WSI Digital Marketing Review

Freedom Independence and control, we all want that. The question is … do we need WSI Digital marketing to get it?

WSI Digital Marketing Franchise Review

You’ve probably never read a WSI Digital Marketing review unless you are familiar with certain Franchise niche markets.

WSI stands for ‘We Simplify the Internet’, and it provides franchisees in 87 plus countries across the globe . The business model for which WSI sell a franchise, is ‘ Internet Marketing’.

To some looking to leverage the power of a brand, franchising business model seems the safest way to grow an investment. If you were pitched the ability to “write your own paychecks” at a franchise meeting, how much would it be worth to you?

The WSI Digital Marketing Training

Here you’ll find all the usual tools expected in an Internet Marketing training environment, plus a few bespoke one like:  WSI WebScan and Internet Business Analysis.

This is branded software where you input the clients/website details, and you get a complete business breakdown report from a Internet marketing prospect. The WSI Digital Marketing core training modules are:

  • Conversion architecture
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click services
  • email marketing
  • Web analytics
  • Social media
  • Mobile marketing

Unlike most of the work from home opportunities we review, this is a franchise.

What that means is not just anyone can jump onto their program because there’s a strict admissions process, and of course like with all franchises, a franchise fee. We will get to later.

If you do get through the WSI admission process and part with your money it’s an intense 4 week e-learning course followed by a week’s sign off at corporate head office.

There are quite a few bits of free material that you can get hold of to gauge whether you’d like to explore the possibility further.

Well I say free, it costs an email submission at the moment there are 34 7-10 page PDF’s that they call “whitepapers” on their sister site

The ones I downloaded were good overviews of the topics selected, which were search engine optimization and Facebook marketing. However, they didn’t have anything out of the ordinary there!

There is nothing that I can see in their training material or written about them online that would suggest that this is not a legit franchise deal.

To combat the articles that have appeared online calling the WSI Digital program a scam they have done what some would call some very smart marketing move… they have their own WSI Digital Scam YouTube channel. Only their content shows for a Google search of that term now.

The fundamentals are there and the WSI information offers a straight ABC’s approach to Digital Marketing:

A) website design solutions
B) Build targeted traffic
C) Improve conversions through monitoring site analytics.

WSI Digital Marketing Costs

So we come down to how much you’ll be paying for a WSI Digital Marketing Franchise License?

The cost to learn Internet Marketing with WSI Digital is anywhere from $49,700 to $147,000, depending on the region and the size of the “territory” for the franchise…every 5 years.

Plus an ongoing royalty fee of 10% of gross sales.

Let me know “How many times did you read that cost breakdown above”?

Yes that’s a heck of a lot of money to learn the skills of Internet Marketing. Because of that I’m not too sure I’d consider WSI a viable proposition, especially knowing what I know now about online marketing.

There was nothing that I saw at WSI Digital Marketing that I haven’t seen at other recommended web resources, and the price tag isn’t $50K as a down-payment!

Because of that I can only recommend that any of our visitors interested in this program should check out our number one Internet marketing recommendation because it is completely free to try, and the eventual running costs are significantly less in the long run.

If you’ve tried a WSI Digital Marketing franchise then we would be delighted to hear from you. If you haven’t, what are your thoughts on what is on offer and the extreme costs that follow?

Tony – WFHW

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