World Wide Learn Review

Product Name: World Wide Learn
Product Type: Online Education Directory
Price: Free
Owner: Quin Street Inc

Are you considering taking online courses to further your education, get a degree, improve your chances of getting a job or advance in your current career?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you will be interested to hear what the WFHW Team has discovered about World Wide Learn.

World Wide Learn Review

Founded in 1998 by Angela Lovett and Keith Woodard, World Wide Learn is an online directory of education information for several hundred college and universities.

At the time of writing this Worldwide Learn Review, they are the #1 e-learning resource on the Web that provides pertinent and up-to-date information on accreditation in the world of online learning.

Their mission is to help you find the online degree or career school, online courses, and online education resources you need to succeed.

World Wide Learn Review

To ensure that your academic experience is of the highest quality, degree programs listed on World Wide Learn are associated with universities and colleges that have approved accreditation.

They also partner with a variety of renowned career schools that offer technical and professional training. It ensure that the degree that you’ve worked to achieve is recognized.

Why Is Enrolling In An E-Learning Program With Accreditation Important?

Federal Financial Aid

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) states that in the USA, students who want federal and even state grants and loans need to attend a college, university, or program that is accredited. This also applies to e-learning and online education.

Credit Transfer

To transfer your credits to an accredited school your credits must come from a school that is accredited. This also applies to e-learning and online education.


Employers often look for proof that their job applicants have received a degree from an academic program with accreditation.

What Is Included With World Wide Learn?

The World Wide Learn website displays degrees by level and subject, online courses, accelerated degrees, and other accredited traditional and online degree programs.

They also feature education-related articles that include analyses of different careers, information about online learning, education tips and advice, student profiles, and non-traditional learning options.

The site also has career planning and learning tools as well as interactive widgets that allow users to ask questions related to education.

You can learn more about World Wide Learn through their Facebook page here.

What Does It Cost To Join World Wide Learn? is free to use. Those who wish to sign up from a program or consult with an education professional will be required to pay the program or consultation fee.

Who Is World Wide Learn For?

Anyone who wants to get an Associate Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, PhD Degree or simply take some professional development courses from the comfort of their home.

Those who want to further their education without having to travel or attend on campus classes. Those who like the flexibility of scheduling their study time around their personal and/or family schedule.

Are There Any Complaints About World Wide Learn?

I haven’t found any complaints about World Wide Learn.

My Final Thoughts About World Wide Learn…

World Wide Learn is a great resource for those looking to further their education. Their online directory can quickly connect you with accredited schools that offer the degrees and courses you are looking for which could easily save you hours of time and research.


  • The directory helps you find accredited schools that offer the degrees and courses you are looking for.
  • The site helps to educate it’s readers about the importance of taking courses from accredited schools.
  • accredited programs ensures the education you receive is recognized by employers.
  • The site is free to use.


  • It is not often that I say this but I really could find no cons about World Wide Learn.

Are you currently enrolled in a program that you found through the World Wide Learn website or are you a graduate of a program you found through World Wide Learn?

We would like to hear about your experience with World Wide Learn. Post your comments below.

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