That Free Thing Review

If you’re like most people, the idea of receiving anything of value for free, makes you wonder what the catch is.  The Work From Home Watchdog team decided to checkout the “That Free Thing” website to find out what all the buzz is about.


That Free Thing also known as TFT, was founded in March of 2011 and is an online community dedicated to providing free products and services from some of the biggest companies online.

Mobile apps provide you with information about free products and services in your area, and once you join TFT you automatically start your own home based business.

Not only do you get free things but you can earn income by telling friends and family about these cool deals.

That Free Thing is your one stop shop for free deals online offering the exact same deals that are popular,  such as: Groupon, Yipit, Scout Mob, Just Deals, Buy With Me, Living Social and Google Offers – just to name a few.

Are ‘That Free Thing’ Products And Services Really FREE?

Getting access to the TFT’s database of hundreds of the best free products and services available is not entirely free as you must pay a membership fee to join.

A non-commissionable independent representative pays a one time fee of $199.  Those wishing to build a business with TFT can join as an independent representative for a monthly fee of $9.95.

What Type Of Products And Services Does ‘That Free Thing’ Offer?

Membership gives you access to your own back office where 5 to 50 free deals are offered every day.  As soon as you join you’re given access to 100s of dollars of free products and services.

These include time sensitive offers, limited time offers, price mistakes and coupons.

Members can access through their website or on their mobile device free deals such as hotels, dining, clothing, entertainment, health and beauty items, product samples, promotional items to name a few.

5 Different Ways To Make Money With ‘That Free Thing’

1.  Fast Start Bonus

Refer others who become business builders and earn a $10 fast start bonus.  There is no limit to the number of people you can personally sponsor.

2.  3 x 8 Matrix

Each business builder that you refer is placed in the next available position in the 3 x 8 matrix.  Once a level is full, new members are placed in the first available position on the next level.  Commissions range from 1% – 10% and are paid up to 8 levels deep.

3.  Customer Bonus

A customer bonus is paid when a member upgrades to become a customer rather than an affiliate.  When you enroll a new customer you are paid a total of $20, which includes a $10 fast start bonus as well as $10 that would normally go into the matrix.  In addition you’ll receive $3.98/month on the monthly recurring fee of $9.95.

This is an option when members upgrade That Free Thing to just become a customer and not an affiliate.

4.  Check Matching Bonus

The is where the real money can be made in That Free Thing.  Members earn 30% on their first level, 25% on the second level, 20% on the third level, 15% on the forth level and 10% on the fifth level.  Commissions are paid on both customers and members.

5.  Infinity Bonus

Is for members who have built a large organization and have the option to earn even more money.  Once qualified members are paid $2 for every referred member they get.

In Conclusion

Most members find that the free products and services offset the cost of joining That Free Thing.

Building a business with TFT takes work, and you have to be willing to introduce the opportunity to others in order to grow your organization and make money.

This does mean that TFT borders on being a multi level marketing program, and that is something of a concern.

However, since everyone likes to save money and get free things most people are more open to learn about TFT than they are with other network marketing companies.

There were a couple more things about the That Free Thing website that raised red flags for me.  

1.  There are no direct links from the main TFT website to the sign up page.  Any network marketing company that does not make it easy for new members to sign up is setting itself up for failure.

2.  Nowhere on the site does it tell you how you get paid for the bonuses and commission you earn.  This makes me wonder if people are really earning income with That Free Thing or are they simply getting free stuff.

3.  I have yet to find any testimonials from people who received free products or services indicating what they received and whether they are pleased or not with the program.

I’m not convinced that That Free Thing is as good as it’s made out to be, but for the small fee of $9.95 per month you may want to try it out for yourself and see how well it works for you.

Terri – WFHW

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  • Terri, We love your honest review of the That Free Thing business opportunity. Our team is experiencing financial and product success with TFT. We have also helped That Free Thing grow globally. We enjoy your content and look forward to reading more in the future.

    • Glad you enjoyed the review. Nice to hear you are having financial and product success with That Free Thing. Keep us posted on your progress.

      Marcus – WFHW