Trevor Baylis Brands Review

Trevor Baylis is the inventor of the clockwork radio, self-weighing briefcase and many other things which help the disabled.

This man who originally started out as a stunt man, now focuses his time on helping other inventors get their designs produced.


Inventors bring along their ideas and these are initially checked to see:

1.    If the product is viable.
2.    If the product has been created before.
3.    If the product can be patented.

Trevor has a team of people who help with these initial stages because if the idea has already been created then it makes clear sense that you were not the first and cannot move forward with your invention.

In the UK, all new inventions, designs or ideas will go through the Intellectual Property Office to be registered.

I have an idea, what next?

First off I would suggest you download the Free Starter Pack as this gives you a basic listing of everything that is required.

This lists all aspects of what you can do and what checks are done, plus goes into very easy to understand details of the next steps.

These are as follows:

Patent Check

This will determine if your idea is genuinely unique and nobody else has come up with the idea first.

Technical Review

This is to see if your idea will actually work.

Commercial Review

This is to determine if your idea has any commercial value because if there is then you may well be able to sell your idea.

You will keep two thirds of any revenue made and they will keep one third, as a fee. But you do not have to go along with this, you can do it on your own if you wish.

This service takes a minimum of 20 days to be conducted because of the amount of checks that have to be carried out.

Also included are all the forms that you require for submitting your idea and the Non Disclosure Agreement plus the payment form for this to be carried out.

If you have any questions you can contact them by telephone, email or by sending a letter.

Overall the site is very well laid out even though it doesn’t look as if it’s been updated in a while due to the 2011 Copyright Notice. This may be nothing but normally at WFHW we are always observant and like to point out such facts.

I checked out some of the success stories and followed the links to the relevant websites and unfortunately some of the websites did not exist anymore.

Those that have a website were also out of date and one did not display the item for sale.

The majority of products shown were created over two years ago which does make me wonder if this site is still accepting new ideas or designs.


I like the idea of having somewhere to go to for advice and help with bringing a new invention from the drawing board to production, but I do wonder if this site is still offering such services.

This could all be down to the fact that the website appears to need updating, so I would suggest that contacting Trevor Baylis Brands first would be the most sensible option before making any payments.

Neil – WFHW

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