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​​​​~ Marcus
Work From Home Watchdog founder
Author of 'The Financial Escape Kit'

"Trying to make money online can be a costly and confusing experience. More often than not, it only leads to one failure after another and no profit to show for your efforts.

In The Financial Escape Kit, you will follow a step-by-step process that will guide you to mastering the essentials of earning a consistent income online.

Best of all, you do not need to open your wallet to make this work."

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    NO experience required. Start learning and earning immediately, regardless of your age or online experience.
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    No cash, NO PROBLEM! Discover how to never spend any of your own money on your online journey to financial freedom.
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    NO set time commitment. Can be done with as little as 2-5 hours per week, so it can easily fit around your daily schedule.
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    Fully scalable income. Turn your initial income into a successful online business that will earn you money on autopilot for years to come.

​​​​"...Simple, logical and instantly doable."

Marcus has a knack of simplifying everything, and that makes his Financial Escape Kit instructions simple, logical and instantly doable. His journey from broke newbie to full time online earner is fascinating, and I LOVED the part about using free money! ​I'm excited to start my own financial escape! Thank you, Marcus!

Shannon  //  Stay at home Mum of two from the UK

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In The Financial Escape Kit, you will discover:

How To STOP Spending Your Own Cash To Make Money Online

Earning a consistent income online can be costly. You will learn how to use an endless supply of FREE Internet money to cover ANY costs that you encounter on your online journey.

How $170,000 Was Earned And Why It Will Only Continue To Grow

See a real-life example of ongoing earnings generated by The Financial Escape Kit process. Learn about the essential factors that guarantee your own income will continue to roll in for years to come.

Why Quick 'N' Easy Ways To Make Money Online Are a VERY bad Idea

See the devastation caused when make money online methods go wrong, and learn why The Financial Escape Kit process will never stop working.

The Safest Way To Earn An Online Income That You Can Rely On

The Financial Escape Kit is not about giving you false hope.  It's a step-by-step process that will earn you a reliable income online ​for as long as you want it to.

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What others are saying about The Financial Escape Kit...

"A very smart way to earn a long-term income online"

​The Financial Escape Kit doesn't promise to make you rich overnight, but it will show you what is ultimately a very smart way to earn a long-term income online. If you're new to making money online, or have tried and failed, you should at least see what The Financial Escape Kit reveals about the possibilities. It's an eye-opener!

Fabio //  Bank Assistant

​​​​"​​I can clearly see and understand how this would work"

As an 80 year old Grandmother, I didn't come to the Work From Home Watchdog website looking for ways to make money. However, after enjoying an article by Marcus about self-publishing, I decided to download his Financial Escape Kit book. ​What a thoroughly delightful and educating read! I can clearly see and understand how this would work, and I will be passing it on to my son and daughter-in-law who could do with earning some extra money. Congratulations to you, Marcus, for ​sharing your knowledge with others in this way.

​Anne  //  Retired Grandmother

From earning a few extra $$'s each month through to kissing goodbye to the 9-5...
Your back is covered because with The Financial Escape Kit, ANY level of success is possible!

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