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What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system that allows people to publish content to the Internet in the form of a blog. In simplistic terms, it is a website/blog creation program, and it is the most popular platform used on the Internet for building websites.

Official stats suggest that there are over 18% of all websites around the world are built using WordPress, with over 500,000 new posts made every single day. These figures continue to increase on a daily basis as more and more people realize the benefits and stability of WordPress websites/blogs.

WordPress websites are also supremely adaptable thanks to a huge amount of themes that allow you transform the look and feel of your website to suit a variety of needs. WordPress websites can be used for something as simple as a hobby website, or at the other end of the scale they can be used to create a website with more commercial intent.

WordPress websites are also available at 2 distinct levels…as a ‘hosted-for-you-for-free’ service at WordPress.com, or as a ‘self-hosted’ service at WordPress.org.

The ‘hosted for you…’ version at WordPress.com is ideal for those who would like to create websites with no commercial intent, as there a number of restrictions in place that prevent commercial activity. This option is most suited to those who want to build a website for pleasure rather than profit.

The ‘self hosted’ version at WordPress.org is therefore more suited to those who intend to use it to generate an income online. There are no restrictions in place to prevent commercial activity with this type of website, but you are required to supply your own hosting for this particular version. Hosting can typically cost between $100 – $500 per year, so this additional cost should be a consideration.

WordPress.org websites are the preferred choice for those who choose Internet marketing as their work from home option. Not only does WordPress offer them a great level of flexibility, it also ensures that campaigns can be built very quickly and efficiently.

Just in case you’re wondering…this site was built using WordPress!