Vantage Press Ceased Trading? Important Update!

At WFHW we have recently received many emails and comments from authors who are concerned by the fact that they have been unable to get in contact with Vantage Press.

I can understand why this might cause unnecessary worry and give you the feeling that you could lose what is rightfully owed to you.

It recently came to light that Vantage Press had moved address from New York to Massachusetts, New England to cut costs.

But this has not worked out and according to Law Firm Hendel & Collins of Springfield, Massachusetts, Vantage Press has now ceased trading. They have said the following:

“Vantage does not have sufficient revenue to sustain itself as a going concern. It has, therefore, ceased all business operations.”

The Web site and phone for Vantage Press are down and all inquiries are being directed to Hendel & Collins partner Joseph B. Collins in Springfield. The letter cites “substantial” liabilities to general and unsecured creditors against which Vantage Press has few assets.

Their Contact details are as follows:

Joseph B.Collins
Hendel & Collins, PC
101 State Street
Springfield, MA 01103

Tel: 413.734.6411

I appreciate that this might not be the answer you have been looking for, but I hope it at least clarifies the current situation with Vantage Press.

Neil – WFHW

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