Will Code.org Teach You How To Code?

When you think of coding a website do you get a slight shiver down your spine and a bit of a cold sweat on?

I do because coding is something that I class as super geeky,  and something only attempted by, well, the super geeky!

But I’m closer to fifty than fifteen and if you’re 15yrs old then coding a website may be a walk in the park for you. After all, this is the age of having modern technology in schools…right?

With that said, it’s quite fitting that I was introduced to the website code.org by my friends 12 year old daughter!

Code.org – a website that has the tagline …

Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn to code.

At code.org they sure seem to be on a mission to make that a reality. The coding lessons are geared for even the very youngest of our future coders.

When you visit the front page of www.code.org there are no fewer than 84 statements from people like President Bill Clinton and will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas letting us know the importance that coding plays in our future.

As if we really needed reminding, it’s beautifully put by Sheryl Sandberg Chief Operating Officer, Facebook:

“An understanding of computer science is becoming increasingly essential in today’s world. Our national competitiveness depends upon our ability to educate our children – and that includes our girls – in this critical field.“

So it’s official, learning to code is no longer a geek sport. Creating code is something that is equally suited to girls and boys and is something that both can and do excel in.

The Code.org video below is just under 10 mins long, but I watched it all and really gained from it. I hope you can sit through until the end.

Why Learn To Code?

That’s a question that I’m beginning to understand, but it’s a pretty silly one to ask. The real question should be: why shouldn’t we learn to write code?

No matter how simple the code you create, you know that once you’ve achieved the very smallest tasks… you can code.

Technology is dramatically changing in all areas of our society, from everyday communication, to government, to how we go about our everyday jobs.

Digital literacy is now a fundamental skill, just like reading and writing.

There isn’t an industry sector that doesn’t want or need good software coders. The lives of everyone is being changes by computers. Just think – what do you really need?

I wager a solution is somehow connected to coding!

There’s an interesting point in the video above when some very big names state they started coding at a very young age doing the exact same tasks that I learned to do on Code.org.

I wrote code to get a simple shape online, and to be honest it felt awesome to know that I could in fact create something that was unique to me … in code.

Only MY imagination would stop me developing code that would help me and maybe thousands of others achieve a simple task faster, easier, better.

I really understood what they meant at point 3:10 and 4:12 in the video above.

The programmers of today are the wizards of tomorrow.

code.org review

Will Code.org Videos Teach You To Code?

The answer to that question is most certainly a yes – try it!

The resources available on their website will teach anybody to code from scratch. All you need is to know how to use a keyboard & mouse and see the screen to learn how to code.

There are not only FREE resources for people who want to learn to code, but also for teachers who want to encourage and teach others how to code.

There are plenty more links on the code.org website to other places like alice.org where you can bring learning to code into your classroom.

Go on – I dare you to learn how to write a couple of lines of code from www.code.org. It’s ridiculously simple to start, and who knows where it might lead you!

Tony – WFHW

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