The Challenge 2013 Review: Week 3

The Challenge Upsells I’m now into week 3 of the Challenge 2013.

The tasks during week 1 and 2 of the Challenge until now have been all about collating all the information I want to be included in my ebook. This week we’re creating our first draft.

Moving forward with the Challenge 2013 training…

Day 15 focuses on the graphical eBook. The familiar video that starts off and the type of “graphical ebook” that Dave from the Challenge 2013 demonstrates and recommends is based on a presentation created with Powerpoint, Keynote or Google Drive. Scrivener has all of our niche topic information stored and we’ll use that info to create the graphical type slides.

If you’ve ever created a Powerpoint presentation from a blank slide, you’ll have quite a quick day here.

Kindle Comic Creator

Day 16 and day 17 are about the Kindle Comic Creator (KC2), a free tool that was a new resource that is in fact very cool.

I have floods of ideas for a comic style eBook and my brain is awash with the possibilities!

It’s almost click simple – actually it IS click simple to use the Kindle Comic Creator. I must admit that the little snippets of video that the Challenge team created on how to use the KC2, and other tools introduced such as Scrivener, are really useful.
Even if you know nothing about the software product or if you aren’t too techy the Challenge training videos give you all the information you need to use the tools effectively for the Challenge 2013.

Day 18 brings us to thinking about marketing and the pending launch of our new eBook. Account setup for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are covered here.

An exercise from week 1 where we jotted down our top influencers in the niche comes into play here too. We are asked to follow them on our social networks and not to promote ourselves – but start to build trust by adding value.

This gets me thinking about the Challenge 2013 program itself, and how the emphasis is on providing value initially (the free training), and then suggesting purchases as you work your way through the course (the upsells). The Challenge team clearly knows that this approach works.

ConstructlyHow to build a website comes into play day on 19. WordPress was the platform used and a program called to install it.

After watching the videos I was smirking at their 1 click fast install, which took a LOT more than 1 click to install. As for fast – the presenter paused the video while WordPress was installing!

Sadly I’m not convinced because we already know of a very quick and efficient way to install WordPress, and it makes look like a bit clunky to say the least.

‘Making Money’ is the title of training day 20 in the Challenge 2013, however the real information shared here is relating to how to price our Kindle product, and the importance of using short-link services like prettylinks and bitly.

Summary of Week 3 the Challenge 2013

The training delivered this past week did have me thinking something familiar once again…why are the days activities so unbalanced?

The 2 days at the start of the week were dedicated to getting to know the KC2, which as I mentioned is actually click simple to use. Surely this could have been condensed into 1 day?

I might sound a bit picky but spending a day setting up social media accounts seems a bit extreme.Then a day spent with left me wondering why I would ever consider using this tool?

Yes I have experience online and appreciate that others might need me more time, but I am feeling like this whole process is going to be a very long slog for just about anyone. I hope it doesn’t put anyone off.

There has been a new highlight for me this week in the form of the Kindle Comic Creator, but on the whole the week has been more about upsells than anything else!

Challenge 2013 upsells 

If you’ve read week 1 and week 2 of my Challenge 2013 review, you will know that I have been wary of upsells from the start. Whilst I promised to not let them cloud my views, they now deserve a mention because the frequency has suddenly increased.

This week they come in the form of emails and little messages in the social groups launched by Mr Ed Dale and his team. The first promotion was for Advanced Publishing Blueprint, an ‘Immediate Edge’ add-on for those taking the Challenge. It’s at a $97 price point with a $1 trial.

Plus an email telling me there are only 27 places left:

We don’t keep The Immediate Edge open all year round, and to preserve the value of the training we limit the number of people we allow through the doors, so this special promotion of $1 for 14 days access will be ending in a weeks time, or whenever we reach our membership limit.

And seriously, with over $20,000 worth of content, nearly seven years of training, our library of goodies, and much more on the inside you’ll be getting your value for your$97 measly $1 trial access

There’s more too. A further 5 follow up emails promoting the same $97 per month membership site offer. There are much cheaper and better places in my opinion to learn and advance online than “the Immediate Edge“.

Pro’s for week 3:

  • Kindle Comic Creator (KC2) – a cool tool for anyone wanting to create an eBook for the Kindle store.
  • The Challenge team continue to deliver good quality training videos.

Con’s for week 3:

  • I feel the days are a little unbalanced as far as tasks are concerned.
  • The benefit of tools is to make the process easier, so I’m not sure they picked the best WordPress builder for the job!
  • Upsells are coming thick and fast – was a right pain too.
  • There is a promise of 7 years of great resources if you pay the $97 per month to “advance” your learning. I now feel like I am being forced to upgrade to get the most out of the Challenge.

Let’s hope that week 4 is focused more on the Challenge 2013 training rather than additional training that I have to pay for.

Are you taking the Challenge 2013? If so I would love to hear your feedback below.

Tony – WFHW

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