Use That Space Review

Product Name: Use That Space
Product Description: Your vehicle has prime real estate space for advertising.
Price:  Free
Owners:  James & Tom

With the rising costs of owning a vehicle, wouldn’t it be nice if you could offset some of the expense without any additional effort on your part?

If you live in the UK you’re in luck as there is a program that will put extra £’s in your pocket for simply driving your car, and it’s called “Use That Space”.

What Is Use That Space?

Use That Space gives you the opportunity to get paid for advertising on your car. Much like billboards, newspapers or television your car is a prime advertising medium.

You get paid for allowing well-known brands to advertise on your car, earning you money for all the time you spend in your car.

Use That Space was started by two university students who understand first hand the challenges of making ends meet financially.

James a third year Computer Engineering student at Reading Uni and Tom is a forth year Mathematics masters student at Warwick Uni.

How Does Use That Space Work?

The first step is to register on the Use That Space website. Next you apply to have your car advertised on.

If selected you will receive an email and welcome pack confirming the information that you have provided.

If you are a match with an advertiser you will be sent an offer. If you match multiple clients requirements you may receive more than one offer.

In this case you get to choose the offer that suits you best.

Drivers always have the option to turn down any offer without impacting their chances of being selected for future advertising opportunities.

Once the campaign has been approved you will be directed to a location in your area to have the wrap applied to your vehicle. Y

ou will also receive flyers and promotional information that can be handed out to those who inquire about the business you’re advertising.

Once the campaign has been completed you will receive notification of where to go to have the wrap removed. Your name will also be added to the available list so you can be contacted about future advertising opportunities.

Who Can Join Use That Space?

Use That Space is open to those who have a full UK driver’s license, a car with valid insurance along with MOT and road tax.

Applicants must have a driving record that is free from convictions for drunk driving, death by dangerous driving or manslaughter.

Registration is free and only takes a matter of minutes to complete the application process.

How Much Does Use That Space Pay?

While earnings will vary from campaign to campaign, drivers are offered up to £200 per month for placing an advertisement on their car.

Payment is made at the end of each month. For campaigns of at least three months, part of the payment includes a bonus paid at the end of the campaign.

Tips to Help Improve Your Chances Of Landing An Advertising Campaign

1. If you drive a newer car that is in good condition.  Newer vehicles give a better impression about the company you’re advertising.

2. How often you drive. The more you drive the more opportunity people will have to see the advertisement on your vehicle.

3. If you park in a prominent location. When your car is not being driven people will still see the advertisement if your car is parked in a busy location.

If you put a lot of miles on your vehicle and need some extra cash give a try. It costs you nothing to join and you may get lucky and get offered an advertising campaign.

Are you currently advertising for Use That Space or have you accepted an advertising contract with them in the past? We would like to hear from you.  Share you comments below.

Terri – WFHW

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