The Must University Scam Is Still Stinging Students

What is all this talk about the Must University Scam?


I wanted to find out about this “claim” for myself because I kind of like digging out the truth, and I was AMAZED by what I found. Let’s get to the bottom of it all!

Firstly, I visited the Must University website and felt that it somehow comes across as not quite right due to the sales page “feel” that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with a website claiming to be a University.

This could all be due to poor website design, but still it definitely adds to the possibility that all is not as it might seem. I decided to dig a little deeper…

Next I visited the ‘About Us’ tab to find out more information about the website and right away another red flag flashed at me within the first sentence… “As the world’s largest university”.

Now obviously the person hired to write the ‘about us’ page (and perhaps the remaining pages of the site) was either a little bit drunk while writing this, or really misinformed!

The largest university in the world is actually in India – the Indira Gandhi Open University founded in 1985. In terms of an online university, the University of Phoenix takes the cake in that regard.

So that’s two red flags and we haven’t gotten into the courses offered.  Things are starting to look bad for the Must University.

Now let’s get into the courses offered. There are certificate, diploma and degree programs offered in over 70 majors including Psychology, Criminal Justice, Health Sciences, Human Resources and Education.

Whilst this is all good, it will mean absolutely nothing if it is not recognized by the appropriate boards of education or those for private business franchises.

One such board is the Better Business Bureau, known in short as the BBB.

The information provided by the accredited Better Business Bureau spoke about the Must University quite a bit, and on a scale of A to F, it scored an F and was classified as unaccredited based on important factors. Namely:

  • There were 18 complaints made against the university and not once has a complaint been responded to.
  • Secondly, the BBB made more than two requests for viable information on the university such as its background and how long it has been operating, but no such information has been provided nor a response to any of the requests.
  • Thirdly, Must University stated it was accredited by the International Accreditation Organization however this organization is NOT recognized by the US Department of Education, a regional and national institutional accrediting agency. So, it cannot be used to accredit any institution, let alone the Must University.

Here are some of the peeved people claiming they are Must University scam victims…

(Paraphrased for space)

** I spent six thousand dollars on a degree that isn’t worth anything. Now I’ve done a bit more of research and am very depressed, it seems like they are a complete scam and that no school in the world would accept their accreditation.

** If you mean from an unaccredited online university to a DETC or RA school, the quick answer is that it’s next to impossible. Must University courses or credits won’t transfer to any real school. Avoid it like a communicable disease, Mort

** All of the personnel have American names but when you call them everybody has an Indian accent, looks like they are operating from India. No name

** Glen Smith misled me into making a purchase with them. He told me that their “sale” was running out and that I should buy now. I did and noticed that after several weeks, the sale was still there.

** This is a degree mill scam.  The address above, 584 Market St, does not actually exist.  This is a big, very well-executed scam with a large number of websites.  They are not based in the United States. Josh – Rolla (USA)”

These are just a few of the very upset and out of pocket Must University ex-students, where the average bill is about $5k.

Having read about some of the many issues found online, I uncovered something very strange… if you search for ‘Must University Scam’ on Google, the top result comes as a rebut from Must University themselves. See their response below:

“MUST University is a reliable player in the education industry and worthy students should not deprive themselves of a MUST education because of misinformation spread on the Internet.

Until the year 2009, the total number of students who had taken courses at MUST University exceeded 25,000, and the number of satisfied students continues to increase.”

Sorry, but I am FAR from convinced. Anyway, through my research looking for any evidence that suggests that this is indeed a scam, I came across 3 very suspect websites.

I have a feeling that these websites have a strong possibility of being owned by the same group as Must University (we have found this to be very common with online businesses that try to re-invent themselves after bad press).

As a result, I suggest that you steer clear of these websites too:


My advice would be to ALWAYS check well online and through forums before you pay for a degree that you will never be able to use.

The numerous Must University scam stories on the Internet are certainly not without good reason, and it DEFINITELY one to avoid.

Do you have any experience with the Must University? If so, let us know by leaving comment below.

Tony – WFHW

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