealthy Affiliate, the Website Feedback Platform is a system that allows you to get valued feedback on your website from the Wealthy Affiliate community.

It’s also an opportunity for you to earn Wealthy Affiliate credits (can be exchanged for cash) by offering feedback on other members websites.

The website Feedback Platform is exclusive to Premium members.

Similar to above, the Website Comment Platform is unique to Wealthy Affiliate and it allows you to get comments on your website from other members.

This helps to increase the ranking of your website content within the search engine results, which in turn will increase the flow of visitors to your website.

As with the Feedback Platform, you can also earn real cash via Wealthy Affiliate credits by offering comments on other members websites.

The Website Comment Platform is exclusive to Premium members.

The final component of the Wealthy Affiliate website building platform is Website Analysis.

Once again, this is an automated process that runs in the background and constantly analyses the status and stability of your website(s).

The purpose of the Website Analysis section at Wealthy Affiliate is to take all the stress and confusion out of knowing how to rank your website content as high as possible within the search engine results.

This is a very powerful tool and it’s only available to Premium members.


I’m sure you will agree that’s a lot of information to digest, so let’s summarize the differences between the 2 membership levels at Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership is perfect for anyone who has the desire to earn a consistent income online.

It’s entirely risk-free, and there’s no commitment to anything other than the free Starter membership.

By the time you complete the 10 lessons in the Beginner Training Course, you will have a website in place and the framework for your own online business.

At that point, you can make an informed decision about if you would like to take your online business to the next level as a Premium member, or continue as a Starter member…or even say: “Thanks, but this is not for me!”

Whatever you decide, it won’t cost you a single penny to find out.

Becoming a Premium member is a big step to take, but it gives you the greatest chance of increasing the income that you will earn from your online business.

You get the highest possible level of training and support, plus the advanced suite of tools that will accelerate your potential online.

As a committed Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, you will not fail to build a successful online business.

Many new members at Wealthy Affiliate bypass the Starter membership completely and join as Premium membership directly at $49 per month.

My advice to you is to NOT do that, for a couple of important reasons:

  1. Joining as a Starter member allows you to test drive Wealthy Affiliate and build the foundations of your online business, risk and cost free.
  2. By becoming a Starter member through any link on my Work From Home Watchdog website, you get a $30 discount on your first Premium month at Wealthy Affiliate.

This discount offer is valid for your first 7 days as a Starter member, and is available on your Wealthy Affiliate dashboard as soon as you create your Starter account.

> Click Here to create your Starter Account at Wealthy Affiliate

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