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Tell me, have you heard of

When you are working from home in an online venture there comes a time when you wish there were more hours in the day, or you had 3 pairs of hands.

That’s the time when many of us look at outsourcing some of our work to others. You may even think of outsourcing whenever you come across a task that you just don’t fancy doing!

If you have never outsourced before I want to introduce you to one of the webs little nuggets, here you can find people to boost your online ventures. The site you have to shoot over to and visit is called where for just $5 a gig (gig is Fiverr slang for a task) you can get almost anything done.

“What can I get done at Fiverr?” you ask, well here’s a short list of possibilities.

  • Article writing
  • Data Entry
  • Facebook Fan Promos
  • Graphic Design
  • Press Releases
  • SEO Backlinking
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Twitter Promos
  • Video Gigs
  • Just about anything!

How Does Fiverr Work?

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If you are new to Fiverr and have not joined I highly recommend it (click here to join it’s freeNew window)

  1. Connect to fiverr via facebook, or the old fashion way of hitting the join button and create a user name and password for yourself.
  2. You can search for particular types of gigs by entering a search term in the box like, Video or twitter.
  3. In this section the gigs appear from your search, or if you haven’t selected a search shows a random list of gigs available. I recommend you search for your gig in box 2 then sort the results by ratings or popularity ;)

Payment is handled via Paypal so straight forward enough there… Unless you don’t have a account! (there free too!) Once the gig has been completed by the service provider, you still have an opportunity to ask for and agree any tweaks before you finally except the product or service that you purchased.

After that, it’s just a case of rating the service that you received with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down and a comment.

Work From Home With Fiverr?

So the whole conversation so far has been about outsourcing at fiverr, but therein lays a huge opportunity… For those of you that want to make easy cash with doing a few tasks.

There are endless types of services that you can offer, you only have to dig around on and have a look at what a variety of different services others are offering.

A Few Examples Of Gigs

I will review your business website in a 7 minute VIDEO for $5

10 years experience in e-commerce, website design & marketing. Why bother writing a boring report when you can have someone create a $5 video?

I will illustrate your photograph into a cartoon for $5

Send in a high resolution photograph (from the shoulders up) of yourself to be illustrated into a cartoon.

I will write an article or review for your entertainment website for $5

Got an entertainment website and need some articles to post there? Getting a review is very simple.

I would LOVE you guys to leave a comment

So what type of service would you offer if you were on Or would you be more likely to use as a resource for fast inexpensive outsourcing?

Tony – WFHW

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