The Challenge 2013 Review: Week 1

The Challenge 2013 Review

Product name: The Challenge 2013
Product type: Making your first $1 online
Price: Free
Owner: Ed Dale and Dan Raine

There are 1000’s of people a week who are beginning to realize that it is possible to make a full time living working online. Only a few will actually move forward and make their first dollar, and fewer still will step up to the challenge of actually creating a full time income from their passions online.

Ed Dale and Dan Raine have been teaching people how to do exactly that with The Challenge program since 2005, and each year it’s a different method of online cash generation. This is the first of my weekly reviews as I spend the next 30 days completing ‘The Challenge 2013’.

The 30 Day Challenge ReviewThe Challenge 2013 Program Overview – Week 1

The Challenge 2013 is an online training program designed to show one specific method that guarantees just about anyone can make their first $’s online. A great initial teaser on what the actual course entails mentions the word “Kindle”, but not publishing. I’m intrigued.

Here at Work From Home Watchdog we have our own tried and tested method for making money online, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to add another to the arsenal!

The Challenge has been taken up by over 205,000 people in the last 8 years, so it definitely has a following. There’s a community forum members blog where Challengers can interact with other members, and the training is delivered via video with clear action steps for you to follow each day.

The Challenge 2013 – What’s Included?

You do need a Facebook account to join The Challenge and once signed up you are taken straight to the members area.

The main areas of the program are accessed from your dashboard. The dashboard itself shows your achievements to date plus a look at the top 10 people on the points leaderboards. You are awarded points for forum activity, finishing training and joining groups etc.

The Challenge Blog consists of a daily post from the creators concerning the current lessons and other Challenge topics. Lots of new tools are introduced in Challenge 2013 and the blog covers any concerns or issues people may have when they get to a particular stage.

A 30 day map is laid out for you with a couple of prequel videos to engage your focus on the tasks ahead. Each day you watch the training videos and then go on to complete the action steps. It’s intentionally not made clear what the Challenge will consist of just yet, or how you will make your first $1 online so as not to cloud or distract you.

You are encouraged to join groups of like-minded Challengers who have a similar niche interest as yourself. If you don’t find a suitable group you are able to set one up and manage it yourself within the Challenge members area. Forums are also available labeled ‘General Chat’ then ‘Week 1 – 4’ and one called ‘Forum’ for forum teams has also been set up too.

The Challenge 2013

The Challenge 2013 Pricing

There is no initial charge for any of the training within The Challenge. However there are a number of products that have been recommended in past challenges that certainly make life easier if you have purchased them.

I’m loving the whole free aspect of The Challenge, but I’m also very aware that carefully positioned upsells are often present with such programs. The message that I’m getting so far is that this is free training, so I do hope it stays that way as I work my way through The Challenge 2013.

Who Is The Challenge 2013 For?

The Challenge is a step by step system that literally takes you by the hand and leads you down the path of making money online. With that being said, the core customer – the person the challenge is made for  – is the complete novice. However, I must say …

If what Ed and his team teach represents new and innovative methods of creating an online income then it’s a program worth looking into for intermediate marketers as well. But here comes a problem. I’ve finished my week 1 and I’m still not sure what type of product The Challenge will ask me to create!

Are there any The Challenge 2013 Complaints?

There are a few really interesting and unexpected opinions of The Challenge systems in previous years. From my research it would appear that one train of thought is that previous challenges have been pre-sells to other products owned by Ed and Dan, or to products that they recommends to you later within the training.

These upsells are often expensive, and the marketer within me views this as a common marketing tactic. Provide some top quality training for free and people will find your paid stuff hard to resist because they trust you.

With that said, I am going to reserve judgment on that that side of things until I complete The Challenge because I don’t want it to sway my thought process during the training because at this stage, the free training is all that matters.

The Challenge 2013 My Own Thoughts…

I started 10 days after the Challenge officially opened so I’ve been having a good poke around at all the nooks and crannies of the program without jumping ahead in my training.

After I signed up I was greeted with the members area that had the 2 short videos explaining what the basics of The Challenge are. As I expected it was motivational and explained how this years new 30 Day Challenge had been built from the ground up and had been 12 months in the making.

I was encouraged to read the blog, and one of the titles on day 5 stood out to me –  “Why Not Try Market Samurai”. This happens to be one of Ed’s other products, a keyword research tool. I must not read too much into this!

The Challenge 2013 Week 1 Review

The first couple of days were filled with me brainstorming the top 20 influencers in a niche area, and 30 things that I had to learn or that I want to learn in my chosen niche. I’m trying this for real, so I picked a niche that I love but have no online presence in at all.

The next couple of days were spent on us being taught how to find a niche with Amazon, verifying that people are buying in that niche and checking keywords with their bespoke tool that checks if people are talking about ‘your niche keywords’ on Yahoo questions.

Day 5 of The Challenge 2013 gave me the most problems, and also a pretty clear indication that the forum doesn’t work, or at least not in my case, so far! It’s full of individual posts with questions and concerns with no interaction at all. There are a few with a stream of replies but they are the usual – how you doing and introduce yourself kind of posts.

The purpose of the days exercise is to establish your core keywords. My niche didn’t reach their checking criteria at first attempt. That was a pain, but I knew the niche was big so I plodded along and narrowed my niche to what seemed doable. The real workload for day 5 can easily take up to 3 or 4 hours.

Into day 6 I was glad to see that we were getting familiar with new online tools for catching and storing data and not really “working” like yesterday. The tools introduced I’d heard of but never really used, so like a kid with a new toy I tried to figure out the intricacies of programs such as Pocket, Evernote, Feedly and a few others.

Day 7 was a day of rest and catch up – I must admit I’ve still got a bunch of homework from day 5 left as I write this but – I’m on it!

The Challenge 2013 Review Summary

Reading in between the lines it looks like The Challenge 2013 does have the serious goal of getting you to earn your first dollar or two online. Ed Dale has hinted that we will be “selling” our product on the Kindle marketplace, however I’m glad to report back that I am not expected to create an ebook.

An interesting opening week with a couple of ups and downs. But it’s weird that I still don’t know what I’m supposed to be ending up with, isn’t it?

Pro’s so far:

  • It’s a free course.
  • You do get a good grip on keyword research with Amazon & Google.

Cons so far:

  • It’s a free course – but I don’t know where it’s taking me – yet.
  • The groups and forums seem dormant to real interaction.

It’s still early days so I’m keeping an open mind. I’ve learned a couple of new things and that makes it positive so far. However, we all know that could change!

Are you taking the 2013 Challenge? If so I would love to hear how things are going in the comments section below.

Tony – WFHW

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