Vivatic Online Surveys Cash On Demand?

Vivatic is one of the many companies that offer a little extra to the holiday fund via online surveys.

The appeal of online surveys for cash is huge – especially to stay at home mum and dads who see it as an easy way to top up the pennies whenever there’s a spare 10 or 20 minutes.

Today I’m going to review Vivatic and see if they really are a viable source of earning an extra income online.

The Vivatic website looks really inviting, and there seems to be a few different ways to use Vivatic to earn money, so not just a survey from first impressions.

So let’s jump in and see what it’s all about.

After a quick signup process to join Vivatic I’m ready to make some cash! There are different country sites for Vivatic and they are: the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. There are 8 tabbed links at the top of the screen that need investigating:

  • Take A Survey
  • Join a Panel
  • Polls/Comps
  • Tasks
  • Writing Jobs
  • Offers
  • Get Paid To Search
  • Refer a Friend

I’m a keen writer (plus I noticed they are paying up to £10 for approved articles) so I click the writing jobs link first. I soon notice that I can’t do the writing jobs – I’m not approved yet! To get approved I must first “qualify” by completing 50 micro jobs first.

micro jobs

So 50 micro jobs before I can apply for the “proper jobs” – fair enough I guess.

Vivatic Micro Jobs

For each task I was given a search term to use and a website to lookout for in the top 100 search results.

I spent far too much time (15 mins) searching the first 10 pages of looking for websites that were not there for the 3 x £0.04 tasks that’s less than £0.60 an hour even if I was able to complete and get paid – which I wasn’t.

So I opted to cut my losses and went for a £0.40 task. Again I was off searching for a website that didn’t show in the SERP’s. By this time I was rather peeved and had wasted too much time.

I totally agree with the Vivatic statement that these micro jobs should take seconds, but the reality of what I experienced is far from that.

So micro jobs were a fail and without 50 I’ve no chance of the £10 an article gig that looked so appealing.

But I must join panels on these other survey sites before I can take a survey, and I feel a little uneasy about having to join more sites as I thought Vivatic was a total solution in a box.

Well, I must signup to get to the surveys so I join a few panels 12 out of the 16 on offer.

Take A Survey And Earn Some Extra Cash

I jump into my first survey from one of the panels I joined called opinions survey – I started the survey and 8 minutes later when the survey showed 33% complete I was told that “the customer is looking for a certain type of person”. I put it down to bad luck as I’m redirected to another survey.

Gratispoints was where I ended up and yet again – at 12% complete I was again told that I wasn’t right for the survey.

So a little over 30 minutes and not getting much joy as yet. But there were many more surveys to do now so I clicked another link.

Success! I completed a survey 100% and got a pound to add to my £1 for signing up. Quite possibly the most excited I’ve been about earning  £1 for a while… and it only took 54 minutes!

Not a great return on my time invested though.

Vivatic survey sorry

I soon lost the feeling of excitement after being kicked off more surveys after filling in details on each for a few minutes first. Time to check out the Polls and Competitions.

Polls And Competitions

I was hoping for more chances to earn and my heart sank faster than a horseshoe in a bucket of water.

Polls – You are able to enter 1 poll a day and I was asked how often I upgrade my mobile phone.

Competitions – There are three different competitions you can enter. A £5 daily competition a weekly £25 one and a monthly competition for £100.

So do you want to enter?

  • To enter the daily comp you need to take the daily poll and take 1 survey.
  • The weekly competition takes five polls and 5 surveys to enter.
  • To enter the monthly competition need you to complete 15 surveys and take 15 polls.

I guess I won’t be entering too many competitions then! Trying to complete a surveys has left me …moody!

Ok, so far Vivatic surveys has been a fail for me, but I still had 3 tabs to investigate – Offers, Get Paid To Search and Refer A Friend.

Vivatic Offers

The offers consisted of joining another survey panel for £1.50 to signing up for deals and a chance to win vouchers. I clicked on the top deal offer “win an ipad 2” plus £0.60p into the kitty.

Whoops as I clicked my antivirus alarm sounded and it shutdown the site – I didn’t click any more. Just paid to surf and refer a friend left.

Vivatic polls

Paid To Search

  • a). Complete at least 50 searches a month.
  • b). Get paid £1.50 at the end of each month for each month you use the service.

So I get paid a cap of £1.50 per month for using the “paid to search page”. Yep, it’s an actual page not even a search bar extension.

Refer A Friend

The last resort is getting friends to take a peek at Vivatic, but will I be recommending Vivatic to my friends? Based on my own experiences…I don’t think so.

Just in case you were wondering how referring a friend can get you in the money:

“Recommend Vivatic to your friends and earn £2 for every friend who signs up and earns £25”

Don’t hold your breath because it could be some time before you see that £2!


Online surveys with Vivatic was not my greatest experience with a survey website, but I am at least £3 richer for the experience!

Surely there must be a better way to add to your holiday fund than Vivatic?

If you have any experience with Vivatic then we would love to hear about it in our comments section below.

Tony – WFHW

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  • I’ve just messaged Vivatic, I have been with them for a while, and other than getting 90% of the way through a survey, only to be told I don’t fit the demographic (THANKS!!!) I was pretty pleased with it until today. I clicked on a survey only to be told I have to verify my paypal account with them. Fine…of I went to do it after reading that they can only have access to putting funds IN the account, not taking funds out. I attempted to do it but it then pops up telling me Vivitic won’t accept my paypal account as its not linked to a valid bank account!!!! ALARM BELLS! My paypal is linked to the most basic bank account going. The only way to get money out of it is to use an ATM, it has no chip and pin, nothing. I feel much safer knowing that should my paypal be hacked, my bank money is perfectly safe. I have emailed Vivatic, asking why they are insisting on a different type of bank account, when they claim to only want to deposit money into the PP account? mmmmmm…personally, I am not a happy chappy, and a bit scared now

    • funnybunny,

      I can certainly appreciate why this might concern you, but I’m just wondering if because it’s a basic account, they might not be able to verify it (due to the lack of chip and pin).

      Either way it will be interesting to see what Vivantic have to say, and regardless of the outcome you are right to be so vigilant.

      Hopefully this situation is resolved for you soon and I wish you the best of luck with all future ventures.


  • Having read your article, I fully understand where you’re coming from. Survey taking and ‘micro tasks’ are extremely time-consuming and very low paid. However, in defence of Vivatic, I have to say since I joined the site 2 years ago I’ve been extremely satisfied. Once you get over the initial hurdle of accessing and passing the writing test (fortunately this only took me a week) the writing tasks are fully accessible, the payment process simple and transparent, and providing you continue to submit high quality work, the earning potential is there.

    On the other hand, having read through your comments, and in particular your last reply, I’m now starting to question your motives for posting this review at all. Vivatic offers writing jobs. You, Tony, have not written for Vivatic, yet here you are quite obviously targetting (head-hunting?) a writer on this thread – offering what? Some kind of course? Why would a good writer need a course, may I ask? Free or not, could this not be considered
    a ‘micro-task’ equivalent which, unlike the site under discussion, merely leads unsuspecting souls straight up the garden path to be promptly dropped into your own fully-customised profit-driven well?

    Tell me, what could a good writer possibly gain from this that a site like Vivatic doesn’t provide – or even just using their own contacts, talents and drive in order to succeed?

    • Hi Carol I appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts.

      I’m going to jump right in then say that I am targeting writers here I understand that writers have the ability to use words and evoke emotion, that something but of course teaches you how to leverage in the real world.

      The course itself is far from a micro task, I see it as an open door for those driven and with the right skills. A good writer can use theh information that is free to completely change their outlook on how they’re writing skills can benefit him.
      I do believe that any serious writer owes it to themselves to give their skills the best shot.

      Contacts we have in the form of 1000 of members who offer support, talents are proven by successful businesses demonstrated and stripped back. And most certainly drive and detarmination to succeed is most certainly needed.

      Carol have you looked into our course?

  • I had been a Vivatic user for a while, they paid well and regurarly until they blocked my account. On asking why, they told me I had defrauded them by taking surveys twice. I asked them for proof and they sent me a very vague statement. I asked for more deails so that I could defend myself against their accusations. Got nothing. Today, after 60 days, I thought I may have got help froma member of their staff, but no, what did happen is that they got in touch saying my account could not be unblocked. They still maintained I defrauded them but in the same line they said I could sign in again under a new email registration. If I was supposed to have defrauded them, why would they allow me to re-apply under a different email? My partner, who lives 12 miles away from me went throuh exactly the same thing, same days, same nonsense today. I had lost £33 from Vivatic, my Partner £31 0r so. They sent no actual proof of the alleged fraud. Their word against mine.

    • Hi James and I’m sorry to hear about your unfortunate account blocking.
      Its even more alarming tat your partner has the same problem.
      I do hope you get a resolve – but it doesn’t look hopeful I must say.

      Best of luck


      • Thanks Tony, they are using bullying tactics and no name on their contact with me. They think I ill let it lie, but no, I am not going away. You don’t accuse me of something and not show me the proof. They have even blocked me from making valid comments on their Facebook page, I fear they have something to hide. Other users are not getting paid at the moment. It may be ISP’s that was the problem, and I suggested that to them, they partially admitted it was a problem but instead of addressing it, the bullied into just blocking and hoping I would go away. They say they cannot unblock me, they managed to block me, so reverse the process to unblock, not rocket science. I think their system is not foolproof but thet won’t admit it. Again, why block me, take my earnings, then tell me to re-register with a different email address??

        • Hi James,
          Looks like you may have to swallow the loss or try an external 3rd party complaints handler. Totally wrong of course, but that’s the way it is looking from here.


          WFHW Team

        • I’m a very satisfied user of Vivatic, and it irks me when people start complaining about blocked accounts. I’m not for a minute suggesting that Vivatic are brilliant, and that all their members are happy little bunnies with no complaints, but what I am saying is that you have to go with the flow where surveys are concerned. You sign up to it, and they can sell you down the river anytime they like. That’s why I enjoy it while I can, because sometimes the hassle outweighs the reward.

          I’m afraid you’ll have to kiss goodbye to your money – I can’t see Vivatic backing down, and who would you complain to legally anyway? I don’t think there is any legal redress. I’ve read cases where people have had their accounts closed down on Vivatic and other sites ad then cry about it – but really, they’ve had their accounts shut down because their answers don’t match up, they’ve given false information, or there’s been some other fraud such as multiple accounts. There’s always an explanation but people won’t accept that they’ve done the deed. Then they start posting all over the internet about how “VIVatic done me wrong…..” – it’s like a bad country and western song.

          For the record, I doubt there were telling you to sign up again under a new email address – they probably meant that you can again set up another account because they can’t stop you. sooner or later though, you’ll fall into the same trap. Just sayin’.

          Accept it and move on, learning from it, and don’t make the same mistake again.

          • Hey there,

            Thanks so much for leaving your comments. I have to agree with what you say and .. it’s great that you said it;)

            Really looking forward to your opinion on what works for you? – You’ve a great writing style have you considered taking us up on our free course?

            WFHW Team