The Super Affiliate Network Review: The Path To Online Success?

Today I am going to be taking a look at a popular program called The Super Affiliate Network.

If you know anything about this program already, you will also know there are some divided opinions about it across the Internet.

But why the controversy?

The Super Affiliate Network

My goal in this Super Affiliate Network review is to not only cast my eyes over the program itself but to also address what others are saying about it.

It’s fair to say that it’s not the most straightforward of programs to review, but I’m confident that by the time you reach the end of this page, you will know if The Super Affiliate Network is right for you or not.

Let’s get started.

In this Super Affiliate Network review we will be taking a close look at the following points:

What Exactly Is The Super Affiliate Network?

Product Name: The Super Affiliate Network
Product Type: Affiliate marketing
Product Creator: Misha Wilson
Product Price: $1 – $12,497 (correct at time of review)

The Super Affiliate Network Review

The Super Affiliate Network was created back in 2015 by Misha Wilson, an online entrepreneur who became a millionaire at the age of 22.

His vision with the Super Affiliate Network is to help people become successful affiliate marketers by utilizing the most cutting-edge digital marketing tactics and strategies available online.

Sounds impressive enough and the Super Affiliate Network website certainly presents a professional, clean-cut image.

There’s one slightly confusing part on the website that might throw potential members, and that’s the listing of a series of products ranging from $1 through to $297.

It’s only when you join that you realize these products are actually part of the overall Super Affiliate Network training, but that’s not made entirely clear to you at first.

Not to worry because Misha encourages you to join the Super Affiliate Network for free. That for me is a strong indicator of trustworthy opportunity – even if it does mean that you have to consider upgrading further down the road.

Upon signing up you are instantly met by a countdown offer from Misha where he will give you a 93% discount on a product called ‘Profit Boosting Bootcamp’ at a cost of just $1.

This is my opinion is a clever marketing tactic.

Most people can afford $1, and investing it on this product indicates that you are committing yourself (which also indicates that you are likely to commit further at a later date).

You’ve only got a few minutes to decide and you don’t necessarily have to take the offer up and can continue as a non-paying, free member.

NOTE: If you continue as a free member, this affects what you can access in the member’s area. More on this later.

Let’s now take a moment to look at what Misha and his team of experts actually teach within the Super Affiliate Network community.

This is one part of the program that people have become vocal about, and there’s maybe a good reason for that.

“It’s affiliate marketing, just not the traditional method that I and most other marketers are used to”

I’ve been an affiliate marketer for over 10 years now, and I learned how to do it with an online community that focuses on having a website that serves as the foundation of your affiliate business.

With the Super Affiliate Network, however, the focus is more on buying solo ads that generate traffic that can be sold to you via email marketing.

This strand of affiliate marketing does work, but it is risky because you will have to invest money to buy solo ads.

Not everyone looking at the Super Affiliate Network is going to be in a position to pay for solo ads when they could easily get started in affiliate marketing as I did, and for free.

That is one of the reasons why opinions are somewhat divided about the affiliate marketing method being used here…it’s not without financial risk.

What’s Included Within The Super Affiliate Network Program?

This is where things get interesting because there are a number of membership levels at the Super Affiliate Network.

Firstly, the $1 trial is a feeder into the monthly membership at $47 per month.

By taking this option you will first be contacted by an advisor who is there to guide you through the training.

Once you reach module 7 of the training, the $47 per month membership fee applies.

Various extras are included with this level of membership like a monthly webinar with Misha, a monthly video newsletter, access to the Super Affiliate Network Facebook group, an Inner Circle coaching call along with the 15 training videos which teach you how to promote the Super Affiliate Network (yes, the focus is on how to promote the Super Affiliate Network program).

From there you can upgrade to the Super Affiliate Network Annual Membership at $397 per year.

This includes everything in the basic membership plus the Solo Ad Success Formula 2.0 course, which teaches you the best way to buy traffic through solo ad providers.

Next up is The Super Affiliate Network Pro Partner Membership at a one-time cost of $2997.

On top of everything included from the lower levels of membership, you also get:

  • Ascend to Freedom weekly mastermind training.
  • Systematic Profits course helping you to increase conversion rates for sales.
  • Authority Hacks course on blogging.
  • The Magnetic Selling Machine course on driving traffic to your offers.
  • Pro Members Facebook Mastermind Group exclusive to pro members.
  • Sales Team Assistance who will call your leads and close deals for you.

And that’s not all…

The Super Affiliate Network Muai Intensive costing $12,497!

This includes all of the above plus a 4-day event with Misha and his team in Maui. You also get an intense training program including 1-1 with Misha and his team of experts.

Plus weekly Maui immersion coaching calls via Facebook Live only for those at this level of membership.

Sheesh…that’s a whole lot of upgrades and options to process!

Why Are Opinions Divided About The Super Affiliate Network?

It’s clear to see that there is a lot to try and digest about the Super Affiliate Network, but it’s the finer details that are causing people to question what the program is all about.

Here are the most talked-about points that I have noticed during my research.

 It’s very expensive to progress – from the outside, this starts out as a free-to-join program, but you soon realize that to progress you need to spend big to move on to the higher levels of training.

The emphasis on solo ads – As stated earlier, these work but they are not for the faint-hearted because they represent financial risk. Remember also that you don’t get advanced training on solo ads until you upgrade to the annual membership level at $397.

It’s primarily about promoting the Super Affiliate Network – the emphasis is on getting people into the program, and this is perhaps the most controversial point of all as it puts the program in the same category as failed programs like MOBE, Digital Altitude, and the Empower Network to name just a few.

This leads nicely to…

The affiliate program – To make more money as an affiliate, you have to upgrade to the higher levels to earn the higher commissions. You can only promote a specific level of membership if you are on that level.

Is it MLM? – Well, it’s difficult to think otherwise given the last two points mentioned above.

The Good And Bad Of The Super Affiliate Network (in my opinion)

The most positive thing that I can say about this program is actually about the creator, Misha.

He is undoubtedly a very smart guy who knows what he is talking about, and he comes across very well in the training videos and is very thorough with what he teaches.

The training modules (phases) are also very well put together and there’s an easy-to-follow flow about the entire process.

As for what I don’t think is so good about the program, well first of all I share the concerns of others as mentioned above.

Mostly that it definitely feels like you are involved in an MLM program, and that doesn’t sit well with me.

Because you have to promote the actual program to increase your income, this also creates a false perspective and biased opinion for anyone reading your thoughts on the program.

Likewise, it’s unlikely that you will see any negative comments from anyone else promoting it because their incomes depend upon it.

This is particularly evident on YouTube and Facebook promotions of the Super Affiliate Network in particular.

The reason? One of the key areas of training is to teach you in detail how to promote the program on YouTube and social media.

The Super Affiliate Network: My Final Verdict

By now it might be obvious how I feel about this program, but I can only speak as I find.

The Super Affiliate Network has the appearance of a high-level affiliate marketing training program, yet when you scratch the surface there are more than enough reasons for me to be concerned about it what it is trying to achieve.

Don’t let me put you off totally, though.

You can of course check it out completely free, albeit with bare minimum access.

There is also a refund policy in place which is conditional on you completing certain tasks before claiming your money back.

And of course, earning money in this way might well be your thing! If so then you are likely to love what’s on offer.

But for someone looking to get started with making money online, who maybe has limited or no funds to upscale their potential, I feel the Super Affiliate Network would be an unsuitable choice.

Marcus – WFHW

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